How to Rebuild Your Self Esteem After a Breakup

Rebuild your self esteem after a breakup is easier said than done.

Breakup is really an awful experience that most people will meet at some points of their life. There're many people suffer from their breakup day and night. Some of them get over the breakup easily.

However, some people just can't overcome the breakup easily because of some personal reasons and it leads to depression eventually.

If you can't get over the bad feelings caused by your breakup, then you life will become sucks. I do mean it, because I have gone through the tough times of breakup.

Your life will become unproductive and less tense in everything. You rather to immerse yourself in the negative emotions than to take steps bravely to overcome the breakup.

You've trapped in the bad moods, and even if you consider your circumstances rationally, you'll just get back to the routines of bad emotions endlessly. I know that feelings, really bad. However, as a quality man that attracts women naturally you must be in controlled.

This is especially for those who are still manage to get ex back. If you show up your depression and stress directly or indirectly to her, even if you don't do it on purpose, for instance, you post at Facebook as your status, chances are you'll never get your ex back.

If you want to get your ex back, you've to avoid the behaviors that continually harm your relationship. See how to get your ex back.

Self confidence affects almost every aspect of our life, without self confidence you can't get things done rapidly and nicely. It's the same for you to get rid of the bad feelings of breakup.

Self confidence definitely has connected to breakup. If you've solid self confidence, you'll not influence much by the fact of breakup. 

At least you'll take action to decide to get over your ex or get your ex back instead of paying attention to your negative emotions.

At the follows cover some ideas about how lack of self confidence can affect your breakup and what you can do to rebuild your self esteem after a breakup.

How to rebuild your self esteem

Never depend on someone to feel worthy

Some people feel bad for the breakup because the relationship made him feel worthy. He doesn't think that he's deserve to get a girlfriend because lacks of the self confidence.

For instance, he thinks he has no any strong points but lots of weak points of him. Therefore, he thought he won't get any girlfriend throughout his entire life as no women will ever like him. This kind of belief will make him feel unworthy to get a girlfriend. 

Let's say if one day there's a woman who appreciates his ambitious and falls in love with him, he will feel worthy because someone likes him. However, due to lack of self confidence, he will make lots of mistakes and being needy and clingy.

This results in he's being too nice to his girlfriend and subconsciously makes himself become lower standard than her. 

Eventually, breakup has come as the result. If you've solid self confidence, you know who you are and a sense of worthy comes from your heart, you'll never depend on someone to feel worthy.

If this is the case then you want to rebuild your self esteem by searching your life purpose to make your life content and learn the big picture of love and relationship.

Overcome your inferior

Inferiority is a form of lacking self confidence, you feel inferior when you think someone is greater than you in the related aspects that you care about.

There're many guys feel inferior to his girlfriend due to low self confidence. For instance, a guy who has bad financial status and bad physical appearance feels inferior if his girlfriend is better than him in both aspects.

He thinks it was the luck to get her who is higher standard than him as girlfriend. He will treat his girlfriend nicely because he scares he'll lose her one day. 

Such kind of insecure behavior undoubtedly will cause him to lose her at last. He will feel as bad as the sky is falling down after a breakup because he doesn't believe he can find anyone to replace her and no one will ever like him because of the weak points. 

You must overcome the inferiority if you want to rebuild your self esteem. Don't ignore your weak points, find them out and fix them. Learn more and more life skills will also help you to regain self esteem and rewire your subconscious mind that you are not a loser.

Analyze the real reason

You have to analyze the real reason why breakup happened if you're not sure why you were dumped. If you lack of self confidence, the vague and unsure reason why you were dumped may annoy you because you'll guess lots of possibilities of reasons.

Without knowing the real reason, your ego can hurt yourself because you wish to prove that you are not wrong.

In addition, if you know the real reason not only can avoid your ego problems and also make getting over the breakup much easier.

Know yourself

 A lot of guys can't get over the breakup easily because they cannot make sure what's wrong and think perhaps there's something wrong about them.

If your first breakup didn't figure out the real reason why you were dumped, you may started to suspect it's all your fault. But since you don't get the answer, you are indifferent to it eventually.

Therefore, you move on your life with not knowing what's wrong with the relationship, chances are you will repeat the same mistakes in your next relationship.

The first awful breakup experience will leave you a bad impression. And due to the information gap (breakup reasons), you may create limiting beliefs such as you're not attractive to women. 

Therefore, you become sensitive, needy and clingy in your next relationship because you don't want experience once more the pain of breakup and get dumped by loved one.

If you know yourself, you know your points of strength and weaknesses then you'll not suspect the importance of yourself and affected much by the breakup. You can also improve your weaknesses to avoid repeating the same mistakes in next relationship.

Don't run into escape routes

People tend to escape to face the painful things, therefore, there're many ways people use to avoid the feelings of depression, anxiety, insecurity and shame and they so called escape routes.

Escape routes are not a good way to run into because they don't solve the root problems of bad feelings. If you always escape from facing the fact, then you'll never truly get over your pain.

Rebound relationship is one kind of the escape routes. Immediately jump into a new relationship to help you relieve the painful of breakup is not a great idea because this kind of relationship normally don't stand long as it's not establish based on love feeling instead of pain feeling. Obsess with the work is also one of the escape routes. 

Remember, don't run into the escape routes instead rebuild your self esteem to get over or get her back.

In short, self confidence is a set of beliefs that you know who you are, what you want, your strengths and weaknesses so you are grounded and breakup problems become a piece of cake for you. Build your solid self confidence not only will help your relationship but also help you in other aspects of life.  

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