Be Aware of Shit Tests, Women Never Stop Testing You

Do you know that women always give shit tests?

Shit tests are the tests a woman gives to see how much control she had in the relationship.

Women give these tests all the time, even when you are not interested in her, even when you are chasing her, even when you got her.

She won't stop testing you.

My girlfriend gives the tests to me every day, some people called it drama.

I hate drama very much, it drains my energies physically and emotionally.

More importantly, if you fail the test, you will put yourself at a disadvantage.

How does shit tests look like?

Typically, women request something seem they want but actually not. If you comply with what they seem to want, you will fail the test.

For example, a woman says leave her alone when she is upset. If you do so, you'll fail the test. Asking you to leave is not what she really wants. Don't go away, instead, stay with her until she is emotionally stable.

My girlfriend requests to split up with me daily. But I know she doesn't mean it, it simply is a shit test. So instead of agree with her I stay grounded and solidify my boundaries.

Why women test men

Women have a lot of options 

Women's mind is wired to give shit tests.

In my free book I said women are picky because women need to know whether you are reliable or not. In my previous article I also said a woman has more risks in selecting mate so she wants to choose a best man around her.

In other words, it's women choose men, but not men choose women. What we men should do is, display our strengths and attract women to choose us.

Therefore, women have a lot of options. Women give shit tests to judge whether a man is a "Man".

A real man is not about physically strong (although this can be an advantage).

A real man is strong in character and personality. 

For example, a real man is humorous, assertive, confident, and the list goes on.

Some nice guys are physically strong, but they never succeed with women because they are wussies.

Women aren't attracted to wussies.

They give shit tests to test if you are the "real deal" or merely a wuss who fakes strength and confidence.

If you fail the tests, aka turn out to be a wuss bag, women will place you in the friend zone and slip away quickly.

Inversely if you have a backbone, you have set limits and you stand up for yourself, women will respect you and be attracted to you. See attract women with personal boundaries

Women want to feel safety

As mentioned above, women's mind is wired to give shit tests.

In other words,  it happens unconsciously. 

Women don't think logically to test you, they unconsciously test you to satisfy their emotional need. This specific need is the security need.

In my previous article about emotional needs I explained that women want to feel a sense of safety and security from you.

If you can't provide her the respective sense, she will go and get it from others, you'll be dumped eventually.

If you are her boyfriend, she'll want to break up with you. If you are her husband, she'll want to divorce with you. Ultimately, women want to feel safety.

My mother and my girlfriend unconsciously told me about their security need and at the end I found what does security mean to them, that is - a home.

Women test you to see whether you have balls to fight for the future in order to provide her an ideal home. A man with balls is strong in character and personality.

Women need a challenge

Women need a challenge from you.

Women want to challenge you to see if you have balls or not.

That's why sometimes women treat you hot and cool.

This is especially for an attractive woman because she has to deal with a batch of nice guys daily.

These guys private message her, call her, buy her drinks, be her driver and so on daily. 

She just won't be interested because she knows she can get these guys easily, there's no challenge at all. See why are women attracted to bad guys

She wants to challenge a tough guy and try to get his attention. 

If you can be a challenge, this implies you have balls, you are a real man.

Therefore, a woman tests you for her own good, and yours.

She tests you outside of her awareness. All kind of subtle cues and body language can be read by her to decide what kind of a man you are. And these cues also trigger attraction. See how to be irresistible to women.

What if you fail the shit tests

A woman doesn't have the time to spend getting to know you over a few months or years.

She needs to know you now.

That's why she shit tests you. Testing is a shortcut for women to know what kind of a man you are.

She needs to discover very rapidly whether you are the "real deal" or not.

If you comply with what she seems to want, you will fail the test because you can't determine what is the reality.

If you ask a woman what she wants to do, what to eat, where to go and you name it, you will fail the test because you are not a leader.

If your words speak louder than actions, which is one mistake that most men make, you will fail the test because you can't hold your promise.

If you fail the test she will be disappointed to you and give up and move on to find another guy who is more suitable to her.

If you and her are in a relationship, you fail the test and she breaks up with you, what you should do at the first place is stick to the no contact rule. 

This will imply her that you are still a challenge because she thinks you will contact her, but you don't. After then if you use right attitude getting her back is very easy.

She gives shit tests to you endlessly.

A woman won't give up to test you.

Why? Because she's a female.

So be aware of the shit tests.

But don't get me wrong, I don't mean you should start thinking that everything a woman says to you is a shit test.

You need to understand yourself, you need to know where your limit is, you need to know what you want, you need to have personal boundaries.

If you can stand and are able to deal with the tests, keep it up. If you feel enough is enough, then you want to communicate with her.

I communicated with my girlfriend that it's enough to hear the breakup request. Instead, she should tell me more that she loves me.

So I saved more energies from dealing with unnecessary drama, and currently the relationship is more strengthen and happy.

Most men today are pussies. They can't solve problems and let problems draining their energies physically and emotionally.

You want to be a problem solver. Because even if your woman married you she'll keep testing you. I knew this from my mother. 

In other words, when you become a husband, you still have to be a challenge, but be trustworthy.

I hope that now you understand why women test men, they will never stop testing us, and if we fail the tests, we are going to face a lot of dramas and struggles. 

To deal with it, the only way is being a fucking awesome man.

Let's join the journey.

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