How to Use Humor to Attract Women

Are you wondering how to use humor to attract women?
Do you know that being humor is attractive to women?

How a man attracts a woman is different with how a woman attracts a man. How women and men attract to each other is biologically wired in our brain from ancient time. 

Men's mind is wired to look for women who have attractive appearance - beauty face, nice skin, slim body, boobs, and butts. Because attractive appearance indicates she's one healthy and with great genes woman. Personalities are important too, but not as important as appearance.

Whereas women's mind is wired to look for resourceful men - a man who is able to control himself and his life, knows what he wants, what he likes, assertive, self-confidence and others positive traits.

In short, a man who's 'Man', has solid personal boundary, and this is attractive to women. I have offered a free ebook on this topic, you can download it here.

Humor is one of the most powerful traits that attracts women naturally. Different with how men perceive the appearance of spouse, women aren't like men take heavy weight on appearance. That's why you can always see beautiful women have an average appearance boyfriend.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying looks do not matter. Because looks do matter, a lot. Do your best to show your best appearance.

Why women are attracted to a man who is humor? As mentioned just now, women are attracted to the resourceful men who have the ability to solve problems beautifully.

Life has lots of unhappiness and suffers, if a man has a sense of humor and face the life like nothing is gonna be a big deal for him, he'll radiate mysterious confidence to women.

Therefore, humor is one trait that will boost your attraction tremendously. If you want to skyrocket your attraction, you can learn how to become a humor person. However, humor that attracts women is not merely telling funny jokes or being funny.

If you don't know what kind of humor attracts women, then you probably will lead to the contrary effect. Using wrong way to present your humor will make you seem like a clown or stupid.

In other words, she likes you due to your funny side, but she doesn't find you attractive, she doesn't feel you're sexy. Therefore, you're not creating the attraction but the friendship.

The kind of humor that attracts women has several elements within it, they amplify the funny parts and increase your mysterious. Learn how to express your humor in the correct way so women find irresistible to you.

Learn how to use humor to attract women

With arrogance

Do you know women are attracted to bad guys because they've personal traits that show they're 'Men'? Arrogant is one of the traits that can 'man you up' effectively, but don't do it overly otherwise you'll look like immature. 

If you combine these two powerful traits together, be cocky and funny, then your attraction to women will enter to an advanced stage.

For instance, tell your joke or describe something funny in the cocky way directly or indirectly such as 'praise yourself' or say 'all happen is because of what you've done'. Be confident when you're doing these, show your arrogant in funny way. 

Do you get the picture? Let women think you're an arrogant person, but still you're the funniest guy she ever meets, you'll become mysterious and this attracts and arouses her curiosity to figure out what kind of a person you're.

Dirty jokes

Lots of Mr.nice guys avoid any dirty or sex jokes in front of women they like. According to research, women like sex too, they understand those sex jokes and even better than you.

You have to know the fact that sex joke is one of the funniest elements in the world. If you master the correct way to tell dirty jokes, you'll be more masculine and funny.

This is the correct way to tell a dirty joke. Don't tell your dirty joke apparently, you want to tell them in your normal conversation indirectly but women still able to catch it. When she figures out herself there's a dirty joke in your 'looks normal' conversation, its effect is better than you tell it directly and apparently. 

Less smile

Many guys out there laugh before they tell something funny or during they telling it and that ruins the effect (funny) of the joke absolutely. Some of them do this because they're not confident in their jokes, they afraid that women think their jokes are boring. Therefore, before the jokes are completely told, they laugh at their own jokes first.

This implies to women that your jokes are genuinely boring and worse she thinks you lack self-confidence and boring. See: the kind of self-confidence attracts women

Therefore, remember don't smile before she smiles first. The prefer way is using your serious face to tell funny things. These two contrast characters - serious and funny combine together will become a powerful weapon for you to make women laugh.


You must be confident when you're being funny, lots of guys make this mistake when they're trying to be fun with women. They afraid they seem like an idiot, or not funny.

In fact, they're just thinking too much and this leads to their jokes not funny. The same joke told by others become very funny so they think they have no talent on telling jokes. In fact, they just need to have confidence in themselves.

You must have some people around you who are funny and expertise in telling jokes. Observe how they tell the jokes, how is their self-confidence and imitate the way they describe funny things. You'll start to feel the seed of humor in your mind grows.

Slow and clear tone

If you want to convey the funny message in your conversation correctly, then you must use slow and clear tone. If you tell your jokes fast and ambiguous, women can't understand the joke immediately. You might have to repeat it to her, then the surprise is gone because she is expected there's something funny you're going to tell her.

Therefore, your jokes become lame and boring. Always be careful of your tone, tell your jokes slowly and clearly instead of fast and ambiguously. Deeper tone is better in this case.

Not caring others response

Don't be hesitated when you're going to tell something funny. You have to get the correct timing otherwise your joke will lose its effects. The best timing to tell your joke is only one, that is 'now'. If you've a funny idea is related to what you and her are chatting about then you want to tell it immediately. 

Don't wait until the topic finishes then only manage to express it. Your joke will become unnatural since nobody is chatting about the topic related to it.

It seems like you're deliberate to tell the joke to make her laugh. The reason you hesitate maybe because you're worrying is it your jokes will offense her, you're afraid of making fun of her will make her angry at you. 

However, a real man will disregard how other people perceive him, he knows what is he doing. If you're afraid will your jokes offense her, then you'll seem like you're lacking of self-confidence when you're telling the jokes.

Over to you

If you know how to use humor to attract women, you'll be successful with women naturally.

Remember, women like men who're Men', don't afraid to be a man. Speak with your masculinity. Do you have some thoughts on making women laugh? Share your thoughts with me. ;)

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