6 Ways to Stop Procrastinating That You Don't Usually Think. And I Like no.4

Are you wondering what are the ways to stop procrastinating?

Did you procrastinate your tasks even though you know it's important?
Did you procrastinate your work even though the deadline is around the corner?
Did you procrastinate your duty although you have plenty of free time to do it?

Procrastination is really harmful to our life and it becomes the threats that prevent us to complete tasks on time.

Many people have this trouble and they wish to know how to overcome procrastination.

Procrastination not only makes you fail to complete your work on time, but also leads to the feelings of guilt, regret and unconfident eventually.

All successful people are able to finish their tasks before or on time, they have high efficiency in working. Successful people definitely are non-procrastinator.

In contrast, normal people are the professionals on wasting time. They seem to be gifted as talent on wasting time. They always waste their time on things that are not productive and useful.

If you notice that, wasting 4 hours a day and this keeps for 6 days will be wasted 24 hours totally. That means if you waste 4 hours daily then six years later you will be wasted totally one year!

In other words, every six years later you'll lost one year of your life.

What a wasted!

Imagine that if you fully use your lost time would you experience more in your life and more improvement? 

If you have goals that you want to achieve, then you'll fail if you keep procrastinating your work and even give up midway.

So now you know procrastination is a toxic habit for you, surely you want to get rid of it, but how?

By learning why you procrastinate your tasks, you'll be aware and avoid procrastination afterward.

Know why you delay your work will know the ways to stop procrastinating

#1 Poor time management

Time management is an essential skill if you want to overcome your procrastination.

Procrastination can happen due to your poor time management skill.

For instance, if your life is overly disorganized as you don't sleep on time, never eat on time, do work only when your mood on, do things at last minute, all these are resulting you put important things behind which lead to the procrastination.

Poor time management habits make you waste your time on less important things unintentionally.

To overcome your time management trouble, you have to learn some time management skills and know the fact why you waste your time.

#2 Lack of skills

The hardest-to-fix type of procrastination is caused by your personal problems like laziness or bad moods instead of the task itself like the difficulty or boredom. 

If you're procrastinating due to lack the needed skills, to solve this is easier than you think.

You have 3 choices.

The first one - educate yourself. Learn those skills that you needed, once you learn them you'll never procrastinate for the same reason again. 

The second one - delegate your tasks to other people who can do for you, that can be your friend or paid worker.

The last choice -  drop off that task, the tasks which are unable done by you might implying they are not important as well.

#3 Overwhelm

When there are too many tasks to do at once, you'll feel overwhelmed.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, your subconscious mind will want to save you from overwhelming and this leads to the procrastination.

In this case, what you can do is set priorities for your tasks

After that, simplify your to-do list, make your to-do list to be reasonably achievable. You won't be overwhelmed after you done this.

#4 Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the biggest factors that make you procrastinate your work.

There's nothing can be perceived as perfect. If you insist want to make your work perfect, then you'll delay your work until you can make it perfectly.

If your work doesn't have a deadline, then the delaying can be infinite. 

You don't necessarily have to know everything at first.

The better way to accomplish your work is by aim...fire...aim...fire...aim...fire rather than aim for a long time and only fire once.

You can't kill the object with only one shooting easily, what if you didn't shoot the heart or the head?

Therefore, if you are a perfectionist and want to do everything perfectly then you'll delay your work. That's why you're procrastinating.

#5 Lack of motivation

Low or lack of motivation will suffer you to get into working seriously.

You'll feel laziness every now and then, you feel aimless and don't know the purpose of working.

If this is you, then it's time for you to let go your immature thoughts and learn to be a mature adult, find your life purpose.

Discover your life purpose is essential if you want to be mature and skyrocket your motivation.

Until you identify your inspiring purpose, your motivation will always remain weak.

Since you've grown as an adult, you have to find your life purpose as soon as possible.

Without a life purpose, you live for nothing.

As you identified your life purpose, you'll reduce the tendency to procrastinate because you won't procrastinate on what you love and want to do.

#6 Lack of discipline

If you have high motivation and no other problems but still likely to procrastinate, then you have to activate your second wall, your self-discipline.

Your self-discipline works like a motivational backup system to control yourself to do correct things instead of control by your desires. 

When you feel you want to procrastinate, ignite your self-discipline immediately.

Think about the benefits you'll get if you have done your work earlier and the consequences if you don't complete your tasks on time.

This will help you to get back on the work you should do. 

Final words

Procrastination affects your efficiency tremendously.

Efficiency can be calculated by using this formula — number of hours genuinely working divided by the number of hours staying at the workplace, the result will be your efficiency ratio.

Efficiency ratio = number of hours genuinely working / the number of hours staying at the workplace

For example, if your genuine working time is 28 hours a week and you stay at your workplace for 56 hours a week then your efficiency ratio will be 50%. (28 hours / 56 hours = 0.5)

To increase your efficiency ratio, deal with your procrastination is not enough, you have to increase your productivity.

All cures above are challenging but they're very effective.

Learn and internalize them in your life, the benefits will become hugely significant over your lifetime.

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