Do You Make These 4 Time Management Mistakes?

Many people make time management mistakes. They always rush in their life - rush for their homework, their assignments, their work and others.

They don't want to continue rushing with everything, so they start to set their task priorities, manage their time, set schedules and the list goes on but things are not changing at all.

They still keep procrastinating their work, keep wasting time on unproductive things and keep extending their deadline.

Most people keep failing with managing their time even though they have planned their time well, they're just never be able to follow and stick with their plan. 

For majority people time managing is not an easy work, they don't know why and how to do time management effectively.

It seems like time management is not applicable, it is only an ideal idea as it never work effectively for them. This is because people think about time management in the wrong way.

If you're thinking that time management is only about finding out how to commit to the plan you wrote, you're going to fail your time management.

It's deeper a lot than this, it's related to your psychological needs. You have to learn about the psychology of time management.

4 time management mistakes you must avoid

#1 You're not motivated

First of all, for doing well in your time management, you have to be motivated.

Time management is always connected to goal setting because if you don't have goals to chase for, why would you need to manage your time? 

People want to manage their time because they have a lot of things to do, if they don't manage their time, it's likely possible that they'll not finish anything at the end of time.

They feel overwhelmed when their to-do-list is full, later on they tend to procrastinate their work and even drop off the work that should be done.

If you don't have goals, you'll not be truly motivated.

You'll find that even if you're managing your time properly, your status of "lack motivation" will still make you unstick with your plan few days later. See how to set your goals.

#2 Feeling indifferent

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they feel indifferent to their plan.

For instance, if you think that it's impossible for you to do own business you'll become indifferent to this plan, eventually you'll not do anything to help yourself building a business. Even if you wrote a best plan, you'll not stick with this plan and forget about it eventually because you feel it's impossible for you to execute it.

Besides feeling impossible will make you indifferent, the feeling of useless will also make you indifferent.

For instance, if you think that studying is useless to help you building a business, you won't be serious at your study. Therefore, you always procrastinate your studies and assignments. No matter how good your time management is, you won't stick with it for a long time.

#3 Afraid to test your self-worth

Many people procrastinate their work because they're afraid to test their self-worth, they fail to follow their plan because they fear of failure.

In their subconscious mind, they don't think the probability of success is high, they're expecting the failure.

Therefore, they take action to avoid facing the problem such as checking emails, browsing Facebook, and watching television, in which resulting in wasting precious time.

Besides, lack of self-confidence also resulting in wasting time. As people don't have confident to do something, they'll subconsciously think that they won't be able to do things without mistake. To avoid mistakes, they delay their work and do other things instead.

That's how people who lack self-confidence procrastinate their work.

#4 Your goals fail to align with your interests

If your goals fail to align with your interests, then your time management plan is going to fail eventually.

This is similar to the first point, you lack desire.

If the reason you want to learn time management is you feel that you're not doing anything important in your life so you want to use your time effectively however without a desired goal, your plan will be useless.

You want to find out your desire first, you need to know why you're doing something.

If the thing for you isn't important and it's not necessary, then you'll not be serious to do it. After sometimes, you'll bounce back to the initial state like you never plan and do your time management.

How to turn your table? Get your time management on track

So now you know that real time management is not only about setting priorities and schedules.

Setting priorities and schedules are not the whole thing of time management, they're partly of it.

If there's only setting priorities and schedules then it's not time management but task management. To handle your time management well, you can't neglect your psychological needs.

Following are the action steps for managing your time, the best time to action is now.

1. What is your desire?

If you don't like the feeling of wasting time, no direction, guilts, and regrets, then you must discover your genuine desire.

It's something that you feel like you must achieve it no matter how many obstacles you have to face with, something that you're willing to spend your times on it, something that you're really good at.

What are you good at? This is a tough question for many people. Most people don't be able to give the answer immediately. See: how to discover your mission?

2. Dedicating certain time on your work

After discovered your genuine desire, you want to align it with your daily activities. For instance, if your desire is to build your own business, then you want to dedicate certain time to learn related knowledge in your daily life. 

Since that it's your desire, your goal, your mission, you're willing to do it anyway.

Therefore, your time management plan will form itself due to your willpower. However, if you have a guide on how to do time management, it will be easier for you to manage your time. See: 7 time management tips that boost your productivity

3. Increasing your sense of control

If you have started to dedicate certain time on your work, you build momentum.

The more times you allocate your time on your work, the more sense of control you'll feel.

Once the momentum of work has started, and keep it for awhile around 3-4 weeks. It will become your habit. Eventually, you don't need to remind or force yourself to stick to your tasks.

It becomes a part of your life, like eating or sleeping, you never need to force yourself to do these, they're natural to you. This is the ultimate time management, it becomes natural without the need of your concern.

4. Increasing your confidence of time management

When you start to feel the sense of controlling time, you increase the confidence in managing time.

Every success of managing your time will become evidence for you to believe in yourself the ability of time management. That's how people install a belief in themselves, collect more and more evidence and use them to prove and convince themselves that they are very good at time management. 

For instance, you finish your tasks before the deadline, you see other people are still rushing for their assignments, rushing for their tasks, but you finished everything. So this will become an evidence to prove that you're a good problem solver, a good time controller hence your confidence boost.

When you believe you're good, you're good.

5. Taking action now

So start to act now.

Start to manage your time. The present moment is the best time to take action.

If you wait for tomorrow, then you're procrastinating. What's the point of time management? 

Discover your desire now, and ask yourself what're you good at? What do you really want?

Dedicate certain time to go after your goal, dream, and mission.

Once you start to act, the momentum is built.

Keep it up until it internalizes in your brain so time management is a part of your life, you'll be natural to do this effortlessly.

Last reminder

Don't forget to avoid and get rid of the time management mistakes (psychological factors) at the first place. Otherwise nothing will work for you.

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