My Task Management System That Keeps Up Everything's Progress

Do you have a task management system?

For me, an effective task management system is vital for making sure everything in my life is on the track.

As a university student, a leader, a boyfriend, a solopreneur, a friend, a runner, a bodybuilder there are just too many things to focus in life.

Some people advise me to drop something in order to get more time to do things.

My reply is, no way, my friend.

As a real man we want everything in life: education, relationships, money, health, and the list never end.

It's not a good deal to make a successful business you have to break up with your girlfriend. It's not a good deal to build the body you need to sacrifice your education.

We want it all. Admit it.

That's why you need a system that helps you out.

Luckily, there are many apps and tools nowadays to help you being productive and organized.

I have experience with many apps and some of them really make a difference in my life.

After spending almost a year with experimenting them I have constructed my personal task management system.

Without it, I can't measure my progress and I will lose the idea about what to do.

Now let me introduce you my system.

A good task management system is available to across all platforms.

All the tools or apps I'm going to introduce to you are available to across all platforms.

It is meaningless if you can't access to the task management system once you switch to another device.

You can access the system on Android and iOS phones and tablets, as well as on desktop and/or browser. Once you update a task, it syncs to every platform.

There are four types of task management tools.

To-do or task tools: Help you manage WHAT you are going to do.
Scheduling tools: Help you manage WHEN you are going to do.
Hybrids: More than task managers, but less than project managers.
Project management tools: Help you manage the big picture.

Maybe you don't find all of them useful or what I recommend is not what you need.

We all have different work styles. Find what works to you and ignore the rest.

You need to wisely spend your time.

This task management system is the easiest for me.

In my previous article I said you need to set goals otherwise time management and task management have nothing to do with you.

One of the reasons is because you need to break down the goals into chunks.

By having yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals you would only able to make the task management works in the flow state.

The task management system I am going to introduce to you is more tend to manage your daily tasks.

Because if you achieve your daily goals, you can achieve weekly goals, and then monthly goals and then yearly goals.

What are you going to do?

Now, the meat comes.

The first tool you need to play with is to-do or task tools. This tool is simple, it's about to write down what you want to do and check them off when done.

Personally, I tried Remember The Milk, Wunderlist, and others and none of them working really well for me.

If I have to recommend one I would recommend using Swipes. It is easy to use and integrate with Evernote. However, I rarely use it.

What I use is the Evernote itself. If you don't know Evernote, you have to check it out. In fact, it's the backbone of this personal task management system.

I created a note in Evernote and make it under the shortcut, so I can access it by only a few clicks.

In the note, I list down everything I have to do on the day and schedule them in time block by estimating how long I have to finish each of them.

And then I place a checker box beside each task, once finish I check it off.

You have to commit to your plan, you must have self-respect. If you don't have self-discipline then go and cry on your to-do list.

No one can help you if you don't help yourself.

When are you going to do?

Some tasks have a deadline, you have to set the deadline in order to achieve them on time.

There are some tools available to do this.

Only two of them I would recommend to you, Google calendar and Sunrise calendar.

Most of my friends are using Google calendar, and it works well to them so I recommend it. But what I use is Sunrise calendar.

Sunrise calendar is available to integrate with Evernote. Set the deadline and the reminder in the Evernote will remind you when the day is reached.

I'm not only set the deadline of tasks but also set the date of midterm tests, assignments, and presentations. It helps me to stay on the track as a university student.

How to store everything about the tasks in one place so you can access them instantly.

This is what the hybrids help you, access to the needed information about the tasks in no time.

There are two apps I have experience with, one is Evernote mentioned throughout this article, the other one is OneNote.

They are similar tools but having some differences between them. See also the differences between Evernote and OneNote.

Both are ideal for keeping notes, lists, images, and ideas in one place. But have different approaches, and I prefer Evernote because more apps integrate with it.

You can use the web clipper to save articles from websites and the formatting of articles will never change. You can also simplify the formatting if you wish.

Notes are organized into notebooks, with added tags to make them easier to find. And you can drag and drop several notebooks together to create stacks.

For example, I create notes for my studies in university and add tags to them so it's easy to access to the notes. I wrote this article in Evernote so I don't need to do the backup at other time.

How to manage the big picture?

In fact, I don't have the problem of managing the big picture of my tasks because my tasks are set based on the big goals.

If you execute well the three tools just mentioned, you'll be fined with managing the big picture.

However, sometimes some tasks are collaborative tasks. You can't do it alone and you need to track others' progress so only you know the real progress.

For this, I have less experience with because most of the time I do things alone. But I do have some experience about it. I only use three types of project management tool.

For website stuff, we use the work chat in Evernote to share notes and communicate about the project. For all kind of project that is hard to manage, I use Trello to visually show the overall workflow. For university's assignments and presentations, we create a private group at Facebook for discussion and announcement.

Now you already know my task management system, and maybe know a better one, but why you can't keep up the progress?

The answer is simple, you lack self-discipline and self-respect.

If you want a thing badly, you won't give any excuse and reason to skip the day doing it, you will find time for it.

Only crybabies will complain things and people around them.

Stop whining, my friend.

If you don't have self-confidence you just can't succeed. No successful person lacks self-confidence.

Here are a few things you should implement so the task management system works for you.

Eat the frog: Do the most important thing as the first thing of the day. Many times I procrastinate the most important thing and at the end I don't have enough time or unexpected things happen so I fail to do it.

Carry out your morning routine: The morning when you wake up is one of the determinants of quality of the day. If you have a bad and messy morning, you will have a bad and messy day. Before eating the frog, do your morning routine.

Don't break the chain:  This method is Seinfeld's method that put a mark on a calendar daily and don't break the chain. Simply put, commit to the system every day. Persistence is the key to success.

Empty your mind: Although I said you should not break the chain, but in some cases you will get better results by taking a break. It's important to empty your mind, to rest is to go further.

Sleep well: A good sleep is vital to your productivity and performance. Learn how to sleep better and get more done.

Do what works for you and keep doing.

Here's my personal task management system.

Do what works for you.

You may create yourself a better system. Welcome to share with me about your system.

And last advice I can give you is, work, work, work, work, and work more.

Rome wasn't build in a day.

All the best to you.

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Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.


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