5 Ways to Overcome Depression That Work, Who Else Want Happiness?

What are the effective ways to overcome depression?

Do you feel depressed when you find you are hopeless to solve your problems? 

Do you feel depressed when you're very confident you can solve the problems but eventually you fail?

Depression is one of the strongest negative emotions that impact your life tremendously.

If you don't handle this emotion effectively, it will drain your energies physically and emotionally and affect the quality of your lifestyle. 

Depression can happen if your unmet needs can't be solved after taking some serious steps and this reduces your self-confidence.

The reduction of self-confidence leads to the occurrence of depression.

You feel helpless and powerless. You immerse in the feeling of sadness. You feel like want to do nothing and you want to escape from facing your problems.

However, even if you've failed to control your circumstances that doesn't mean it's the end of the world.

Depression is a kind of emotion that will suck all your energies and blank your mind.

When you're deeply depressed, you live like a dead body without the soul. 

A strong man will not allow himself staying in the depressed mode a whole day because he knows that will not bring him any benefits.

The longer he stays in that mode, the more affirmation he does to himself that he's a victim so he can keep playing the victim role and give excuses to avoid facing the reality.

This is a weak man. In other words, he's a wuss.

Don't be wussy, you have to be strong.

In fact, it's not that complex to dissolve your depression.

You can pull yourself out of depression by simply say "No" to it.

Just say "No" and refuse to stay in this circumstance. When you say "No", admit things have happened and move on with your life. Your depression will go.

Well, this is simple but not easy.

5 Practical and Powerful Ways to Overcome Depression

1. Monitor your self-talk

Your self-talk is playing an important role in forming your beliefs.

Before any belief is created, you subconsciously talk in your inner heart about your perspective on things, your feelings, your actions, people's behaviors, etc.

Your self-talk will internalize these things in your brain so your beliefs formed. These beliefs can alter your way of thinking. See also: How safe is your mindset from limiting beliefs?

If your beliefs are false beliefs, chances are they can cause depression in you.

For instance, you were being nice to your dream woman but she turns you off. So your self-talk might tell you something like this " You're not compatible with her, you're not good enough, that's why even if you treat her nicely still can't get her."

So a limiting belief is formed — you're not good enough and not worthy. This leads you to feel depressed eventually. See also: why being nice to her doesn't work

2. Never make conclusions before you have solid clues

People tend to make conclusions by themselves when there's no enough evidence for them to conclude, they'll do assumptions and fill in the gaps to make all things reasonable.

But the point is, the conclusion is based on false facts or even nothing.

In other words, the conclusion just doesn't make sense.

However, the false conclusions always lead people to depression because they believe what they conclude.

Incorrect perception makes you make incorrect judgement and more support your false beliefs.

For instance, you decided to start an online business to earn money online, but you don't know where to start. Therefore, you search through online to find the ways to make money online but what you found is only statements made by the people who fail to do their online business before.

Therefore, you believe what they told you and make a conclusion that earning money online is impossible.

However, this is not a correct conclusion.

The fact is, there are many people are making money online and most of them are not super intelligent people.

Everyone has the chance to do online business and earn a decent income.

If you make a conclusion without having solid clues that making money online is impossible will create limiting beliefs that online businesses don't work in order that it leads you to depression.

3. Avoid overgeneralization

In addition to not making conclusions without having solid clues, you should avoid making conclusions by overgeneralization.

Found only 1 or 2 clues don't mean they're solid clues. For example, if you were rejected by women for twice doesn't mean that you're not attractive.

The reason why the first woman rejects you is because she is falling in love with someone else while the second woman's reason is because she doesn't want to get involved in a relationship.

Both reasons women gave are not related to your appearance.

If you simply overgeneralize and conclude you're unattractive then you'll believe no women will like you because of your appearance. You'll believe you're ugly even if you're handsome because of your incorrect self-image.

Therefore, you feel depressed for an incorrect inclusion.

4. Build a solid self-confidence

To dissolve your depression, you have to build solid self-confidence.

You strongly believe that there's nothing that you can't solve. Nothing will be out of controlled.

You always can handle the situation. Even if you fail, that doesn't stop you to achieve your goals.

You must have the confidence believe that nothing is impossible.

Your thoughts are your world. If you believe you can get something, then you must get it. The matter is only you want or not.

A solid self-confidence will help you to eliminate depression.

This doesn't mean that you'll never feel depressed, but you are able to handle depression and recover immediately.

To build a solid self-confidence you have to find out what makes you depressed, and what are the limiting beliefs that holding you back to overcome the tough times. 

Replace those limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs then you'll become confident.

5. Hope and depression cannot coexist together

Here's an effective method that allows you to get over the depressed moments with fast which is finding hopes to reach your goals.

Depression happens when your unmet needs can't be solved after taking some serious steps, you lose your hope to attain what you want.

You're hopeless and helpless so you feel depressed. Therefore, if you get back your hope, your depression will go away.

Hope and depression cannot coexist together.

Once you get hopes to satisfy your unmet needs, you see the possibilities. You'll be motivated to find ways until you succeed.

For example, you have a disease and the doctor told you that you'll never cure. You feel hopeless and think that you'll be a patient for your entire life. So you feel extremely depressed.

But when you heard someone who has the same disease with you has cured the disease by juicing every day, you see the hope.

Because you see the hope so you get out from the depression and start juicing every day until you managed to cure the disease. 

Depression is negative

Depression negatively impacts our life, makes us unproductive and uses up our energies.

We must get out from the constant depression and live a happy life. That's what a life should be.

Use these 5 ways so you'll not bother with depression anymore. 

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