Why Are Women Attracted To Bad Guys? The Shocking Truth About Bad Guys Attract Women

Why are women attracted to bad guys?

Most guys know the fact that women prefer bad guys. Therefore, people who think themselves are nice guys will think they have problems on attracting women. They don't know how to trigger the attraction in women so women become attracted to them.

That's why many nice guys will overgeneralize that bad guys are jerks to protect their ego.

They think bad guys will seduce and cheat women to get them on the bed, and after making love they'll leave women away.

Bad guys hurt women and make them sad. They presume bad guys must eventually make women disappointed and leave scars in their heart.

Mr. nice guys will convince themselves that be a jerk to hurt women is unforgivable. Therefore, many nice guys are willing to be women's psychology therapist after women getting hurt by bad guys.

They think the woman they like is an angel that comes from heaven, so they have to protect her. Therefore, most Mr. nice guys will be overly nice to women. However, being nice to her just doesn't work. 

If you know why are women attracted to bad guys, then you'll understand why being nice to women doesn't work. Mr. Nice guys have been taught by their mother that men must be gentle and treat women nicely. Most guys first lesson about women is learned from their mother. 

Your mother taught you that a man must be polite, be gentle to women, don't be offensive, and be humble. Don't get me wrong, these traits are great in managing relationships with other people. However, these traits are not sexually attractive to women especially very attractive women.

Why are women attracted to bad guys?

In my free ebook Relationships Made Simple I have explained that how women are attracted to men is hard-wired biologically in their mind since primitive tribe. That's why women love bad guys even though women know bad guys are bad but they're still willing to be hurt.

In the primitive tribe, men were playing a role as the hunter to get food for all people in the tribe. Men have to protect the tribe from being attacked by other tribes.

Therefore, in the primitive tribe a real man must be offensive, resourceful, protective and powerful. This kind of man only has the power to win the women he wants.

After many years of evolution, how women are attracted to men is biologically and genetically hard-wired in women's mind. And bad guys have the kind of personality traits that attract women.

That's why women are more likely to choose bad guys compare to Mr. nice guys. This is because nice guys have personality traits that are contrary to bad guys.

What are the personality traits of bad guys that attract women? 

In the following I will reveal to you some personality traits that attract women. If you could cultivate these traits and integrate them with your own personality traits, then your attractiveness will skyrocket immediately. 

At below is not a complete list of personality traits of bad guys. But these are the traits that pretty important for you to be a man.


Bad guys are unpredictable. Women will never be able to know what bad guys are thinking about especially the thoughts of how these bad guys view them.

They eagerly want to know how bad guys think of them. Are they attractive? Do these guys like them? Bad guys don't act in a predictable way, they know what they want and do things only if the things are congruent to their inner world.

In contrast, Mr. nice guys behave in a predictable way, they must being nice to the woman they like even if she isn't being polite to them.

They buy her presents, drinks, be a chauffeur and subconsciously hope that being nice to her will make her want them. All these actions are easily predicted, there's no challenge at all for women.

In fact, since women have great sixth sense, a woman can sense the reason you do these is because you want something from her.

When you still don't know how she thinks about you, she already knows that you are into her. Be unpredictable for the woman you like, let her come and discover the things about you instead of you reveal everything to her. 

Radiate mysterious confidence

Bad guys don't feel afraid when they're approaching women, they have solid self-confidence. Bad guys always radiate mysterious confidence which attracts women tremendously.

Women are suspicious about where their self-confidence comes from and what is the standpoint of their confidence. This triggers the interest of women wanting to know more about them.

In contrast, Mr.nice guys are not confident in themselves that they can attract women naturally. They don't really think they're able to be successful with women.

So, they treat women nicely and buy them drinks, flowers and others so women will like them. They don't believe they can attract women by being themselves so they buy things to attract them. This'll decrease your masculinity and act wussy. Attractive women never and ever being attracted to wussy.

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Women are not attracted to Mr. nice guys is because these guys are overly available to them. In attraction psychology, people more tend to be interested in the things that are scarce or they're not able to know. A post on PsychologyToday explained on this.

If you're overly available, chances are, you're not mysterious at all and hence your attraction is decreased. Some more you behave predictably, your attractiveness is totally killed.

Bad guys do things which are congruent with their inner world. They won't overly stick to a woman, instead they'll drift away whenever they want to do their things.

Women are not the most important thing in their life, women are not their mission. Dreams, life purposes and goals are their mission. They'll maintain their scarcity to women, so women are addicted to seeking for their attention due to the attraction psychology. This also increases their attractiveness to women.

Break rules

Nice guys have limiting beliefs that a man has to have good manners, be polite, no offensive, humble and follow the rules. If you're playing 'the game' with rules, such as never make her angry, must being nice to her and others then you'll be predictable and overly available which are the factors that decrease your attractiveness. Playing with rules is boring, women won't be attracted to boring guys.

Bad guys don't like to follow rules, they've their own perspective to view and execute things, they always think outside the box.

Bad guys normally know what they want such as they know what kind of women they want, even if they just want to have a one night stand. They don't follow rules instead they follow their heart to do things.

Therefore, they always break the rules and be unpredictable, they're a challenge for women. Women eagerly like to take such challenges. 

Be assertive

Like mentioned above, bad guys know what they want even if they just want a one night stand. 

Women are instinctively indecisive, most of them don't see things logically but emotionally. Therefore, an assertive man is very attractive in women eyes.

Most bad guys are assertive, at least their actions are seemingly assertive. Women think that they can be trusted and relied on so they are attracted to them.

Woman want a man who can provide a sense of security and safety to her. A bad guy who radiates self-confidence and assertive reveals he's trustable and reliable, he knows what he wants in life and leads women. That's why women love bad guys.

In contrast, Mr.nice guys don't know much about themselves, they don't know what kind of women they want because they're less likely to listen to their inner voice. They may choose a woman who is less than standard just because they don't think they can find another woman.

They have been taught to follow rules and play safety games. Therefore, they're not assertive but indecisive like women. Women don't feel a sense of security and safety for Mr.nice guys. 

Over to you

Do you have these personality traits? Share your thoughts at below.

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