Can You Really Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend?

Are you wondering how to turn a friend into a girlfriend?
Are you dropped into the friend zone?

The feeling of having someone you love but you can only be her friend is really awful. She's very close to you, but you can't do romantic stuffs for her.

You might think that you should feel gratitude because at least you still can be her friend. But at night you have an insomnia just because you're thinking of her. You can't concentrate on your own things because you heard someone is chasing her.

You know that she's very important to you, she's special for you, but the fact is you're merely her friend. You might wondering how does she feel about you, what does she think of you; secretly love you? or merely a best friend?

You force yourself not thinking all these things, you just want to be her friend, and bless her if she found someone she loves or loves her. But inside your heart you know that's missing a piece of thing. You can't control your feeling, you really feel sorrow if she's in love with other.

I want to warn you, whatever your decision is, you must not make a decision that you'll regret later. Don't wait until someone really gets her you only feel regret for not taking any action. Don't wait until that day you blame yourself for not doing anything to turn over the table.

If you're wondering want to change the relationship with her or not, chances are you're not feeling satisfied for just being her friend. Then you should think carefully whether you want to remain the same situation and suffer everyday due to thinking of her, or take action to change the situation.

You might think that it's hard to turn a friend into a lover? Yes, it's true. But that doesn't mean you have no chance at all. You just need to know the 'how to'.

How to turn a friend into a girlfriend?

So, can you turn a friend into a lover? The answer is yes, absolutely. 

But that's not easy to be done. For women it's easy, but for men it's very difficult. This is because how men and women attracted to each other is biologically wired differently.

First of all you need to understand how men and women perceive the opposite sex as their boyfriend and girlfriend materials. For men, the first level 'rating' new female acquaintances is by their sexual attractiveness. 

Does she have a good look? Does she have nice body streamline? Men consider all these physical things first, then characteristics and personality traits only come later.

On the other hand, women have different way of 'ranking' men. Women don't put heavy weight on men's looks in the long run as you think. It's important too but it's not the determining factor for women to be with you. In the long run women would pay more attention on what kind of a guy you're.

Are you ambitious? Are you a confident guy? Are you in control? Do you behave like a nice guy or a bad guy? Are you needy or clingy? In a nutshell, women want a man who's "Man" (one of the basic principles).  A man who really understands who is he and what he wants in his life.

Women are great at interpreting men' intention when men approaching them. They're used to men's approaches and they have great sixth sense to see through a man. Women can classify you just a friend or potential sexual partners in a very short time. See also: how women categorize you.

You either a 'friend' or a 'potential lover' in her eyes. If you're being her friend for quite a while already, she treats you like a normal friend and you two don't flirt with each other, chances are she doesn't view you as a potential lover yet.

You have to change

You have been viewed as her good friend is because you demonstrate the qualities of a good friend to her. You don't fit in the criteria of a good lover, that's why she treats you like her another female friends.

This is one of the biggest problems in a loving relationship many men meet nowadays. They have been influenced by the modern media and their parents to believe that if they want to attract a woman then they have to be nice to her. See also: common problems with women

So how you can change her perspective on you, view you as a potential lover and even attracted to you? Well, don't go to confess your feeling to her, don't buy drinks, flower and presents for her, all these things don't work.

Don't try to use your logic mind to try to change her mind. You have to understand that, attraction is an instinct, it's not a choice. If you don't understand this fact, go and download my free ebook. You need to change your mindset on attraction first.

You can't change a woman's mind unless you change your behavior, and if you don't change your mindset you can't change your behavior. Stop to behave like her friend, and start to behave more like her lover. Don't try to use words to convince her, use your actions, actions speak louder than words. See also: one of the biggest mistakes men make

Are you creating wrong attraction?

In my free ebook I've explained that attraction can be classified into three level - sexual attraction, emotional attraction and mental attraction.

You have to focus on the first level attraction that's sexual attraction. Change your behavior to behave like a bad guy, think yourself like James Born, stop being needy and clingy. If you're her best friend, then you have to behave completely different with your behaviors before. 

You want to be a new you, let go of your past self. Project yourself as a romantic lover. If you can play well on your men's instincts, then you'll be fine. Be more confident, self confidence is essential in attracting women. See also: 10 kind of self confidence that attracts women.

However, I would recommend you don't take action too fast until you get the full picture of attraction and nature of love. If you understand how attraction works, then you can transform a friend into a lover. 

Here are several things that I would like to remind you. Remember, being nice to women doesn't work, stop being a nice guy! Honestly I can't stand when I see a man who was being nice to her get a bad ending at the end. Our society and media really programmed men's mind with many limiting beliefs about love.

Second, normally woman doesn't know what she wants. Women are indecisive and moody , they could change their decision at last minute and have fluctuated mood throughout a day. So don't care too much about these, otherwise you'll be treated like a friend.

The last thing I want to say is, instead trying to turn a friend into a lover, you should be her lover right form the start. It's easier to execute things out, because she doesn't need to rewire her mind that already installed your impression as a best friend. And if you behave too wrongly before, it's hard for you to make her attracted to you. 

No matter what, you should understand the big picture of attraction and nature of love. So you'll take charge of your loving relationship.

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