The Road To Success Needs Only These 10 Principles

Many people think that the road to success is very hard.

And yes. It is.

This is not a journey for everyone. It's a journey only for people who are ready for it.

When there's a will, there's a way.

So the first thing to start with is you want to make a commitment that you want to be successful.

If you have a mindset that: "Let's try it.". Most probably you will give up at the end because you are expected to lose.

Instead, if you say you MUST be successful, you'll have chances. But no one can guarantee it.

There's no way to guarantee you will be successful. But there are ways to guarantee you are equipped with the essential things and skills to be successful.

Only if you have a mindset that you MUST be successful, but not WISH or WANT, then you'll be persistent to obtain those things and skills.

Here are 10 principles that will guarantee you equip with what you need to be successful.

Make a commitment that you MUST be successful before you keep reading. Or stop reading by now.

These 10 principles will put yourself on the road to success.

1. What is your one thing?

So what's your one thing?

The thing that you can't lower the standard and stand not being successful with it.

This is not a question you can answer without thinking deeply about yourself. You want to know your BIG WHY.

If you don't know how to start finding your mission in life, here's how:

If you're still in your twenties, keep learning and experimenting life.

If you experimented life enough, then the answer can be within yourself. Use the 20 minutes method that I outlined here, you will get an answer that makes you cry eventually.

2. Develop 3 key habits

Once you know what you want to succeed with, start taking action.

No action means no progress.

You should start with developing habits that help to achieve your goal. (Provided that you already set your goals.)

Brainstorm and list out the key habits that are most useful to your goals.

And start developing them as your daily habits. Habits can develop by just showing up/doing it consistently.

You should keep doing your habits for 100 days because it is a threshold of getting results.

When you see results, you'll have more confidence to keep doing them. The momentum will set in and eventually they become natural for you.

3. 1/2 excuses and X2 action

No excuse.

Only losers give excuses.

Winners will just do it.

So it's your choice to be a winner or a loser.

Decrease half of your excuses and double your action.

Action speaks louder than words.

4. Leave the herd

This principle isn't easy to implement. However,  it's necessary.

You are the average of five people who are closest to you.

If people around you don't support your vision, or they are the source of negativity, leave them.

This is not selfish. This is what should be done. Your life is yours. I don't care who you're with, it's none of my business.

But it's your own problem if you let people who negatively influence you.

The herd in the society consists nothing more that negativity and mediocrity. You should have the courage to live dangerously, leave the herd and play big.

5. Delete negativity

You want to delete the negativity in your life.

Most negativity are depending on the way you view it. In other words, your mindset is the determining factor.

If you have a negative mindset, you won't view opportunities as opportunities, because you simply don't think in this way. If you have a positive mindset, you'll view things around you as opportunities, even if they are not.

You'll view things around you as a chance to learn things, know things, and do things. And believe they will connect at the end eventually to create you a life that you want. 

That's a kind of belief that believe in yourself you are a lucky person and will always be lucky.

Since your mindset can influence you to see things positively or negatively, it becomes so important to protect your mindset from the source of negativity. That's how your limiting beliefs formed.

For example, leave the herd, stop listening to sad music, stop using negative words, stop taking bullshit advice and the list goes on.

6. Never give up

Successful people have a ridiculous level of persistence in making their dream comes true.

They never say never. They never give up. They never believe people but themselves.

The vision of their dream is very clear to them, they know what they want exactly, that's why they never listen to people's opinions, rejections, criticism and give up.

They just make progress every day until they reach their goal. No excuses, only actions.

7. Don't wait to be inspired

Are you waiting to have an inspiring idea that inspired and motivated you to work?

Ha, don't make me laugh.

You will wait as long as you want.

You want to work right now even if you are not being sure what to do.

Only actions can lead you to the answer. 

'Just wait, the answer will appear.'. That's what only losers will think of.

You want to be a winner. So begin now.

Don't wait, do now. Life is short, very short.

8. Love your work

You want to love your work.

If you don't love your work, it's hard to be persistent to do it.

You will change projects and go here and there to find something that will hook you.

Do something you are passionate about, and don't give up.

Living your passion is the best lifestyle you can live ever. Love your work, or never do it.

9. Get fit

A healthy body is like a vehicle that fetches you to the destination you want to go.

A poor vehicle will stop midway, or worse, it never depart.

So you want to get fit.  

Eat healthy. Sleep better. Do exercises. Lift weights. 

Do nothing more than these will already get you a fit body.

Take care your body so the road to success is stable and will reach steadily.

10. Constant improvement 

The road to success is a journey never stop learning.

Successful people learn things every day. Every day they improve a little, and the snowball rolling effect makes them to becoming great at the thing they learn.

By learning constantly, you are pushing your limitation to a further distance. You are enlarging your comfort zone. You are improving your capabilities.

Today's technologies are an advantage to young generations like us. We can learn things by typing the keywords into Google and 'poop', the answer comes out. Or we can type the keywords into YouTube and learn things from watching videos.

When you are ready to learn, the teachers will appear.

If you want to learn a thing bad enough, you will find the way to learn it.

It's either you want, or do not want.

Final words

Are these 10 principles will make you successful?

Not necessary.

There are more factors like your time management, goal setting and daily habits.

But they are the basic things. 

If you want success bad enough, you should never neglect these 10 principles.

The road to success is hard. 

It's a good news because there are lesser competitors along the journey.

So make it happen. 

Start by today, what's your one thing?

What are your three key habits? And implement other principles. Success will be yours.

About the author


Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.



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