10 Powerful Questions To Positively Impact Your Life

Ask yourself powerful questions will help you to find solution to your problems faster.

Whenever you're facing a frustrated problem or an issue, you hope out there has somebody will give you a hand, to help you get over the obstacles and solve the problems. However, no matter what kind of solution he gave you, how brilliant is his solution, eventually you're the one who make the decision.

Yes, you're the one who make the decision. Anyone out there can only give you their opinions and those opinions are from their perspective, not yours. Therefore, the solution maybe can be suitable for him, but never suitable for your circumstances. One's medicine can be other's poison. 

And don't forget that it's your life, not others. You should be responsible for your own life. Don't let other people to decide your life, instead you want to decide yourself how your life is going to be. Your life is yours, you're the one to experience it. 

How your life is showing now is fully your personal responsible. No matter your life now is good or bad, it's created by you. You want to take all responsible for your life as you're the creator. Your past decision formed how looks is your life now. Therefore, don't blame anyone if you're not satisfying with your life, no one is responsible for your life, but only yourself.

As you're the one who make the final decision, it's rather to discuss problems with yourself than discuss with others. This is because most of the people don't put themselves in your shoes, they do not really understand your circumstances but blindly give you advises that they thought great. Only you can understand your own circumstances and make the appropriate decision. See also: rejection doesn't make sense.

In the following, I will come up with 10 powerful questions to you that positively impact your life. You can ask yourself these questions when you're facing problems to make decision. They are really powerful questions, these questions give you direction to think and more understand your own thoughts. So you don't make rash decision and regret later.

10 powerful questions that impact your life positively

#1 If I did know, what would the answer be?

Ask this question to yourself when you meet the difficulties to solve the problem. Pretend that if you know the answer, what would the answer be? 

Don't think you can't solve the problem, we always easily underestimate our potential and abilities when we meet obstacles. You will be amazed by yourself that actually you can list out at least one or two solution to settle the problem. Sometimes the unique answer that suit your personalities and circumstances can come up by asking yourself this question.

#2 What would have to happen for me to be able to achieve?

Well, sometimes we feel like we know the way to solve the problem, but the circumstances  not allowed to. Then you may decided to give up that plan and seek for other solution. This is a blind spot that many people miss it. 

They forget to think about how to turn the unsuitable circumstances to become suitable but rather to just forget the plan and find new plan. 

For instance, you want to do a business but you're lacking of money. Don't simply give up before you try some new approaches to solve the money issue. Ask yourself question above, what you can do to change the circumstances? Well, you can borrow money from friends, family, or loan. Then you will be able to start you own business. 

#3 What else can that ( or this) mean?

A coin has two sides. Everything has advantages and also disadvantages. When something bad happen, it's not simply mean all the things turn out are bad. Sometimes the good thing can turn to bad thing or vice versa. 

Therefore, don't be negative if roadblocks appear in your journey. It slows down your speed but you're able to check out the beautiful scene along the roadside. Nothing is defined only bad or good, you should see things from different angles.

#4 Who could help me achieve that?

We are not genius that can know everything in life. Even genius also has weak points in some area of life, maybe personal finances or relationships. Therefore, we need some helps in those area that we were not recognized or lacked of basic knowledge. 

Some problems occurred simply because we were lacking of related information. Therefore, ask yourself when things beyond your ability, who could help me achieve that?

#5 If 'x' wasn't an issue would you've able to achieve that?

People tend to find some excuses when they face failure as to comfort their feelings and protect their self esteem. This can form new limiting beliefs for them if they simply take the excuses. 

For instance, they said they fail the project because of bad luck. If they simply take this statement as the reason they fail, limiting belief of nothing-wrong-but-only-bad-luck will form. Every time they fail, they blame to the luck but without realizing the mistakes they did. Not good. 

Ask yourself, if 'x' wasn't an issue would you've able to achieve your goal?

#6 What can I learn from that ( or this)?

Everything happens for a reason and a purpose. When things happened, no matter it's good or bad, you definitely have something to learn from it. Learn through the past events allow you to understand your mistakes and help you to avoid redo the same mistakes in future.

Don't think yourself as a victim when you were failed, it's not helping you in anyway. Instead, ask yourself what you've learned from the mistakes? What can you learn from them?

#7 Which celebrity, public figure or even fictional character do I most admire?

This is a very powerful question, I encourage you to find a celebrity, public figure or fictional character which can motivate and inspire you to move forward and break your comfort zone if you haven't found one yet. 

Then use the power of emulation. Emulate their attitude, action, personalities, positive mindset so that you can internalize these to be your own assets. See also: How your idols can help you to improve

This is effective and efficient as there's a model for you to emulate. You have a clear vision of what kind of person you want to be. However, don't emulate someone merely due to his appearance, instead look for the positive personalities.

#8 I'm stressed, so what am I scared of?

Stress formed when things are going to breakthrough your personal boundary or comfort zone. Stress is normal, but the main point is how you handle the stress? How you turn the stress into motivation to keep you go forward? 

If you want to transform the stress to become motivation, then you have to find out what's keeping you feel stressed. You can ask yourself, I'm stressed, so what am I scared of? 

Answer this question honestly without keeping anything in heart. You've to admit what's holding you be stressed. Then change your thought, change your reality, and continue to move on your life.

#9 What would x celebrity do?

Sometimes when you're confusing about what to do in some circumstances, you can imagine what your idol would do if meeting the same case as yours. The celebrity that you admired have positive mindset and solid self confidence, what do you think he would do if he's you? 

This gives you some clue on what to respond in the situation, you're much less confused as you've a model to emulate and follow. Therefore, it's very important that who is the celebrity that you admired. Does he bring good impact in your life?

#10 What's the worst that could happen?

If you're still confusing about making a decision after you considered all factors, ask yourself this question, what's the worst that could happen?

Can you handle the consequences if the worst happen? You'll know the degree of dangerous of the consequences if you're failed. So then you'll be able to do the planning carefully and count in all possibilities of the barriers that may appear.  

All 10 questions above are really powerful, I encourage you memorize them, when you're frustrating and struggling for some problems, ask yourself all these powerful questions before you seek for other's help. You'll save your time and money to solve your problems. 

Furthermore, all these powerful questions can apply in any circumstances in your life, your life will change dramatically after you ingrain them in your brain.  

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