Stop Wasting Time: 6 Psychological Factors You Must Know 

Stop wasting time

Are you wasting your time?
Are you wasting your time even though you have set actionable goals?
Do you know the reasons why you're wasting your time?

Many people have wasting time problem in pursuing their desired life.

Normally they thought they're wasting time because they didn't set their goals, dreams, and missions.

This is not wrong, you can waste your time if you never set your goals.

That's why goal setting is very important if you seriously want to live the most satisfied lifestyle.

However, many people don't follow their plan to go after their goals even though they already promised to themselves.

In this case people thought they're wasting time because they're lacking time management skills. 

In fact, if you've psychological problems on time management, you are hardly to make any progress even if you've great time management skills.

Without recognizing the root problem why you're wasting time, any fancy time management skill won't be useful. See also: 4 time management mistakes

Therefore, you must be aware of your inner world.

Is your inner world getting ready to chase after your goals?

There are many inner factors that can affect your time management and action.

Whenever you feel you're lacking energies to breakthrough, then just keep moving forward constantly.

Always check your inner world's status quo, and use your conscious mind to put you back on the right track.

Here are 6 popular inner factors that make you waste your time.

Be aware of them consciously and turn over the table. 

Fix these 6 psychological factors you will stop wasting time

1. Getting trapped in your negative emotions

This is a serious problem.

You're wasting your time because you've trapped in the negative emotions.

This was happened on me, I was feeling depressed due to the breakup with my ex-girlfriend.

At that time, I was feeling utterly bad, I lost all my energies to do things and not able to focus on anything. 

My mind is full of the scenarios of how she broke up with me.

And my mind was focused on guessing the genuine reason why she broke up with me.

At that time, everything of my life seems sucks, I just get trapped in the bad mood and do nothing every day.

Until one day, I realized I was just wasting my time, I should say "No" to it, and get myself back on the right track. 

This is really not easy, I still can remember the awful feeling of losing someone you loved.

However, you have to overcome the negative emotions.

You won't get anything if you immerse in the bad mood but only waste your precious time.

When meet such situation, you'll need to control your personal boundary. See my free personal boundaries ebook

2. Feeling dissatisfied with your present situation

You can waste your time if you're dissatisfied with your present situation.

Many people don't realize this because this kind of thinking normally is in the subconscious mind.

When people are focusing on their goals, they'll project themselves into that future when the goals are achieved, and later when their mind is back to the present moment, they feel dissatisfied with their present life.

When we are projecting ourself into the desired future, we should be motivated to work harder to realize it.

However, you can get upset for your present moment if it's not in a good condition, and this causes you to waste your time by immersing yourself in negative emotions.

If your present moment is really too bad such as having 10,000$ of debt, breaking up with your loved one, or getting fired, then this is really hard for you to get over and think positively.

This is the key step to overcoming this — accept whatever it is.

No matter what kind of the present moment you're in, just accept it whole heartily.

Admit everything that has happened, admit the fact, then accept it sincerely.

After you accept the fact, you'll regain energy to change your life.

Face the reality and bend it.

3. Sleeping too much

According to the investigation, we need to sleep 6-8 hours daily.

However, I personally sleep only 4-5 hours per day.

I think everyone has his or her own personal "biological alarm clock". The time needed by everyone to sleep is not the same. However, you should never sleep more than you need.

Sleeping too much is one of the ways to wasting your time.

I prefer sleep lesser and do more work, so you'll go further than your peers.

This is what most successful people do, they're too excited on pursuing their goals or dreams, so they don't want to waste their time on sleeping. They only sleep for needed.

In addition, there're studies noted that oversleep has been linked to a host of medical problems. If you want to be healthy, don't sleep too much.

Are you sleeping too much?

To overcome the sleeping too much problem, you need to have a quality sleep every night.

Don't think of the instant gratification, instead think of the delayed gratification.

You can reap more if you spend your exceeded sleeping time on work.

Being Focused is the key

Keep focusing on your goals.

There're many distractors around us.

For example, Facebook, Instagram, TV programs and others. If you don't have the ability to focus on your goals, you'll waste your time on here and there.

Be more discipline, use your mind to control your action. 

How eager are you to pursue your goals?
Why you want to pursue the goals?
How your life would be if you achieve your goals?

Don't forget the feelings what if you accomplish your goals.

Remember, being focused is the key. See also: the best time management system for laser-sharp focus

5. Waiting for the right mood

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most people make, they're not doing anything because they're waiting for the right mood.

They do things according to their mood.

To more extent, they want a mood that inspires or forces them to do things. However, most of the cases eventually lead to last-minute work.

You must understand that your mood will not always on a good status.

No matter how good your are on controlling your mood, your life must have ups and downs.

It's okay if you're in bad mood, that's normal for everyone. But it's not an excuse for you not to do things that you suppose to do. 

Waiting for your right mood to do things is not a brilliant idea.

Who know when your mood is right?

How long you need to wait your mood becoming good?

The waiting can be endless if you're willing to do so. The only way to overcome this problem is Nike's slogan — "Just do it!". 

Don't care about your mood, instead do your task straightly.

Forget about what's making you moody, just focus on your task.

After several minutes of focusing on your task, you'll immerse in the working mode, so you'll start working.

Waiting for the right mood will not improve your productivity but only waste your precious time.

6. Waiting for the right time to start

This is another biggest mistake that most people make, they're waiting for the right time to do what they suppose to do.

They want to wait for the best moment to work.

However, when is the best moment?

Many people have lots of explanation about why the present moment isn't the right time for them to execute things. For instance, they don't have enough experience, money, teammate and time. 

This is true in some cases, they really need experience, money, time, and teammate to make things work.

However, they should not wait for the right time. Do you understand what I'm talking about?

They should not simply wait there till the needed experience, money, and other resources come to them. Instead, they want to take action to gain all of these.

There're many people using "waiting for the right time" as their excuse to execute thing.

Despite the fact that they need lacked resources, they can actually think alternative ways to get over the obstacles.

For instance, if you need money to start your business, you can borrow the money from friends, families or even loans. You can also find investors to invest in your business.

If things are not ready to go yet, you should start the preparation.

Don't wait for the perfect moment, don't wait for the right time, it never comes simply by waiting.

You want to do the preparation, once the perfect moment comes, you can take action immediately.

Remember, opportunities are for those who have prepared.

After reading this article, stop wasting your precious time and take action now. You deserve more in your life. 

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Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.


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