1 Big Mistake Men Make With Women Without Realizing It

Every since and then I've noticed that there's one mistake men make with women but they make it unconsciously. In other words, they never notice this mistake by themselves. If there's no one tells and reminds them, they'll never realize this mistake and continue to do it consistently.

Probably you're one of them. Lets check out what the mistake is.

That mistake is - trying to prove themselves with words (aka: bragging). This is really quite a serious mistake because women instinctively catch the subtle emotion behind the words.  They are very good at catching all kind of subtle emotion, meaning, and manipulation. 

If you are one of them who always want to prove himself with words, then stop doing it right now. Maybe you're not quite sure were you doing this, you may doing it subconsciously, but there's one thing can be sure — if what you're telling is purposely and deliberately to make yourself higher value than others, then you're trying to prove yourself with words.

The mistake men make with women

Why men always make this mistake unconsciously?

One of the reasons that men always make this mistake is because they lack of self confidence. Ask yourself, when you made this mistake do you feel a sense of anxious or inferiority? When people lack of grounded and firm self confidence, they're more likely to gain some feeling of satisfaction, superiority, vanity by comparing with other people.

Therefore, they'll try to prove themselves are higher value than others with words. They use the words to leverage their self value higher or lower other's self value. This is not healthy and women can catch it knowing that you're only pretending. So normally this is meaningless to do so.

However, people who lack of self confidence but self respect can't control themselves when there's a chance let them to promote themselves. Although they know that it's wrong and try to avoid it, but it eventually fails. I'll let you know what to do to avoid this in the following if you find out that you can't control proving yourself with words.

However, if the root problem doesn't solve then you may never end to make this mistake. What's the root problem? Yap, the root problem is your self confidence

You can read self confidence related articles within this website. Or read some self confidence books, find a mentor, or even hypnosis. You have to do something, because self confidence does not fix by itself. 

Once you build your solid self confidence, your life will be completely different than before. See also: self confidence attracts women

Another reason that men always make this mistake is, most men are face saving animal. Well, this is men's instinct. This instinct is inherited from our ancestors from primitive tribe. If a man does not want to be strong, reliable, masculine then this man is going to be a burden to tribe. 

No women want to be with this kind of men — someone who cannot be relied on and protect women. Therefore, men are competing with each other to prove themselves are the stronger (or strongest) and have great genes to be mated with. This kind of thinking let men become face saving animal.

Therefore, men want to prove himself with words to show his ability and help save his face. The worst case, if you're extremely lacking of self confidence and very face saving, you're going to be a man who can only feel self respect if others agree with you. 

Do you know what am I taking about?

There's one kind of people, he's only confident if other people agree with him. What if other people critics him for his action, speech or else? He'll suddenly lost all his self confidence and start feeling bad, depressed, stress, and all day blue. His self confidence doesn't come from his inner heart, but from outside — how people see him, how people value him, are them agree with him..

It's already far from our topic, back to topic now..

If you find out that you always tend to prove yourself with words, what can you do to avoid this?

Actions speak louder than words 

There's one way to help you to avoid always proving yourself with words, that is, prove yourself with your actions.  As the old saying says, actions speak louder than words. 

If you want to let her know you love her, don't just tell her. Women don't believe it easily, it's easier said than done and you may said I love you to every woman you're interested. Therefore, to let her believe in you, you must show her with your actions, prove it. Not with your words, with your actions, prove it to her you love her.

If you realize that you're going to tell her how strong you're at cooking. Stop it, just invite her come to your house and cook the meals for her. If your cooking is really good, she will realize it. It's more persuasive than you just tell her with words. 

Remember, actions speak louder than words. You can avoid the unnecessary words that seemingly a lie, instead prove it with the actions that can see and genuine.

They MUST conclude it on their own

No matter what you're trying to tell, women don't easily believe it if they notice that you're trying to prove yourself. Their sixth sense really work well. They are skeptical, curious, and indecision. Well, this is women.

That's why I want you to prove it with your actions rather than your words. Women must conclude things on their own. They only believe what they see by themselves. Don't tell her how rich you're, how strong you're, how famous you're, how good abilities you've, how..you name them.. but without any action to prove your words.

Once they know that you're cheating on them, or you can't do what you said, your relationship with her will start to collapse. The worst, she doesn't believe in you anymore.

So, although taking the risks of being annoyed, I want to say it once more, stop trying to prove yourself with words, instead prove with your actions.

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