3 Types of Men: What Category Are You In? 

In the realm of dating and relationships, many men are wondering that what types of men women are attracted to? What are the characteristics and personalities that will attract women? They want to be the kind of man that women find attractive.

However, a lot of guys have merely blurred picture about what types of men that will attract women. What mostly they know is that women are attracted to bad guys and nice guys always finish last. And this is true. 

But that's all what most men know about, they're still not getting the full picture of types of men perceived in women's eyes.

Generally speaking, there're 3 categories of men that women will perceive, which are nice guy, jerk, and attractive man (alpha male). 

If you understand all these three categories, you'll be aware of what category that you're in and where you should be in, so you can get advantage over the other guys in succeeding with women.

3 types of men that women categorize you

I. Nice guy

"Nice guy" is the category that most men are in, this is because nowadays most men are programmed by our families, society and modern media to be feminized. However, men should be masculine and this attracts women naturally. See: 2 most popular problems men have with women

Nice guy is always boring to women, because he tends to say boring things to women such as his family, job, himself and ask boring questions such as where to go, what to eat, why this why that, etc. 

Typically, nice guys are not confident to themselves, therefore many of them have self image problem, so they secretly feel themselves inferior to other guys.

As you know, self confidence is one of the traits that attracts women pretty much, women don't like guys with low self confidence and low self esteem.  

Therefore, nice guys tend to feel jealous when their woman is being closed to another man. They feel jealous for another man no matter what activities that guy has involved with his woman, maybe just taking a picture together, going out for a meal together, or chatting in a coffee shop. 

This is because they're not confident in themselves, they feel insecure when their woman is meeting with another man.

Nice guys are always indecisive, they're not assertive in making decision. Therefore, they're not a leader in a relationship but a follower. They don't have idea where is the next place for dating with their woman, where to go for the next meal, etc, so the decisions are always made by women. 

They're always seeking approval from women to make a decision. In women's eyes, they're spineless men and sexually passive, the attraction is killed instantly.

Since they feel inferior and not deserve to get women attracted to them, they buy women flowers, gifts, dinner, compliment her and be her driver. 

They hope this will impress women how they love them in turn women will love them back. However, women have great sixth sense, they know the subtle intention instantly and think you as a manipulative person.

Nice guys always feel insecure and this leads them to act needy and clingy. They call women many times a day, and always ask her out for dating. Neediness is really a killer for your attractiveness, non-attachment is the key. 

Nice guys who are always being nice to women eventually will get themselves into the friend zone. (See also: why being nice to women doesn't work) Normally, typical nice guys have low social status in public.

II. Jerk

Another category that women categorize is "jerk". Women are more attracted to jerks than nice guys because they're not boring compare to nice guys. 

That doesn't mean they have solid self confidence, not jealous, decisive and not feeling inferior. They may have these problems too, however, they're still able to attract more women than nice guys.

This is because jerks are able to create an emotional roller coaster of drama for women. Jerks have strong ego problems, they care less about the feelings of others, instead they care more about themselves. 

Although they have some common problems with nice guys, but they don't seek approval from women and they don't act needy and clingy. They do every thing in their own terms.

Doing things in own terms is masculine so this attracts women. Jerks' behaviors are not the same with nice guys' which are easily to be expected, instead their behaviors are uncertain. 

The uncertainty brings her life a little excitement and this attracts women. We are always attracted to things that are uncertain such as the price of shares and the posts in Facebook, we don't know what we'll get so we are attracted to it hopefully to get things clear.

The uncertainty creates jerks a sense of mysterious and this skyrockets one's attractiveness. (See: does mysterious attract women?) Jerks are sexually aggressive in a relationship and women secretly want a challenge from men, that's why jerks are attractive to women.

However, jerks are not mature. Their mind is still shallow and don't think things for long-term. Therefore, they fail with women eventually because women want a man who can provide a sense of safety and security in the long run. 

Uncertainty is good, this always give surprise to women, but women want a sense of safety and security too. If a man can't satisfy the need for security, he must be unsuccessful with women eventually.

Therefore, the types of women most jerks can get are those who have emotional issues such as low self esteem and depression.

Normally they don't be able to establish a long-term relationship with their women and their relationship ends rapidly because jerks are too concern about themselves so the relationship doesn't grow healthily.

III. Attractive man (alpha male)

The third category is attractive man(alpha male) or so called bad guys. Attractive men are not as bad as jerks, they're really nice, but not as nice as nice guys. 

You should ever heard a woman says to a man that "You're so bad!" but with a big smile on face. Apparently that woman was enjoying with that guy, feeling he's bad but strongly attractive.

This category is where you want to be if you want to succeed with women. If you're an alpha male, then you're attractive to women, women will be naturally attracted to you. 

You don't need to bother what to say and what to do with women like nice guys always bothering about these. You'll just have to be yourself truthfully. If you're not an alpha male, then you want to change yourself. See also why is it that you have to change yourself.

Alpha male is a leader in a relationship. Contrary to nice guy, alpha male is decisive in every thing in his life. He knows what he wants and what he doesn't want, he has the ability to control himself. 

Women feel sexually attracted to this kind of men because he's reliable and this gives women a sense of safety and security.

Alpha male has solid self confidence and high self esteem, he believes that nothing is impossible, that's nothing should be fear of because everything is counted and controlled. 

He has long-term goals to pursuit in his life. He knows where he's going, who he wants to be, and what to achieve in future.

As alpha male knows what he wants and has set long-term goals to achieve his desired lifestyle, he's not needy and clingy. He's busying to chase his dream instead of chase women, women are not his mission. 

It seems like alpha male neglects women in his life to chase for money, status, reputation, etc. But, this is not true. 

In fact, he knows clearly what's more important to him, that's his definite major purpose, but not women. He knows for him women isn't an issue, he's so confident that women are attracted to him, if women drop him for another man, that's her enormous loss. See also self confidence that attracts women

That's why alpha male doesn't act needy, clingy and jealousy. This is critical to attract women, non-neediness is the key.

Although alpha male get obsessed with his goals, he doesn't take lightly for his life. He's improving himself constantly, to be better and better. 

Alpha male is humor, they don't take life seriously, be too hard on themselves and are able to throw a joke on issues they are facing, they get women laugh easily. See also: humor that attracts women.

Since alpha male knows his direction in life very clearly, he acts boldly in life. The boldness is attractive for women. In my free ebook I've explained dominant is one of the men's instincts that attracts women.

Alpha male is dominant in a relationship, he leads women, he decides things for women, he doesn't let women face things alone.

Normally, alpha male is an expert in some realms. Once you've become an expert in a realm, you're an alpha male in it and that realm becomes your territory. You'll get high social status because you're a successful person. 

Women are attracted to high social status men because this implied they're reliable and resourceful. See also: does money attract women?

What should you do?

After understanding these 3 types of men that women perceived, are you thinking which category you're in? What are her thoughts and feelings about you? 

If you're thinking about these questions, then you might need to stop thinking about them immediately.

You suppose not to overly concern a woman's thoughts and feelings because it's merely wasting your time. 

The root is, you can't control a women's thoughts and feelings. That's in her personal boundary, you have no rights to control or manipulate her in anyway. You can only control yourself.

Instead of worrying which category you're in and how she perceived you, you just focus on improving yourself. 

Through constant improvement, your attractiveness will increase gradually and become sexually attractive to women. Therefore, women will be attracted to you naturally, you become a women magnet. 

How to start? Find your mission in life first, then set goals and work relentlessly to achieve it. Women's issue will take care of itself behind the scenes.

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