How To Start Doing Work You Love

Having a passionate work but always procrastinate to start doing?

Hey, I know your feelings.

I always wanted to start something but I procrastinate it. For example, build a website like now you are reading.

I used to have many reasons not to build this website: I need to focus on my studies, I need to save money for this, I need to learn the computer skills first, I need to improve my writing skill, blah, blah, blah.

You can find up to thousands of reasons (excuses) not to do something if you wish to: Lack self-confidence, lack discipline, fear, lazy, and the list goes on.

But if it is really what you love to do, your passion will be the best reason to beat all other reasons (excuses).

A good reason (passion) is enough to motivate you to start doing work.

Fuck off the shit like lack self-confidence, fear, lazy, and whatever stupid reasons that only losers and crybabies will give.

If you are determined, you are sure it is something you love and want to do for a living, then stop being a loser right now, get your powerful sword and kill crucially. 

Just kill, kill, kill, kill and kill all the obstacles along the hero's journey.

Think about you are going to be a hero, or a zero. You are responsible to creating your own lifestyle.

All you have to do in the first place is deal with mental, emotional, and physical aspects of you. These three elements of you are what break you, or make you.

There is only one thing to say in this article - Start doing NOW. The only piece of advice about how to start doing work you love.

All you need is to start doing

Nothing happens until you start.

Writing an article starts with writing one word. Building a house starts with putting one brick on top. Building a great body starts with stepping the first step into a gym.

Every expert was once a beginner. Every pro blogger was once a newbie. Every good artist was started by drawing a horrible painting. 

You learned how to walk by stepping out the first step. Then you learned how to run. Then you learned exercises like playing basketball, swimming, martial arts and the list never end.

What you did is just stepping out the first step. Start is all you need.

Start is not hard

"It is hard to start." Ha.

Start is simple. You are the one who make it hard.

The problem you think it is hard because you think about the outcome rather than the first step. For example, before starting a business you already think about the total time and cost you will need to invest. Don't get me wrong, yes you need to think about it. But think about the total time and cost will scare you not to start.

Chance are you don't invest your time and money at one time. You invest it from a small amount and increase it from time to time.

For example, to build this website I knew I need to spend a long time to make it successful, but the time flies fast. When I was pondering should I start building it the time fast forward to two years later. I wasted two years to start doing what I love.

Have you experienced something similar? Ever thought to learn how to play a guitar? Ever thought to learn how to dance?

We all were from there. There's nothing to scare about.

Take a simple action each time, and increase the difficulties next time when you get used to it.

Nike has the best advice on this: "Just do it!"

I often start doing work without thinking what to do because I already set actionable goals.

But to take the first step for beginners you may need some action guide.

Here are what I will do if I were you:

Make a list with easy tasks

Write and list down a few small tasks that contribute to the work you love. As small as it is. A small task is easy to do so you will more likely to start doing it.

Study about it

Find and study materials about the work you love. It's not hard in today's modern technologies. You can search related articles through Google to read, or watch tutorial videos on YouTube. When you study enough you will know how to do things so you will gain confidence to start working.

Find a model 

Find a model that's related to your work so you can imitate him in doing your work. He can be a celebrity, an author or a movie star. He must be a person who can motivate you, inspire you, and help you. When reading his success story, you will have more energies to start working.

Write about it

Take a notebook and write down what you are going to do, how to do it, when you do it, what preparations you need and everything else that is related to your work. You can write what will you gain, what will you learn, or who will you know in the end. When writing down these you will know the relationship of the work with you, so eventually you'll be motivated.

List out your whys

List down all whys you want to do the work. Why is it? Why it is important? Why have to do it? Why it is your life purpose? Why nothing can replace it? Why you are able to do it? And why and why and why. List them down you'll have a clearer vision.

Help someone

Do work you love voluntarily to help someone. This will help you understand how you can help others and how your ability can influence people. This will encourage you to do more and more and eventually build momentum that push you go further and further.

Now or never

You have to start now. Never do it later.

Time waits for no man. The time flies very fast. When you are spending times to wait the right mood or the right moment, you have already wasted times that can help you to do more, be more and earn more.

Time can divide into three time frames: Present (now), past and future. Now is the only time frame that is under your control. Past and future are uncontrollable. 

If you are holding yourself back due to the past failure or scared about the uncertainty of the future, you can procrastinate to do work you love as long as you can. 

But it's unnecessary because the past and the future are not under your control, you should not worry about the past and the future. So my friend, please do your best at the present moment.

A journey of a thousand miles still begins with a single step.

It's just a matter of now, or never.

Take your sword and climb to the top.

Make it happen.

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Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.



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