The 2 Common Problems With Women Most Men Have to Succeed With Women

Why nowadays most men have problems with women such as not confident when facing women?
Why it's seem like masculine is hard to cultivate among men?
Why nowadays men are being feminized?

The three questions above are the problem of most men have in today's society. How could this be? Where were the real men going? Why they're scarce in now Informational Golden Age? Well, this is partly because of the fast development of technologies especially internet and media. 

In recent decades, majority modern-day media portrayed men's masculinity in unreal way. They portrayed men who are attractive to women must be nice, polite, play safe and only love her, it's even better if he has Korean's appearance and has lots of money (see also: does money attract women?). All these are not the real factors that will help you to get laid.

The 2 common problems with women men have in today's society

Women think they like nice guys

In addition, soap operas are rampant in our society especially among women. This is a serious toxic for you if your love concept is learned from these soap operas. The love story in the soap operas mostly were designed for women, the storyline consists of the elements that most women like such as suspicious, emotions and the nice ways the hero treated women.

All these are what women 'think' they like, but in the real world when they meet a man who does what the hero did in the soap operas, they don't feel exactly the same way as watching the soap operas. Our society influenced women to believe that they want guys who are wealthy, nice looking, muscle, nice, loyalty and others traits but this is not how their brain wired up. 

Therefore, women will tell you they want a man who treats her nice, always cares about her, loves her, and is loyalty. However, you can find that women always go dating with bad guys and turn nice guys off. Women think logically they will like nice guys, but love is not logical, it can't be explained and persuaded. How women are attracted to men is already wired in their mind. When women logically tell you they like certain guys, chances are it's just because they haven't aware how their mind works.

Through the soap operas, men have been taught to be nice to women, buy her flowers, presents, drinks and be her driver. However, all these action are merely trying to persuade and control women's mind to fall in love with him. 

All these action are not going to work effectively if women don't feel that you're a potential partner. You have to trigger the sexual attraction first before anything else, this is the fundamental to succeed with women.

Today's men lack of solid inner strength

Besides, today's competition is everywhere and easily be seen. It's not like several decades before when the TV is still not popular and Internet is still not invented yet. At that time the competition among men is less, there're less chances for them to compare themselves with other males apart from neighbors, coworkers and friends due to poor communication tools.

They were not bombarded by images of perfection masculine like today every time we watch movie, surf the internet and flick through a magazine. Therefore, they're easier to feel good about themselves as a guy. In contrast, in informational age most men feel less than in themselves, they don't feel adequate and they feel bad when comparing themselves with other guys. Because there're many other guys superior than them, so they don't feel they're good.

Modern-day media build an image that, nearly perfect men should have perfect white teeth, nice car, big house, etc. It's inescapability of things like TV program, mass marketing, advertising and Hollywood in general make us feel like women are expecting these things from us too.

Therefore, you can see lots of guys pay great attention on their physical factors such as how smooth is their skin, how wealthy are them, how big are their muscles, how attractive is their look, etc. Surely these will affect how a woman feels about you, but they're not necessarily the key to succeed with women. 

Instead, the genuine key to succeed with women is from your inner world, it's not a physical factor, you can't see it like your appearance, cars and muscles. However, if you handle this factor well, then women will feel it and find that you're sexy, this is irresistible to them. So what's the key? This inner factor is your solid confidence to yourself when you're staying with a woman.

Today's society and media succeeded to nurture the first generation of men who lack of sexual confidence on a widespread basis. We are tend to feel like we're not good enough, we worry that women will turn us down, we worry other guy over there is more attractive than us, we neglect to strengthen our inner strength instead we pay attention on the physical signal.

We are not getting better result than before even though we put much more intention on how to succeed with women than ever. This is because most men are doing the wrong way. It's the fact that confidence is the major attractor

It's not money, muscles, white teeth, nice cloths and nice appearance make you to be successful with women. Of course, if you have these things then you'll have a big advantage over men who don't have these things. But if a man who has all these things except the solid self confidence, women will still turn him off, because this is a very unattractive trait. Women won't feel you're sexy, masculine and a potential partner. 

However, once you learn how to unleash your sexual and masculine confidence and use it when you're interacting with women, the result will blow your mind. See also how to use self confidence to attract women.

You have to understand how to unveil your self confidence, and act like masculine instead of feminine in order to take back control your relationship. Women and men are genetically designed to gravitate toward specific masculine/feminine polarities. Therefore, you should not affected by society and being feminine in anyway.

Final words

To recap, modern-day media portrayed the masculinity wrongly and men false believe the unreal-masculine. They affected by soap operas and being nice hopefully to get women's attention. Furthermore, today men face with more and more challenges than men in past, they're more likely to feel they're not good enough as a guy thus their confidence is not solid.

Modern men are too focus on physical and surface things such as appearance, money and car instead of their inner strength despite of the fact that women are attracted to men who have strong inner control to himself. A man who is confident in himself will attract women want to know him, connect him and interact with him. This is natural sexual attraction.

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