Why You Should Retire Young At 30

Retire young is a concept that you are freedom financially to do whatever you want at young age. According to Robert Kiyosaki, it means that you've successfully jumped out from rat race. 

But why I set 30 years old as the most suitable age for you to be retired young?

In fact, the younger you retire, the better. However, for most people retire in their 30s is more logical. 

Before 30s, how is your life gonna be? Most people's life path before 30s is like this— study hard to get into good university, then study hard for graduation so you get the certificate, and use the certificate to get a high salary job.

After you graduated from university, you're around 25. You fight for the following 5 years to retire young is feeling more appeal than you retire at 25 just after graduated, right? 

However, if you want to retire young and retire rich, you can't achieve it by simply getting a high salary job. What you need to do is building your passive income system.

Once your passive income amount is greater than your monthly expenses, then your cash flow is positive, you've jumped out from the rat race. You can earn money while you're still sleeping on bed, money will flow to you. Your passive income system is like a money magnet, attracts the money to you automatically. 

Retire young at 30 is critical

The reason to retire young at 30 is not only because you graduated at 25. After 30, there're more considerations you need to pay attention with, you've more responsibilities not only to yourself, but also your family. 

There're several serious disadvantages that are inevitable if you are older than 30.

You have burden after you have your own family

After 30, you may get married, bought a house and live with your wife, two sons and a dog. 

You really enjoy living with them, you want to make more money to let them experience better lifestyle. However, if you're working for other people, then the only way to earn more money is to do more work.

You spend a lot of time on working, and back to home at night daily just want to generate more income for them to experience better lifestyle. But you don't have time to accompany them, your wife blames you because you always reach home at midnight. Then you angry at her, and say "You think I like it!?"

You have to sacrifice your time to be with your loved one, and it may affect your family harmonious. So you can't achieve retire young if you're working for other people. See also: Are you still working for others

However, if you quit the job, and decide to be your own boss to generate passive income, you still have lots of considerations need to consider. 

Passive income system does not build successfully overnight. You need to spend some times on it. But compare to working for others, the time is very flexible, you decide yourself when to work and when to relax. 

If you quit your job, you need to think carefully that, if you fail, it's not only you fail, your whole family also fail. 

Your family can't afford your failure. Although you don't eat, but your sons still need to eat. You can control the expenses by not buying what you want, but your sons' tuition fee is inevitable. 

You have family burden, you can't take risk to quit your job because you have to ensure stable income to afford family expenses. So I said it's the best if you retire young before 30 as you still don't have such kind of burden.

You've trapped by your job

After 30, as you have several kinds of burden such as your parents, your own family, your future plan, etc, you can't quit your job in a company easily. 

You have to think about the consequences if you quit the job. Where does the income come from? What if your business is a failure? Is it will affect your family lifestyle?

Therefore, you have trapped by your job, spending whole day in office to work. You don't have time to start your own business. If you want to generate more income, you need to do more work. Sad case.

If you start your business before 30, you're free from stress as you don't have family burden, so you can afford the failure. It's not a big deal even if you fail your business, because you're still young. 

The worst might happen to you is you have to start all over again, as mentioned earlier, you're still young, what is so big deal if you need to start all over again? 

Failure is good to you when you're young, it helps you to avoid the same mistakes in the future, and increases your chance to be successful. 

Failure is the mother of success. Start your action now before you're 30 so you still can afford the consequences of failure.

Your mindset "be your own boss" will die

A lot of people told me that after a long time working for others, their enthusiasm to do their own business will be extinguished. As the stress at work comes to them, they're not able to  deal with the stress. Not to mention that the stress of monthly expenses is even higher. So they don't come with the thought that to start their own business.

They're busying to handle the job they currently have and not willing to take risk because they need money to cover their expenses. They rather to stay in their comfort zone — working for others than do their own business. 

They think working for others at least has stable monthly income, but doing your own business is risky and even lost your money. Then why would them have to risk their income for starting own business?

Plus the previous mentioned issues —family burden and job trap, their mindset " be your own boss" die. You're not able to take risk anymore, you want to stay in your comfort zone and you can't handle the business failure. Unless you start your business earlier, otherwise these are inevitable if you're over 30. 

Building a passive income system is the only way to allow you to retire young and retire rich. If you're serious about to be financially freedom, if you eagerly want to jump out from rat race, then start to build your passive income system. 

If now you are already over 30, it's not a matter, as the saying "it's never too old to learn.". If you're serious to change your lifestyle, start action now. Time waits for no man.

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Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.


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