How to Find Your Mission In Life?

Do you know what is your mission in life? 

Do you know what are the things you want to pursuit in your life no matter how much efforts you have to put in?

Are you struggling to discover where's the direction of your life?

If you don't have a direction, where should you drive your car to? We know we have some purpose come to this world, we know we want to live the most out of our life, however, there're many people don't be able to figure out what they want in their life.

This is a really big problem, imagine how scary is it when there's even no answer for such a simple question "what do you want in your life?" for most people. Many people have a walkabout in their life for decades, until their life has spent half of it only realize that they're not enjoying their life. But it was too late for them to rewind their life.

You can't turn back your clock, past time is past, but why there're many people don't know what they want in their life. In fact, this is due to how our society programmed us.

Since we're still a child, our parent programmed us to study well in school, our school programmed us to get best grades to get a certificate, and our society programmed us to find a high salary job with the certificate. After that, get married and then work until you retire.

This is the life most people choose to live by. However, are them really love this life path? Does this kind of life resonates you? Probably not, but many people still choose it because they don't know what they want in their life.

Our society programmed our mind with "what to think" but not "how to think". They have been taught to get a good job, this is what the school programmed them. 

School never teach you how to find out who you really want to be. Therefore, most people feel finding a job is not appealing to them, but they're not able to come up with new ideas to replace finding a job idea. That's why people always know what they don't want, but never know what they really want. They have no been taught "how to think" outside the box.

So here will give you some ideas to help you to find out what you really want in your life? What's your mission in life?

How to find your mission in life?

#1 Ask yourself questions

To find out your mission in life, you have to connect with your inner self, listen to your inner voice, and follow your heart's calling. Your mission in life is a calling that resonates you the most. Ask your inner self questions to know what you want.

Before asking yourself question, you want to free up your mind. There should be no chaos in your mind, it's peaceful and free from distractions and interruptions. Make sure you're in a place no one would interrupt you and you have no other thinking except finding your mission in life.

Once you're in the mood, ask yourself these three questions.

  1. What you are most naturally talented at?
  2. What you most ENJOY?
  3. What serves society the most?

Allow your imagination to go freely without limitation, just imagine anything you want. Anything you can perceive, it can achieve. Just allow your mind to fly up and down. Take out a note and a pen to record any ideas that come up in your mind.

Remember, don't limit yourself to imagine anything. In fact, your fear may be something that you could work on for a lifetime, facing your fear can help you to bring up some ideas for your mission in life. However, many people limit themselves in this brainstorming process because they are afraid of facing their deepest fears. 

Many people would just think in a safety way, think something that they could do, but not something they want to do. This is because they're afraid to breakthrough their comfort zone. They think it's rather to stay in their comfort zone than taking challenges in their life. 

Most people want to play safe game. Therefore, they get trapped in holding a job they dislike but think of it's still good enough for them because it pays his monthly expenses. They rather to get obsess with a job they dislike than finding other ways because they don't want to leave their comfort zone. 

However, your mission in life should be something that slightly beyond your comfort zone and achievable. Don't give up to live your dream life.

#2 Stop asking "what if"

When you're finding your mission in life, you don't want to waste your time in thinking of "what if?" What if I fail my project? What if I'm not successful? What if economic crisis happens? Thinking too much "what if" will ruin your ability to dream, thus you don't be able to find out what resonates you the most. 

Instead of keep asking yourself "what if", you should have a mindset that you will take on every challenge that comes your way. Don't too worry about the "what if", just cross the bridge when you come to it.

You must be confident and believe in yourself, you are worthy and have abilities to achieve your goals. Successful people are always confident in themselves, they believe nothing is impossible and they don't care about others rejection, judgement and criticism. See also: how confident people think

If you're in twenties

However, if you're in twenties, let says younger than 22 years old, you may not be able to answer the questions above. Even if you ask yourself seriously and repeatedly, your mind may still remain blank. This is because you don't have enough life experience, so you don't have a clue how to answer them and find your mission in life. 

Don't worry, here are several ways to help you to get off the ground in discovering your mission in life.

#3 Don’t ask “What are you good at?”

If you don't be able to answer the first question above "What you are most naturally talented at?", then change another way to ask. Don’t ask “What are you good at?”, ask instead “what are you willing to get good at?”. It should be easier for you to answer after changing its perspective. Once you figure out what are you willing to get good at, don't hesitate to take action. You should immediately start to set your goal to get good at what you've decided, then make your goal actionable, plan your time management and design your ideal day to get started in making progress.

#4 Emulate successful people

You can emulate those successful people in the first place in order to find your own angle on things. If you have celebrities as your idol, try to find and read their success story to understand how they become successful today and what you can learn from their story. 

From emulating successful people you may come up with some of your own ideas. For instance, if you emulate Steve Jobs in his business who had tried to invent a series of product that will change people's life, you probably will come up with new ideas that able to change people's life. Who knows? You want to push yourself to the edges of comfort zone until new ideas come in your mind.

# 5 Explore as more as you can

Since you don't have enough life experience, you may need to explore as more as you can. You should do something you have never tried before. In exploring the world of unknown, you want always try to breakthrough your comfort zone. 

Just go beyond your comfort zone, there's nothing to afraid of. No matter what potential problems are there, just cross the bridge when you come to it. Chances are the things that worth for you to chase after are laid at outside your comfort zone. Keep doing something never tried before, you'll find a new world to yourself. 

Mission in life is a calling

When you discover what your mission in life is, you feel it's a calling, a call to action. You know within yourself it's something resonates you so much that you are going to make it in anyway. Spend sometimes to find your mission in life.

"A man without a definite major purpose is as helpless as a ship without a compass." -Napoleon Hill

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