Stop Procrastinating Right Now By These 2 Rules

How to stop procrastinating right now?

Many people have procrastinating habit in doing their work. No one likes to procrastinate his work, but he feels really tough not to procrastinate especially if it's something that he doesn't like to do. 

Therefore, the work has delayed to last minute to do. The work is not hard, but people tend to procrastinate things in anyway. Are you procrastinating even if it's something that needs only 2 minutes to do? 

Instead of doing it, you go to do other things like checking your Facebook, watching tv program, and chatting with your friends.

In fact, there're many things consume you only 1-5 minutes to do, average 2 minutes.  For examples, phone to your mother, take inside the clothes basking outside, wash your plates, sweep the floor, etc etc. 

These kind of stuffs you should never procrastinate in anyway, if you realize that your work only needs to spend a short time to do (less than 2 minutes typically), then there's no excuse for you to delay it to last minute.

How about the works that spend time longer than 5 minutes? Did you ask yourself why're you procrastinating? What are the reasons that make you delay work to last minute?

Perfectionism is one of the greatest causes that make you procrastinate. You must realize that, this is the world, nothing in our life is perfect. Perfection is not the point, if you don't get things started, you'll not make any progress towards your goals. 

Bad emotions are also one of the biggest factors that makes you delay your work such as depression and stress, you must be aware of your mood. See also: 4 time management mistakes

Other than these two reasons, there're many other reasons can lead you to procrastination. Check out what are them at causes of procrastination and 6 psychological factors you must know to stop wasting time

How to stop procrastinating right now no matter what situation it is?

We often do things by starting with inspiration, once we get inspiration, we will gain motivation to do things, so we take action by then. After all, our motivation will fade behind as time flies, so we need to get inspiration again to boost our motivation and start working. 

It's a cycle that run like this: Inspiration >Motivation > Action > Inspiration > Motivation > Action...

When you lost motivation to do things, you tend to procrastinate your work, right? Therefore, you wait until someday something has inspired you or motivated you, then you would only work. 

However, what really motivates you eventually is the deadline. You feel stressed and tension because there's no more time allows you to procrastinate, so you're motivated to work to avoid the deadline.

However, this is really not a positive motivation because your main focus is only to finish work as fast as possible, you'll settle for mediocre results and you don't feel comfortable along the progress. 

Furthermore, the task you procrastinate is not urgent initially, but you wait until it becomes urgent at the end. See how to accomplish tasks efficiently with less stress

Therefore, you want to stop procrastinating right now. But what if you don't have motivation at the time you need to work? 

Look at the cycle mentioned above: Inspiration >Motivation > Action > Inspiration > Motivation..., can you notice how you can gain motivation? Split out the part of Action > Inspiration > Motivation 

See? In fact, you can gain motivation by taking action.

It is really that simple, if you want to stop procrastinating right now, then just take action. Your motivation is not a problem, once you start working for a while, you'll gain momentum, and the inertia of working is on, all the things will flow by themselves.

Just start to take action no matter what's the reason that holding you back. No matter what things that make you procrastinate, listen to Nike's slogan - "Just do it". 

It's potent to aware why you procrastinate, so you'll eliminate the root problems of it. However, if you want to stop procrastinating right now, then "just do it" is more important than "finding causes".

You want to face your task no matter what circumstances is it. If you could delegate your task to other people, then delegate it. If you could do it yourself, then just start action. 

Don't escape to do your work, otherwise it becomes more urgent and hard to do in the future. Don't think enjoy your life now until the last minute only do your work. Think of delayed gratification instead of instant gratification.

You want to go beyond your comfort zone. Staying in your comfort zone will not help you to improve yourself. You'll be always doing mediocre work and become mediocre people, after several years later only realize that you're falling behind your peers.

To stop procrastinating right now, there're two rules to follow, they're 10 minutes rule and 60/60/30 rule.

2 rules to stop procrastinating right now

10 minutes rule

10 minutes rule is a rule that you want to dedicate at least 10 minutes of time to get started to do your task, just do it for 10 minutes anyway. After you're doing 10 minutes and above, you'll find that you're involved in your work already. 

Momentum starts to set in and inertia of working builds, this helps you to stay with your task easily. After the 10 minutes, you'll find that you're in the flow state to do your work, you've entered "the zone". Dedicate at least 10 minutes to do every your work when you're procrastinating.

60/60/30 rule

This rule is a powerful rule that helps you to get laser-sharp focus on your task. This rule doesn't apply to 2 minutes task that mentioned above. This rule is for those tasks that need long time to do. 60/60/30 means 60 minutes, 60 minutes and 30 minutes time block respectively.

In the first 60 minutes, you split it to 50 minutes and 10 minutes time block respectively. You work for 50 minutes, and then rest for 10 minutes later. The 10 minutes time block is for you to withdraw yourself from the work a while to go to toilet, stretch your body, check your Facebook and other. After that you must get back to your task.

You can apply the 10 minutes rule within the 50 minutes. That's it, this is how you spend your 60 minutes time block. Repeat the same process again for the next 60 minutes, after that you'll have a 30 minutes section to rest longer. During the 30 minutes rest time, you can have a small meal or get a 20 minutes snap to restore your energy.

This rule is designed to balance your energy on work, so you won't overwork for too long time and neglect your health issues. 

Final words

To stop procrastinating right now, you just follow Nike's slogan - "Just do it" and apply two rules in your work, 10 minutes rule and 60/60/30 rule, then say goodbye to procrastination.

Share your thoughts at comment section below. How do you deal with procrastination?

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