Please, No More Mr.Nice Guy If You Want to Be Successful With Women

Are you being nice to women? 

Please, no more Mr.nice guy.

Did you heard a woman says that she wants a guy who treats her nice? 

I bet everyone of us heard this before. Many guys also believe it very much, they believe it's important to be nice to women otherwise women won't think they are a good boyfriend material.

Your mother also taught you that you have to treat girls nice, don't bully girls, be helpful, polite, gentleman, and kind. You did it.

The love drama also taught you that you should be brave to tell the woman you like that you like her. You should confess your love to her, so she will feel touch with your love confession and then fall in love with you. Therefore, you did it too.

But why she doesn't accept you to be her boyfriend?

So you think it's probably that you are not being nice enough. It's not up to the par that she feels you are serious. 

So you keep being nice to her consistently, do what your mother taught you, do what you learned from love drama. 

You may even consult your female friends how to confess your feelings to her. However, ironically their advice never work for you. Their advice may be like - don't give up, buy her presents, be nice to her, buy her food, give her surprise, blah blah blah.

It's not working either, even worsen your relationships. 

The fact is, most women don't know what they want too. They give advice through their logical mind, but love isn't control by your logic mind, it's about emotions and instincts.

That's why you see women say they want a boyfriend who treats them nice, but they fall in love with bad guys eventually. They say they hate bad guys, they say they won't get a bad guy as boyfriend, but they cry for him, they can't forget him, they secretly hope there's a chance to be with him.

Why? This is because attraction isn't a choice. Once they fall in love with a bad guy, they can't convince themselves to stop the love, they simply can't control it. See also: Why women are attracted to bad guys

Being nice to her doesn't work

If you want to succeed with woman, please, no more Mr.nice guy.

Let me explain a little more details why being nice to her doesn't work.

Normally, nice guys are just trying too hard. They will text her many times everyday, call her everyday, agree everything she said, buy her flowers, buy her presents, and be her driver.

Women like these things, it's true. But you're no yet that guy who should do these for her.

These are what a boyfriend should does. Even if you're her boyfriend, you should avoid doing them too much because it's annoying after the phase of strongest feeling. Not to mention that you are just her one normal male friend.

She will associate low status with you if you do these. These actions show you're needy, clingy, and wussy. She notices how much you are into her. Therefore, she knows she has the power, so she'll play hard to get with you. However, she has no feeling for you.

Women's mind doesn't wired to be attracted to nice guys. See also: why being nice to her doesn't work.

High status guy is the opposite of low status guy. He's confident, decisive, leader, humor, mysterious, powerful, knowledgeful, "bad", directive, and other masculine traits.

For instance, when there's a guy dating with a woman, but the woman is just busy texting with friends on phone, a low status guy will allow her to keep texting with other friends. Whereas a high status guy will stop her, ask her to keep the phone while dating, otherwise go home straightly. He doesn't afraid to offense her, because he's right.

A nice guy gives a sense of neediness in every interaction. So, women know you want something from her. They are very good at catching those subtle message, it's their instinct.

What a nice guy never knows are, she wants to fight for your attention, she wants to decide by herself whether want to be your girlfriend or not.

Women don't want a guy who throws his core emotions over her, women don't want you "decide" to be her boyfriend, they want to "decide"it themselves. When they feel attraction in you, they will give signals to let you know. It's not worthy to risk to confess your feelings to her.

If you find that she is interested in you before, but afterwards she seem less or not interested anymore, chances are, you was being too nice to her. Please, no more Mr.nice guy.

I want to say again, NO more Mr.nice guy!!

So, should you be a bad guy? The fact is, women don't like bad guys either, they also regret to love a bad guy, but they can't control themselves. That's the power of attraction. What they really are attracted to isn't their bad behaviors, but their personalities, attitudes, self confidence, etc.

You don't have to be a jerk. You still can be nice and be a typical "bad guy" without being a jerk. You just need to know how attraction works. See also: how to be a bad guy without being a jerk

To make you sure no more Mr.nice guy, below I list some ways to help you to stop nice guys (aka wusses) behaviors.

No more Mr.Nice guy

Constant improvement

Neediness is one of the biggest problems a nice guy has. Women can smell your stink needieness easily, and this turn your woman off almost INSTANTLY.

To become less needy, you want to improve yourself constantly, become stronger, more power, more confident, so you'll not be needy once you're in high status. See also: the kind of self confidence that attracts women

Checking your limiting beliefs around love

You can't succeed with women because you have limiting beliefs around women, you don't know how attraction works. I have explained the nature of love and how attraction works in my free ebook. See also. Limiting beliefs about love in men

Staying present

Don't always think how previously she is so nice with you, that's past. Don't always hope someday she will back in your arms again, we can never predict the future. Instead, be in present always. Focus on improving yourself.

Tolerating discomfort 

If you want to succeed with women, you have to be better and stronger. There's no shortcut for you to succeed with women overnight. You have to step out your comfort zone, and tolerate with discomfort.

Being persistent 

If you only improve yourself for a short time, then there's not much difference with before. She will not notice your changes. Don't go to tell her you are changed, it's stupid. You have to let her notice it herself, what you can do is being persistent to improve yourself until your changes are so obvious so she can notice it.

Stopping the seeking of approval

Stop seeking her approval for anything. You want to make decision yourself such as what to eat, where to go, when to go. The example above go to tell her you are changed is one kind of action for seeking approval. It's not natural at all. Be a leader, my friend.

Observing your ego

You want to observe your ego when doing just anything. When you're dealing with women, make sure your emotion is stable in any situation, any time. You want to make sure you're always in control, you are grounded. Don't be emotional.

Taking risks and facing rejection

Self improvement journey doesn't necessarily safe and smooth, there're risks too. For example, if you are doing business, you have to face risks and overcome them. You may also face rejections along your journey but you have to face it.

However, some rejections are not making sense at all, don't take too hard on them. See also: Many rejections don't make sense

Taking the lead in relationships

This one is obvious. Women are indecisive, so you want to help them make decision. However, if they have different opinion, just respect them. Taking the lead doesn't mean you want to control everything.

Controlling personal boundaries.

Everyone has his or her own personal boundaries. That's the limitation you can do with other people and with yourself. If you can control your personal boundaries, not only it will help you success with women, but also help you in other aspects of life.

Living with purpose and intention

This one is the most important one, a high status guy is always living with purpose and intention. A guy who is passionate with his life is attractive not only to women, but men also. Find out your dreams, set goal, manage your time and commit to reach it no matter how hard it is.

Remember, if you want to succeed with women, then no more Mr.nice guy. Avoid being insecure, needy, clingy and wussy. 

Are you being too nice to her?

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