A Unique Winning Mindset Defines Who Am I Today

I think today I am who I am because I have a winning mindset.

I can still remember when and how I develop this mindset which set me on a better stage.

Formerly, when I was still studying at primary school, I always felt bad about myself.

I was fat, very fat.

Even my grandmother called me a fatty boy.

I felt very depressed due to my body.

It's even more depressed because I have a good looking brother.

We have same parents, but why the looks are so different?

In my inner heart, I felt inferior to people around me because I thought I'm ugly.

So then in the primary school I isolated myself from my classmate.

Because I didn't want to be with them, I didn't feel comfortable due to the inferiority.

So from the standard 1 to the standard 3, I have very little friends.

I didn't get hated by my classmate, but they thought I'm not a social person.

This situation had changed when I realized that I can't continue that anymore.

I still remember at that time the standard 4 was around the corner, we will change from the afternoon class to the morning class.

I found that the time flies very fast, faster than I ever thought.

If I don't change myself, nothing will be different until I graduated from the primary school.

So I started to take action.

I'm a lucky person

Even though I decided to take action but actually I had no idea what to do.

After thinking a while, I thought I need to feel confident instead of feel inferior about myself.

But I lack the knowledge about weight loss. So I didn't do anything to lose my weight.

Instead, I did one thing.

I want to be a lucky person.

How naive I was. Ha ha.

But I was serious. I did really want to be lucky to feel confident about myself.

So since the day I decided to be lucky I deliberately find ways to prove that I'm a lucky person.

I took out a paper and wrote down the proves that I'm lucky.

I still remember the majority of what was written on the paper:

I'm lucky because my horoscope is Pisces. - The newspapers said Pisces is the horoscope that has all other eleven horoscopes' characteristics.

I'm lucky because my blood type is O type. - Findings said O type person is optimistic and can react to situations flexibly. Not to mention that O type blood can donate to any blood type person.

I'm lucky because my Chinese Animal Zodiac is Rooster - One of the reports said Rooster is the best. I don't know is it credible but who care.

I'm lucky because I get great results in government examination - Academic is one of my strengths, I contribute it as why I'm lucky.

These are what was written down on the paper. And I repeated them to myself every time when I felt inferior. 

This has boosted my self-confidence greatly.

And I never stop looking for evidence to prove that I'm lucky.

I imitated Mr. Bean

I knew Mr.Bean on the first time was when around standard 1 or 2. 

I like Mr.Bean because I felt he is amazing. 

He can make people laugh without saying anything but just his behaviors.

So I tried to imitate his action in class like bump into tables when crossing the classroom.

My classmate laughed at me, but I felt satisfied because I got the attention that I wanted.

They liked me and started being friend with me.

I'm not alone anymore, I got more friends than ever. 

Again, my self-confidence boosted.

I stopped imitating Mr.Bean's behaviors after 1 or 2 years when I have big enough friend circle.

I thought I'm really lucky that I knew Mr.Bean.

Hadn't I know Mr.Bean I won't be able to turn the table on making friends.

But I want to remind you, it works only when primary school. If you act in the adult world, I would think you are an idiot.

You are a lucky person. You really are.

Not only that I wrote down the evidence, but I also behaved differently in order that my beliefs that I'm a lucky person formed.

In my previous article how to install empowering beliefs I said you need a lot of evidence and repeat them to yourself repetitively.

Formula: Repetition of Statement + Many Evidence = Beliefs

However, our subconscious mind will filter out the evidence that are contrary to our existing beliefs.

Therefore, you need to raise your consciousness to letting go your existing beliefs. Don't try to fight against the evidence.

Be open minded. An open minded person only will be creative and think out of the box. 

He won't judge a person or make a conclusion without full understanding.

When you are open minded you can easily use the formula to create new beliefs for yourself.

I want you create a belief to yourself which is you are a lucky person.

The quote by Seneca the Younger, “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity" reveal what does luck mean.

But the luck belief I want you to develop is way more than it.

No matter what was it, what happened to you, what decision you made, you are lucky.

Even if you lost the opportunity, you are lucky.

Even if you don't do enough preparation, you are lucky.

Even if your preparation doesn't meet the opportunity, you are lucky.

Yes, even if you are a failure, you are lucky.

No, this is not a blind belief.

Just think of your past and how you become you today, you will know it.

Everything happens with a reason and a purpose

If you are not successful and you think you are a failure, know the fact that it's just temporary.

You will be successful if you know how the thing works and have patience.

In my previous article I said everything happens with a reason and a purpose. 

If you fail at something, it must have its reason and purpose.

For my own example, if I don't fail with women several times before I won't start to study how the love works. I won't start to care myself. I won't be attractive. I won't be good looking. I won't set goals and have guts to chase them. I won't be with my girlfriend. I won't know my life purpose. I won't start my own business and I won't even create this website.

All these happen because of the failure with women.

I did feel bad for my own body, my relationships, my love life, etc. But the failures lead me to where am I today.

And everything turns the table.

How lucky I am.

For sure, I put in many efforts. I read many articles and studies about biology and psychology of love. I learn what women find attractive. I learn what is style. I work out daily and eat clean to get shredded. I set goals and manage my time. I develop good habits like morning routine and sleep better. I don't waste my time doing useless things.

It's acceptable to say that I created my good luck.

But the failure is the triggers. 

Without the cause, I won't do any of these.

So, the real luck is I met the struggles and setbacks.

The universe will give you the tests

"When God is about to place a great responsibility on a man, it always first frustrates his spirit and will, exhausts his muscles and bones, exposes him to starvation and poverty, harasses him by troubles and setbacks so as to stimulate his mind, toughen his nature and enhance his abilities." - Mencius

No one can be successful without giving in great efforts.

The God or universe will send you the tests and challenges to attain the things you deserve.

Many people have limiting beliefs that they can't be successful because there are many tests and challenges. 

But the reality is these tests and challenges are the stepping stone to get what you want.

Meeting struggles is not unlucky, but it's lucky.

The problem is people think they are unlucky and likely to give up and accept it's the reality, they just can't make it.

This is wrong. When you give in enough efforts you will overcome the struggles and get what you deserve.

A failure has a reason and a purpose to happen. It's not a bad thing. It's the tests the God or universe sends to you.

The conclusion of my unique winning mindset

My unique winning mindset leads me to be better and better. And I want guys like you who want better in their life learn this mindset.

 "You are lucky.
  Not because you always win.
  But always lose.
  Failures are given by God or universe to help you win.
  Everything happens with a reason and a purpose.
  People are never unlucky. 
  They are unlucky because they perceive they are unlucky.
  Repetition of Statement + Many Evidence = Beliefs
  You got many lose experience because you are about to win.
  Failure is not a bad thing.
  A lucky person only gets failure,
  as the success foundation.
  But do you have the courage to be a winner?"

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