What is The Subconscious Mind and Discover How It Affects You to Be Successful or Unsuccessful

What's the subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind is mostly neglected by many people which is critical to our success in life.

Basically, it is the mind that you don't consciously control. 

It is the basic block of your mind. How your mind is thinking influenced by this mind critically.

It's the determining factor of how you react to something emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Subconscious mind contains everything that doesn't locate in your conscious mind.

Everything that you don't need to think consciously is inside your subconscious mind.

It's like a container to collect everything you've ever met, smelled, tasted, heard, experienced and touched.

Everything that has been processed by your five senses will be stored in your subconscious mind.

Since subconscious mind doesn't need you control consciously, it's working automatically.

Many times you don't even notice you're using your subconscious mind to make decision, you just feel the choice is right, something likes intuition.

That decision is made based on the information that stored in your subconscious mind.

In short, subconscious mind works like an autopilot of your mind.

Your subconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind because it doesn't need any controlling; it works automatically without any mistake.

It's like a driver of your mind system decides himself where to go.

The differences between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind

How to differentiate between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind?

The conscious mind is responsible for logic. Anything that involved thinking, calculation, language, decision making is controlling by your conscious mind. The conscious mind influences you to react logically and rationally.

Whenever you're aware of the thing you're doing, it's doing by your conscious mind.

For instance, raise your hand up to order food in a restaurant is controlled by your conscious mind. You need to control your mind to move your hand and open mouth to speak to convey the message. All of these need to be done consciously.

The subconscious mind doesn't control things, it stores things.

It performs like the mixture of an operating system and a database of a computer. The computer represents your brain.

Your brain runs the operating system (subconscious mind) it has installed in, like OS X, windows and Linux. The operating system is the combination of emotions, and human instincts like 'fight or flight reaction'.

Any resource you want to use in your computer system has to retrieve from your database.

Your database (subconscious mind) saves past experiences, limiting beliefs, and other things through your five senses. 

Whenever you want to make a decision, which is done by your conscious mind, you'll find the related resources from your database and apply through your operating system.

If the resources are not good, or the operating system has troubles, technically we still can perform well if we make correct decisions and calculations.

For instance, emotions are controlling by the subconscious mind, but we can use our conscious mind to control our behaviors in order to control the emotions such as watching comedy movies to forget the bad happened thing.

The first step is you need to bring the thing up to the conscious level, so you can start to control it.

Why some people become successful naturally, some people don't?

Did you ever wonder why some people become successful naturally, but you don't?

You don't know why some people can do or afford something that other people don't be able to?

The key reason is because of their belief system. 

Self-limiting beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind; successful people can succeed in their life areas is because they don't have limiting beliefs around the particular area that they succeed.

Their subconscious mind installed the empowering beliefs to help them to reach their goals.

Unsuccessful people don't be able to reap the fruit of success due to their limiting beliefs.

Not many people understand this fact because it's located in their subconscious mind, they don't notice why they repeat the same mistakes every time, they believe it's because they are unlucky or contribute to other reasons.

If you're not successful with women, chances are you have limiting beliefs about love.
If you don't succeed financially or you fail your business, chances are you've limiting beliefs about money.
If you lack self-confidence, chances are you have limiting beliefs that make you unconfident.
If you don't get good grades in exams, chances are you have limiting beliefs about studying.

The list can go on, anything you fail many times due to other than the physical and technical factors will be the problems of your belief system.

If you have limiting beliefs about something, you have to eliminate them; it's fixing your mind operating system.

There're several facts about your subconscious mind that you must know.

1. The subconscious mind doesn't understand logic

Your subconscious mind and conscious mind speak a different language.

Your conscious mind doesn't always understand your subconscious mind, you may just act automatically according to your feelings. And your subconscious mind doesn't understand what your conscious mind speaks to it too.

For instance, you can't be confident simply by telling yourself that you're confident.

Your subconscious mind doesn't understand words that you speak to yourself. There is no Google translate app to help to translate the conscious mind's language to subconscious mind's language.

To change your belief system, you need to associate your words with experiences. See also: How to change limiting beliefs and be successful

2. Your subconscious mind helps you to filter the information

Your subconscious mind will filter all information before it stores in your mind.

All irrelevant information that does not fit your belief system will not save solidly in your mind.

In other words, you know the information intellectually, but you aren't living in it.

Besides, your subconscious mind will automatically find proofs to strengthen your beliefs.

If you have limiting beliefs that women only like men who have nice looks, then your subconscious mind will find your past events, people and things around you to link together to form a belief system to support your limiting beliefs that you won't be successful with women because you don't have attractive appearance.

Even though the fact that you're attractive in women's eyes but you won't have the confident because your subconscious mind filter out the information that you're attractive and charming to women from your mind.

That's why you keep failing with women. Find out your limiting beliefs and fix them will help you to reach your goals.

3. Your thoughts are your world

Whatever you believe, it will become your reality.

In fact, everything in your reality is the results of your belief system.

If you don't feel happy and content in your life, definitely is because you have blocks in your mind. 

Your thoughts are from your mind operating system.

You can't change your reality simply by changing your thoughts. Because changing your thoughts is merely changing your conscious mind, it doesn't reach the subconscious mind because they speak a different language. 

That's why when people say "you must be positive thinking", "you must be confident in yourself", "you must work hard to be successful" doesn't work. Because it's only working at your conscious level. 

Your belief system still has limiting beliefs in it, changing your thoughts but not beliefs is merely wasting your energies.

Several days later the effects of changing your thoughts will be gone entirely.

Whereas changing your beliefs will be the lasting changes of your entire life. It's like you've installed a new operating system that guarantees to reach your goals.

Therefore, changing your subconscious mind will change your behaviors, thoughts, decision makings - your conscious mind absolutely.

If you want to be successful, focus on changing your limiting beliefs is the most important thing you want to do.

Start to take action now to change your life; don't let your limiting beliefs hold you back to reach what you want.

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