How to Plan Your Success Systematically?

Do you plan your success? Are you struggling to accomplish your goal? Are you always facing annoying obstacles in achieving your goals? Do you feel pressured to carry out your work?

Many people don't have a clear picture about how to do what they need to do. Therefore, they have problem in taking action. Even though they've set their goals, break them down into chunks, plan daily basis activities, learn time management, and keep motivated, they still have problem in taking action. 

These people are already good enough to go after what they want, but now the problem is their productivity - efficiency and effectiveness.

This is relatively nitty-gritty part of reaching goals. We are going to zoom in to the details to discuss about how to take action since you've everything prepared for action. In my article how to design your "ideal day" I've explained how you can figure out what to do and design the natural flow of activities in a day. For each activity you can use the 60/60/30 rule that I've mentioned in article the best time management to help yourself focus on doing the work.

So, this article is the further explanation of how you can plan your each activity systematically to allow yourself focus on the highest leverage activities within the 50 minutes chunk. 

This is a skill that most people don't take note because many of them think it's their personal problem, and they think the only way to deal with this is to keep doing. If you don't have a systematic way to carry out activities, you'll affect your overall performance and productivity.

Step-by-step guide to plan your success

What preparations need to be in place?

Firstly, to help you to get into the flow state of working, you need to prepare everything that needs to be used. Take out a pen and a piece of paper or notebook, list down everything
that needs to be in place. 

Not only the physical things such as pen, book, or calculator that straightly taking part in your working, but also things that passively influence you such as your table's height, speed of fan and brightness of light. Comfortable working environment is essential to increase your effectiveness and efficiency.

Furthermore, you want to create the ideal working environment yourself. Tell your friends, families and colleagues that you're going to work, you hope there's no interruptions during your work, ask them if they would like to connect you after the time block you use to work. 

You may also need to change your workplace. For instance, writer can work in a restaurant if he doesn't like to work in an office. You must also not to neglect your emotion, prepare your working emotion with motivation. For instance, you can look at your vision board or listen to inspiring music.

In short, ask yourself what preparations need to be in place for you to work. Take out a pan and a paper to list down everything that includes in emotional level, physical level, and intellectual level.

Make flowchart 

Now, you have done your preparations. For the next step, you want to create a flowchart that connects every element together. Your activities flowchart will allow you to visualize your activities so you know clearly how you're going to work. The flowchart you make has to consist of working steps such as step 1, 2, and 3 to see what you need to do so your activities are in a natural flow.

Firstly, look at your preparations list, and then see and examine every thing on your list to see how you're going to link them together to get in a flow of activities. Here's what you probably can do, examine the elements first that will influence your working emotion such as your working environment. And then, look at the physical and intellectual things such as notebook and experts in your field respectively. 

Therefore, the first step of your flowchart is to get a comfortable environment. Then, collect the resources and tools that need to be in place for you to work. You may also have to interview people or connect those you can delegate work for them or get help from professionals. Draw out the flowchart from start to the end, this gives you an opportunity to plan your work visually.


After drawing out your flowchart of activities, pay attention to the transitions – how you move from one step to another step or one task to another task. This cannot be neglected because many people waste their time during the transitions. They feel satisfied after they complete one thing, they feel like their work of that particular day is done, even though there're still many tasks on their to-dos list.

You can take a break for 10 minutes or 30 minutes with the 60/60/30 rule. You can also extend the duration depending on your case, but you must be aware how you spend your time during the transitions. Make sure you're in control, so you don't waste your time that will eventually affect your efficiency and effectiveness.

Do rehearsal in your mind

Before you start to action, do a rehearsal in your mind. Do a rehearsal in your mind before you do your work can help you to identify the problems in your concept of operation, so then you can solve the problems or prepare solutions for the problems. This ensures the flow of your activities, you prevent the troubles before they reach to you. 

You can draw a sketch map for your rehearsal, this will be easier for you to identify problems and make some expectations for the activities. Make sure there's no lack of resources, no lack of people, no lack of skills, and other things to hold you back to work. These are the things that delay your work, however, they are not the reasons for you to procrastinate what you should do. Instead you want to clear the barriers in your journey to success.


You'll need to do adjustment regularly for the designing of the flowchart. For first few times your designing may not very suitable for you, there're probably some changes can be implemented to strengthen the flow. Brainstorm how and what you can do to increase your effectiveness and efficiency, optimize the flow of activities continually.  

Several times later, you'll be able to create a reliable ritual that you can use each time for the same activities. Therefore, you don't need to draw flowchart or do rehearsal anymore because your concept of operation is built. You'll execute the activities automatically with no errors and hesitations, seemingly it's your talent to do that things. That's what so called practice makes perfect.

Frictions, distractions, and interruptions

However, frictions, distractions and interruptions always unexpectedly appear to stop us from focusing on the task that we are doing. You must be aware of this.

When you're working, don't multitasking. Multitasking is not going to help you achieve more but slow down your progress and downgrade your performance. See why multitasking doesn't work

What you have to do is focus, totally focus all your attention on the task that you're doing. Don't multitasking, you just simply stick to one task each time. Don't forget apply the 60/60/30 rule on working, this rule is so powerful to fully focus your mind on only one thing without feeling pressure and force. 

Final words

This step-by-step guide to plan your success has 6 steps.

Firstly, you prepare everything that needed to carry out your work. Then you create a flowchart that connects all things together to perform a task. Afterward, you want to be aware of the transitions and do rehearsal in your head before action. Do adjustment according to your performance, after several times of practicing, you'll create a reliable ritual to do your work. You should follow the proven ritual and eliminate the frictions, distractions and interruptions as much as you can when working.

Your productivity will boost quickly if you follow this plan your success guide.

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Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.


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