You've Got to Stop Whining and Start Being An Attractive Man

Stop whining like babies.

Are you feeling like a loser in attracting women?
Are you feeling your environment is preventing you to be successful with women?
Are you struggling to attract women due to your looks, wealth, fame and confidence?

If you always keep failing with women, chances are you're not attractive in women's eyes. However, did you really figure out what's holding you back to be successful with women?

Most men who are unsuccessful with women never think about why they're not successful, they just assume this is what supposed happen to them. Yes, I mean it, many men really think they deserve to be failed with women.

These men don't feel confident in themselves, they don't think they can attract a woman. If a woman says she likes them, they'll guess it musts be a punishment of "truth or dare" game. They don't believe they will get liked by a woman, if it's true, they feel they're very lucky to get her.

However, this doesn't always happen. Because women won't be attracted to men who are not confident in themselves. Women are attracted to men who are "Men", period. See also: 3 principles of attracting a woman

Therefore, if you always keep failing with women, then now is the very time that you want to be man up. There's no any alternative way if you want to be successful with women, you have to be man up.

Many men have issue with being a man, they have made mistakes on being a man. And the worst part is, they make these mistakes subconsciously due to the limiting beliefs about love. You have to eliminate the limiting beliefs about love in order to be successful with women once and for all. Say goodbye to the life being failure with women.

There're two mistakes perhaps you are making if the questions on the start of this article feeling appeal to you. If you don't correct these mistakes at the very beginning, then you'll have a rock solid foundation to fail with women.

Stop whining!

Are you making these 2 mistakes in dating and relationships?

To turn over the table on your dating and relationships, you must avoid these 2 mistakes and build a rock solid foundation to succeed with women.

Blame yourself

Are you feeling like a loser in attracting women? If you think so, then you must say No to this thought immediately. Feeling like a loser is a form of blaming yourself for being a failure in dating and relationship.

  • I can't attract women because I have no money.
  • No woman likes me because I'm not looking good.
  • I'm not famous, neither high status, so I'm not being good with women.
  • Who will like the kind of men like me?
  • It's ok to fail with women, because I'm used to it.

Any thought similar to above is a poison thought that holds you back to succeed with women. Stop thinking like these ways. You're absolutely deserve to get women to like you. The only problem you have is the knowledge about how the attraction works and the nature of love.

Once you acquire the knowledge about attraction and love, you could succeed with women naturally. It's not relevant to your looks, money, and fame, these are not the determining factor to make women attracted to you. Having these definitely is a bonus to you and place you at an advance stage to be successful with women, but in the long run they're not the determining factor. 

Forget about what you're not having, they're merely outside material. The real asset for you to succeed with women is inside you - the knowledge about how the attraction works and nature of love. 

Stop blaming and complaining about yourself, just say No to it. If you keep blaming yourself, then you'll keep failing with women. Remember, you deserve to be with the women you like, be man up and acquire the knowledge. Knowledge is power (you have to use it).

Blame environment

Another mistake that most men make is blaming the environment around them. They don't feel they have problem, but things around them are problem. 

  • I can't attract women because I don't have a fancy car.
  • I can't succeed with women because my workplace doesn't have female stuff.
  • My family don't like the women I choose.
  • She always start the argument.
  • She always has opinion on the things I do.

There're many things you can blame to. But is this getting you to anywhere? No, you remain the same to fail with women. It's just wasting your energy blaming yourself and environment. Sometimes, environment is not in your controllable range. You can't control the things that are uncontrollable, you'll just be suffering.

The only thing you can control is yourself. Not your woman, her family, your family, your workplace, your friends, and any other things, only yourself, period. 

These two mistakes are the symptoms of a syndrome which is called victim syndrome. You're considering yourself as a victim. You don't have good looks to attract women, so you blame yourself. You don't be able to control environment around you, so you blame the environment. This is just an immature behavior.

Shift your mindset

 “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to  be understanding and forgiving.” — Dale Carnegie

Now you know that, if you're making any mistake above, you have the victim syndrome. This is an attraction killer, you have to eliminate it in your life literally. 

As mentioned earlier what you only can control is yourself. To start to change the situation, the very first thing you can do is with yourself. You have to change your mindset in dating and relationship.

First thing you have to do is admitting that you have problems with yourself and you are fully responsible to your life. If you're unsuccessful with women, then it's your responsible to fix this life area, not to blame yourself and environment.

Admit that you're not good at succeeding with women, admit that you have zero knowledge on attraction and admit that you have limiting beliefs about love. Once you admit that you have to take responsibility, you'll start to seek solution that can be executed to fix the problem entirely.

You'll start to step out of your comfort zone, and do something differently with what you previously are doing. If you want to have a different result, then definitely you want to take different action.

You want to kill your inner boy, and reborn to be a man. You want to change and improve yourself. You want to abandon your victimhood mentality. You're not allowing yourself to keep failing with women anymore. You want to stop being a nice guy, and be a bad guy that without being a jerk. You want to get this life area handled.

You have to make commitment with yourself. Knowing what you want and why you want, then set your goals and just do whatever you can do to achieve them. Because you want a change in your life, because you don't want to live the same life anymore, you want to be successful, you want to be proud with yourself. Manage your time well and stop procrastinating to improve your life.

One thing that has to remind here, when you're dealing with your life, no matter what area it's such as women or money, don't scare to make decision. Many men stop to take action or not doing their best is because of fear. You have to conquer your fear so you perform the best you can.

If you are afraid to make decision, chances are you'll make excuses and reasons to yourself not to take action. You'll use logic to rationalize your excuses and reasons to make them seem logical and reasonable. Say No to it, say No to your fear. Just aim for your goals and just do it. 

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