How to Make Women Want You

How to make women want you?

This question is a no brainer that one of the most frequently asked questions that many men ask. Many men don't have a clue of how to do this, do you know how you can make women want you?

First of all, you have to know that there is a difference between LIKING and WANTING. Many men are doing well on the part of how to make women like you but not how to make women want you. 

They're being nice to women, they're being polite when approaching them, they purposely demonstrate high value, but at the end only get women like them, not want them. Women think that you're a great friendship material, but not a love material. That being said, you've placed in the friend zone.

Why could this happens? Perhaps you're trying to be nice to women. If this is what you're doing, buying her presents, drinks, dinners, flowers, and other nice behaviors, stop it immediately! Stop being a nice guy! You have to know the fact that being nice to her doesn't work.

In fact, the needy behaviors like buying her presents, flowers and be her chauffeur are being expected by women. These actions are nothing special to them, especially attractive women. They are treated nicely every day by average men around them. Don't do the same things as those average men already do.

The real thing that you have to do to increase your chances having women want you is that, being a real man. A real man is attractive to women, often called as a bad guy by women, women crave for him, secretly and deeply attracted to him, because a real man in nowadays is rare in our society.

Our society is changing to be a feminized society gradually, men are not that "men" enough. They're not mature, not decisive, not grounded, not a leader and not attractive. They are just not masculine. Men's masculinity gradually elapses due to the limiting beliefs about love that projected by parents, media, and society.

Women like men who are "men". If you don't get back your masculinity which is men's instinct, you can't be attractive to women. You have to learn how to spark attraction with your men's instincts if you want to make women want you.

In the following, I'll share 4 proven tactics to skyrocket your attractiveness in order to succeed with women naturally. Read on.

Mini and simple guide on how to make women want you

Don't be desperate 

First of all, don't be desperate. Desperation is one of the most serious mistakes that men can make in a loving relationship. Being desperate is an very unattractive trait, no matter how smart you're, how wealthy you're, how famous you're, how strong you're, once you act desperate, your attraction killed immediately.

Needy and clingy are what you must avoid if you want to make women want you. It's very counter intuitive, if you want to get women want you, be scarce to her. Non-neediness is the key to be successful with women.

People don't understand that attraction is not logical, it's not a choice, it can't be convinced. It's not said that the longer you appear in front of her, the higher chance you'll attract her. You have to know the biological psychology, if you're able to demonstrate your masculinity, she can't control herself not to be attracted to you.

And according to the scarcity (social psychology), the scarcer the resource, the higher the value. Spark your sexual attraction within her, and be scarce, she'll be more attracted to you. You become a challenge to her. Like being said, absent makes the heart grow fonder.

Have options

Many men act needy and clingy, is because they treat their women as "the one". In fact, it's nothing wrong if you treat her as "the one". But the problem is, when you consider she's the only one you want to be with, nervousness and desperation set in, and you can't be yourself truthfully when facing her.

You may feel frustrated and struggled, because your main focus in life shift towards on her. She becomes the reason why you're doing something, she becomes the center of your life, you can't stop even a minute thinking of her. Because of this, perhaps you mess up your own life, you can't focus on what you should do, you often eager to meet her.

We all have been there, our mood influenced by her all the time. We could feel hurt for what she said, we could feel angry at what she done, but we couldn't give up on her. We let ourself keep getting bad mood, but helpless to get out from it. 

You have to change your mindset a bit. She's the one you want to be with, but not the one you need to be with. You want women, but not need women. 

And remember, you are an attractive guy, you must be confident in yourself, you deserve to get the best woman. You have options to choose who you want to be with, with this mindset you can reduce your tense and nervous. see also: The kind of self confidence that attracts women

Don’t give away your power

Many guys give away their power to the woman they're attracted to. In fact, this is very unattractive. You want to hold your power, because it's an asset that support your attractiveness. The power here refers to the ability to control things.

Women like man who is in control, know what he wants, and what he doesn't want. A guy with clear personal boundary is charming. Don't give away your power to her, for instance, when deciding what you two want to eat, you decide it yourself. Don't ask her to make the decision, don't give the power of making decision to her.

You want to be the leader. Women are more likely to be indecisive, if you throw the question to her, she becomes the leader. She will think you're not "man" enough, you're not alpha, you're beta, on that moment you've already been categorized in the friend zone.

Don't ask her for permission to do something. Just do it if you think you want to do. Disagree her if you do really not agree her, say "No" to her when necessary. 

For instance, you don't have time to watch movie with her because you have something to do, then just refuse her and book another time to watch. Say "No" to her bravely, she'll more respect you because you are unshakeable once you made a decision. This is one of the attractive traits women find in a man.

Be a man

Generally, women categorize men into three categories, nice guys, jerks, and bad guys( aka: alpha male, attractive men). Nice guys and jerks are the category that you always want to avoid if you want to make women want you. Only bad guys can attract women naturally.

You want to be a man, be more masculine, decisive, assertive, mature, humor, mysterious, a leader, and other attractive traits. Master your men's instincts is the first step on being a man.

Once you're being a real man, you attract women naturally. Women find you're attractive, the switch of attraction will turn on automatically and stick to you like a magnet.

Masculine attracts feminine, it's the nature of attraction. In fact, there's no secret in attracting women. If you can be an attractive man, women will want you automatically.

Go and grab my free ebook to study men and women's instincts and the nature of attraction. Then you'll get the big picture of loving relationships. It's free, act now.   

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