My Site Is Not... 

  1. sexism: Since my emphasis on this site is men's improvement, sometimes I use words like: "Don't kiss women's ass!", "Women are weird!", "Women are crazy!", but I don't mean to offend women. I love women, and I appreciate women's nature. Even though mainly my content is for men, but most of the knowledge on the site applied on both men and women. Articles on this site also help women to better understand men.

  2. all serious all the time: I believe one sentence: "Life is the combination of contradiction.". This is my life philosophy, there's nothing completely right or wrong, every problem in our life has more than one solution to solve it. In fact, many precious memories are created by making mistakes in our life. I don't believe we should be serious all the time. Instead, laugh at your problem and yourself, there's no big deal.

  3. all funny all the time: I'm a humor person ;) I like to play words game such as deliberately interpret wrongly other's meaning. I like to say dirty jokes ;) Humor is my weapon and my shield. But I'm not good at expressing my humor with English, it's not that natural as with Chinese.

  4. perfect: My site has many flaws - grammar mistakes, no fancy designs, not trendy, not enough inspiring, and I don't endorse every idea on my site as being good. I give out the best content I can give, but I don't claim they are good. Because it works for me, but not necessarily works for you. Who is the judge of what is good? The only thing I can say for sure is that I am in pursuit of helping people to be better in their life. And I hope you'll join us.

  5. exclusive to men: Absolutely not. As men ourselves, we know the gender specific problems most men face, which is why I focus on those. But self-improvement is for everyone.