What Women Really Want In A Man? 3 Things Every Guy to Know

What women really want in a man?

This question is a question that frequently asked by men who don't have a picture of how the attraction works. So, what women want from you? What women really want in a man? 

Basically, women want a man who is "man" enough. That's what many guys tend to forget about. Women's mind is genetically hard-wired to be feminine, whereas men's mind is hard-wired to be masculine. 

Its concept is like "Yin"and "Yang", everything has two side. There's sky and land, water and fire, light and dark, male and female, everything has two opposite side. But it's not these two side against with each other, in fact, they need each other, they support each other, to sustain things to be what it should be.

Therefore, men want to find a woman who is feminine to them, inversely women want to find a man who is masculine to them. Feminine attracts masculine, and masculine attracts feminine. It's that simple. Different level of masculine will attract different level of feminine, like what has been said "likes attract likes".

If you want to be a man who is irresistible to women, then amplify your attraction to them. In other words, be a real man, allow yourself to be masculine. 

Our society nowadays has been developing towards the wrong way, men are slightly to be feminized. (See also: 2 common problems with women)  

Men are being taught to suppress their masculinity. They have been taught they should be nice to women, they should not be rude to them, they must not make women cry or angry. That's what we have always heard from parents, friends, or even media.

This situation has been successfully nurtured a new generation of nice guys. You know what, women hate about this happened, they just wonder why there're no real men around them instead lots of nice guys trying to pursuit them. They get irritated by this a lot. See also: why being nice to her doesn't work

If you're one of them, stop being a nice guys immediately. It won't help you to get lady, only help you to feel bad about yourself and may developed limiting beliefs about love in your mind. Start to improve yourself right now, you have to change yourself if you want to be successful with women.

What women really want?

Be a man who is passionate in his life, be a man who has goals to chase after. Don't always think of how to be a man that your woman wants. What if she wants a tall man, and you're only 5'5" height? What if she wants a black man but your skin is white? 

Don't think too much about this. You know it's not under your control. What you can do is improve yourself so you know you're a man who's deserve to get a girlfriend and women are naturally attracted to you. 

If you're able to spark the attraction in her, your height, fame, money, looks are no longer matters in the long run.

If now you are happy with your life, and satisfied to yourself, then just stick to it, stick with what works for you. In the below, I have 3 lessons to reveal to you to understand how you should react in a loving relationship. Read on.

Woman isn't your mission

Many guys when falling in love with a woman, they started lost their backbone in their life. They don't focus their mind on their own stuffs anymore, instead they pay more attention about the woman they like.

If this sounds like you, then pay high attention here. When you're into her very much, your mind can consist only her and absolutely nothing else. You might started to neglect your work, your study, your life, and even yourself. 

Suddenly you lost direction in your life, her direction is your direction. If she's happy you happy, if she's upset you get upset. You're willing to do anything for her, you're being nice to her, buy her presents, flowers, dinner and do other nice things, you name it. 

Your emotion is not stable, when things are not going like you planned, you'll be getting bad mood. You're vulnerable to loneliness, you're not in control. You hate about yourself, you feel you're not nice enough, you want to be better but feeling helpless, because your energies are sucked up in the process.

When all these happen, you must to stop yourself immediately. And ask yourself, what is your life purpose? What do you want to achieve in your life no matter how hard efforts you have to contribute in? Be a real man, women should not be your life mission

You have more important things in your life other than women. When you only focus on your woman, you're already lose. Because this behavior implies that you're a weak man, you're being wussy, you can't be trustable and reliable. 

Women don't attracted to this kind of man. No matter how hard you try to pursuit her, the best possible result is only be her best friend. I know when you found someone who's "the one" to you, it's hard to control yourself. But remember, woman isn't your life mission. If you want to be successful with woman, then bear this in your mind.

Know how to say no

When falling in love with a woman, you'll find that there're many contradiction between you and her. And that's really normal in a relationship, disagreements and miscommunications are natural.

However, you must know what you want and what you don't want. You must know the answer clearly. In other words, you understand your personal boundaries

Women like men who are decisive and in control. Tell her what you want confidently, even if she has a totally different answer with you.

When you two have different answer, then find a win/win situation, always seek for a mutual acceptable outcome. Many guys who lost their backbone in a loving relationship will give up to insist what they should insist just to keep her happy.

This is not a healthy thing to do, the problem can accumulate behind scenes and explode someday if someone push the button. Say "No" loudly to her if you disagree her. You want to be the leader in the relationship. When you give up to insist your idea that you think really great just cater to her, then you've already placed her to be the leader.

In women's eyes, this is really unattractive. If you insist your decision, women will respect you and think you're reliable. You must act as confidently, say "No" to her when necessarily.

You want women or need women

Get this thing clearly, it's you want women, or you need women? 

The answer is so obvious, it's you want women, but not need women. Why? Because if you have the mindset that you need women, you're more likely to act needy and clingy. Neediness is one of the biggest problems that men have in their loving relationship.

Neediness will kill your attraction to women as a no brainer. Women don't like a needy guy. Women want a challenge, if you don't be a challenge to her, your attractiveness definitely will decrease. See also: why are women attracted to bad guys

Imagine that if there's a woman attracted to you very much, you don't have to do anything she'll automatically come to you, and stick to you every moment, ask you questions every minute and like to stalk your activities daily. What do you think? Will this woman be a challenge to you?

Chances are you'll feel this woman is a bit annoying. You hope there's a space that without her interrupting. It's the same for women, bear this mindset in your mind, you want women, but don't need women. If things are not going like you expected, then just let it be, you don't have to act desperate.

3 lessons above will help you to decrease the tense of approaching women. You should learn the basic knowledge of men and women's instincts and the nature of attraction, so you'll get the full picture of how the loving relationships work. (My free book link)

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