The One Question To Take It To The Next Level (You Need To Ask Yourself Regularly)

A right question can change everything.

There's one question you need to ask yourself if you want to take your life to the next level.

Before telling you the question, let me show you the power of asking right questions.

I used to immerse in the depression mode for the past few years, I felt I am a loser. The reasons caused me to feel such feelings had many, but the critical reason is due to the breakup with my ex-girlfriend.

If you ever experienced a breakup, you know my feelings. However, I felt bad not only because the breakup itself. I felt bad because I was a low-quality guy that time and that's why she left me.

When you know it's all your own fault you feel pain 10 times greater.

I also met friendship, families and future career problems at the same time. I felt I'm completely broken.

Until one day, I decided to take action to change my life.

I don't want to be a loser anymore. I used the pains to motivate, improve and challenge myself.

I asked myself: "What could I do to make a difference in my life?"

So I started to learn what works to be successful with women, I started to learn get in shape, I started to learn how to build my own business and so on. I learn things constantly, and my life gradually changed since then.

I studied what successful people take to be successful. And I found something in common...

Successful people had something in common

There is some set of principles, beliefs, and actions they had in common to allow them wake up with energies and ready to fight for their life purpose.

They practice these principles, beliefs, and actions in their daily life, and their efforts eventually connected in a way that make them become successful.

If you follow their plan, you will succeed too. Although there's no formula to be successful, but there are some frameworks to follow and increase your chances. That's why I have guides you can follow to take your life to the next level.

I distilled successful people's actions and strategies into three things they commonly do constantly: they learn things, they connect with right work and right people, and they build things constantly.

But the problem is what should you learn, connect and build?

Ask yourself.

You have to ask a right question

Like my personal stories, I asked myself what could I do to make a difference in my life.

You want to ask yourself a question too. Chances are, many of our questions sound similar. But are them right questions?

For an example, if you meet a problem about succeeding with women, to ask a question to help with it, you may ask something similar to: "How to be successful with women?"

But your problem is you are not attractive in women's eyes, asking "how to be successful with women" not only won't help you but also make you confused like there's no solution to your problem.

The right question to ask in this case is "how to be an attractive guy".

Asking wrong questions leads to a wrong conclusion. So analyze your situation before asking yourself questions.

You have your own one question

So now your know you need to know the real problem before asking questions to yourself.

We all have unique and different conditions, personalities and beliefs, so we each have our own one question.

There should be one question that is unique to you and take you to where you want.

Think carefully, what one question that the answer will get you closer to making the difference you want to make? What one question that the answer will let you start doing work you love?

I am not you. I don't know what you need.

Only you know what you need. Only you know how your You, Inc looks like.

So you are responsible to determining which question sounds right to you.

One right question can make everything different.

You don't deserve to live a sleeping zombie life

Many people are programmed to believe they can only play small and achieve mediocre results.

They lack the courage to live a life they want.

They believe they want to follow the crowd, and go with the motions.

You are not.

You are here reading this because you want to take your life to a new level.

You are here because you are ready to fight.

A better woman. Own business. Best body. And you name it. You deserve to get all of these. Don't be a sleeping zombie, be a human. Ask yourself, what's the one question that has the answer you want in order to take the next step? 

Be honest with yourself.

I used to not being honest with myself. I didn't admit the breakup had happened. I didn't admit I was unattractive. I blamed my ex for feeling relieved of the pain.

Until I admitted the real condition, I started to rebuild my self-esteem.

Only being honest with yourself will ask yourself a genuine question and get a real answer. 

When you are trying to control things that are uncontrollable, you will be suffering. Be honest and admit what happened, the windows open when you do so.

So what is your one question?

Do you have the one question now?

No matter what your goal is - to get a girlfriend, to build a business, to know a new friend, blah, blah, blah, what is the next step you can take to get closer your goal?

Probably you have some ideas in your mind, you have something want to achieve right now, so what is your one question?

Go and answer it for yourself.

As soon as you identify the one question, you can start finding the solution right away.

Over the years, your life will improve, and you will be a totally different person.

When you finally succeed, the struggle will all be worth it.

About the author


Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.



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