7 Tips On Time Management That Boost Your Productivity

Do you wish you can learn some tips on time management so you have more time to finish things that are on your to-do list?

Do you feel you don't have enough time for you to finish your tasks every day?

Do you procrastinate your work simply because you spend your time on other unimportant stuff?

Nowadays people have a lot of work to do every day, people spend time on their career, entertainment, social life, dating, family, study and the list goes on.

You are not an exception.

That's why in the marketplace many time management systems are invented to help people to manage their time like GTD (getting things done)

Why you need to master the time management skills?

If you don't have clues on how to do time management you probably will waste your time on stuff which are unproductive.

This behavior leads you to procrastinate your tasks and duties which you can finish in a short time. 

However, a good time management system won't help you in any way if your inner world is incongruent with your reality.

To more extent, if you don't have dreams or said life purpose, then time management will be useless for you.

What does time management have to do with you if you don't have dreams to chase after?

Only after setting your goals and found your life purpose time management system would make sense for you.

In the following I will teach you some effective tips on time management.

With these tips, you can increase your productivity and get rid of procrastination.

7 tips on time management - no more wasting your precious time

1. Have a list of tasks you want to do

Time management can be done perfectly if you know how to do these two things, they are "decide what to do" and "do it".

Therefore, the first step you need to know is what to do first — decide correct things to do and how to do then you only can get things done.

If you made wrong decisions at the first step, then second step "do it" will not give you any productive result.

To do this you need a to-do list, collect all the things that you need to do and write them on the list.

Your list should not be too long that is impossible for you to finish.

Overwhelming will lead to procrastinating your tasks and bring them to tomorrow.

Tomorrow you'll have new tasks, so your work will never complete on time.

2. Set priorities

After collecting tasks on the to-do list, you want to set priorities for them.

Those 'not important and not emergency'  tasks should be at lower priority while those tasks are 'important and emergency' should be set as high priority. See: How to accomplish tasks with less stress

How to set them is depending on you.

For instance, if you have an important goal and it's a long term plan which you can't finish it on time if you skip even one day, then this must be set as high priority.

After setting priorities, you want to simplify your tasks.

Eliminate those not really important, trivial things, something that doesn't make changes in your life because you want to optimize your time.

Don't waste time on unimportant things.

3. Divide your day into a number of zones

You have 24 hours in a day, take 8 hours for you to sleep, you still left 16 hours.
(24 hours - 8 hours = 16 hours)

Divide these 16 hours into several zones. For instance, divide them into 4 zones so each zone has 4 hours. (16 hours / 4 hours = 4 zones)

For example, the first zone can be 9am-1pm and the second zone can be 1-5 pm.

This is only an example, it's not necessary to set a zone for 4 hours.

You can set 2 hours for 8 zones too (16 hours / 2 hours = 8 hours), it's all depend on your circumstances.

In this example, for a week you'll have totally 28 zones (4 zones * 7 days = 28 zones).

After that, you want to distribute your zones for your tasks.

For example, you distribute 9 zones for your study in a week.

If today you have an emergency case happen so you don't have time to study, then replace it on tomorrow's zone.

You can allocate your zones for study in any way you want, you just have to ensure it has distributed 9 zones a week for your study.

4. Have flexible zones

The zones that you divided should be flexible which means that you should be able to switch to another task when there's an interruption encounter.

For instance, when you're studying, the power cut suddenly, you can't continue to study due to the power failure.

You don't want to waste your time so then you switch to other tasks immediately which doesn't need to bother with the power failure.

You should also contribute some free zones, you can use this time for rest and relaxation to restore energy. These free zones allow you to be more flexible in time management.

5. Wake up early

According to research, sleeping too much won't help you to gain more energy inversely it harms your body.

For most people sleep 7 hours each day is adequate, don't sleep more than 7 hours. Sleep more than 7 hours you may feel a bit dizzy, laziness, and drained.  See also: How to sleep better

How long should you sleep is not constant for everyone, every person has a different answer.

The guideline is you can sleep less than 7 hours, but don't sleep more than it. Learn to be an early riser, you can conserve some time to do more work. See also: Formulate Your Morning Routine

5. Dedicate a certain amount of time to each zone

In each divided zone you must dedicate a certain amount of time on it.

If your work has to spend 2 hours, then don't do other things at the same time like answering a phone call, checking Facebook or replying message because they are the distractions.

You'll end up with procrastinating your tasks if you do so.

Learn how to laser focus on your work until it's done.

Furthermore, you should never spend time more than the needed amount.

if this happened then just stop and move to another task.

If you exceed the time that you supposedly needed which means your productivity is lower than usual.

You may can't enter the working mode, and continue consuming time on it will only get you drained.

Do you get me?

For example, you suppose to spend 2 hours only to finish your studying. However, you still can't finish it although the time is exceeded.

In this case, you just stop and go do other things. Next time when you come back continue it you'll get in the study mood fast and easily.

6. Are you really motivated?

Time management has a connection with your life purpose.

There's nothing got to do with time management if you don't have dreams to go after.

By setting a clear goal, you'll get motivated to stick to your time management so you complete the tasks without feeling stressed. 

If you don't have dreams, you don't know what's your life purpose, then you'll have weak motivation.

No matter how good is your time management system, you just won't get used to it.

Therefore, finding life purpose have to come first before doing your time management.

Are you really motivated? 

What is your BIG WHY?

Final notes

Mastering tips on time management allow you to optimize your productivity and your time.

Every day wastes a certain amount of time will waste total one year time for every several years later - For example, waste 1/4 time a day will waste total 1 year after 4 years later.

If you use your time wisely after a period of time you'll go further comparing to your peers. 

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Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.


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