Long Distance Relationship Advice: 6 Things Every Couple Should Know

You have to know these long distance relationship advice if you're involving in a long distance relationship with your partner.

No matter the relationship is established from the initial or it's switched from a local relationship, there are things you have to know about the long distance relationship.

The things that I want to share with you are the potential problems that beneath at the surface of your relationship. Long distance relationship is not easy to be handled like a local relationship.

For instance, a local relationship is a lot easier to get both on a work together, such as going out together for a dinner, watching movies, listening to concert, attending friend's party, etc.

Whereas long distance relationship has the location problem, this definitely will affect the relationship to work smoothly and effectively.

You can't share with her what you're eating, what you're doing, what you're thinking, and any kind of interacting easily.

Of course, we are lucky living in today that many invented communication technologies appear help to pull everyone closer.

You can interact with your partner through social media like Facebook or through instant messaging apps like Whatsapp on your phone. So you can contact each other anytime and anywhere, share food pictures you just ate, activities that you joined. 

However, this is not enough.

All these high tech software and apps will NEVER be able to substitute the face-to-face interaction.

There're still many interactions can't be replaced by communication tools.

Therefore, don't feel secure if you're involving in a long distance relationship.

You have to put in more efforts than others to prolong the relationship. Otherwise, your relationship is going to end eventually.

I'm not scaring you.

There's no perfect relationship and perfection isn't the point, but a long distance relationship will die if you're not caring it.

There're 6 common things as follow that you should note in your relationship, I advise you better don't neglect them as well. 

Long distance relationship advice: 6 things you can't neglect

1. Hard to know her real situation

Even though you contact her every day whenever you're free, you get in touch with her daily, but you still will never know her real situation through only the communication tools such as phone call, short messaging or instant messaging. 

You can't hear her voice when you're texting with her, so you don't know her emotion at that time.

You can't see her face expression when you're talking with her in the phone, her tone and voice can't tell you every fact of her situation.

Therefore, you can't tell if she's upsetting.

You don't know about it and still send her a funny picture of a kid pissing on the phone screen will lead to a contrary result.

Your intention is want to make her happy, but because you don't know what happened it worsen the situation. All this would less happen if it's a face-to-face interaction.

The only way to cope with this disadvantage is communication.

Not saying the kind of shallow communication such as ask her have dinner already or not, but the deeper and inner communication, about the emotions, feelings, and secrets. 

Unless she volunteers to tell you she's upsetting, otherwise you'd never know it merely through communication tools. Therefore, communication is essential.

2. Physical needs are matters

Don't be afraid to get sexual on the phone. Sexual pleasure is really essential in a long distance relationship.

If you do not satisfy this pleasure, then your relationship may eventually be dissolved. 

You two never see each other's real face, but you still can use sexual talking to trigger the atmosphere, say something like "I miss kissing you." and wait her response.

And continue escalating the sexual level of your talking "I miss kissing your neck.", soothing your voice and be confident, enjoy it.

If you can't satisfy the physical needs, your relationship will slowly decay and less appealing.

Therefore, really put efforts on this, don't be afraid and feeling like offense her, it's not like what you think. Physical needs are MATTERS.

3. Your partner spends a lot of time with others

Although Skype provide interaction, but it still can't substitute 'getting out of the house'.

It's obvious that your partner will spend a lot of time with others locally. She has her friends circle, she'll go out with them for meeting, for dinner, for movies, for concert and the list goes on. 

If you're a jealous type person, then you have to watch out yourself, try to control your emotion.

You may see her social media such as Twitter and Facebook tag by others through a video or pictures they took together. Which the pictures could be seen as she was flirting with someone else.

As mentioned earlier, it's hard to know her real situation, things may not like what you think. Therefore, show her your jealousy will make her feel like you're needy, insecure and limiting her behavior.

You don't want to quarrel with her and worsen your tough relationship, right? 

You can alleviate your worries by doing something else such as your business, hobby, reading or hang out with your friends.

You have to have trust in her, being skeptical not only doesn't help with your relationship, but worsen it. 

Of course, you want to keep an eye of your profiles to avoid your pictures be posted by people which seem like you are hooking up with someone.

Jealousy does not play a good part in a long distance relationship. Don't take unnecessary risks.

4. Different time zones

If you and she are far distance enough at differing time zones, then your relationship are even tougher.

Probably you just wake up in the morning, but at her place is still at midnight, she's still sleeping on the bed.

This is the hurdle that you must overcome if you two have different time zones.

You and her must make efforts to set a time spending together. In extreme cases, you might have to sacrifice your sleeping time.

I've mentioned long distance relationship is not easy to be handled. 

Please try to make at least a talk once a week and stick to that date, don't miss it unless something inescapable happened.

If the case is she misses it, then be tolerance with her.

You don't want to make the relationship seem like not going well and difficult to handle. This will decrease her confidence to the relationship, and make the situation lost control.

5. Set goals that you both work towards

Even if you have done precautions and good communication, it's still not enough.

The long distance situation can sustain for a temporary basis, but it can go to an end if both of you do not set goals and give efforts to achieve it.

Goals refer to the meeting of you two, like travelling and taking turns to gather together.

You can help her paying the plane tickets if you have more financial means.

The important is you two have this objection to gathering at least once a month. If you're not capable to make that happen, then plan the next meeting when you are together.

I suggest to change the location every time you meet, otherwise after some times, one of you may feel lazy and the relationship will imbalance as it's always the same either you go to meet her or she goes to meet you, your relationship will decay as the time goes by.

To set such goals, it depends on what stage you're in the relationship.

It may not suitable to decide to move and stay together if the relationship is only several months instead of years.

You have to consider the circumstances, financial status, future, and several factors that affect your long distance relationship to decide the best plan for your relationship.

6. 90% of long distance relationship are promises

A long distance relationship is being said that it is a bunches of promises.

Long distance relationship is consist of 90% of promises.

I can't tell if this is totally true, but this statement is reasonable and believable. 

When you're telling her what you eat, you'll tell her you want to bring her to have this next time, a promise is established.

You tell her you want to travel to somewhere, and bring her along, another promise is established.

When she's not patient to the relationship, you console her that things gonna be different when you two are together, promise again. 

Promise, Promise and Promise.

Well, this is one paramount reason that why long distance relationship is hard to maintain.

When a relationship consists only promises without physical interaction, people less likely to stick to their promises. 

Two timing usually happen in this case.

Eventually, the relationship is ended with vague reason or even no reason.

Therefore, you need to let her feel confident in the relationship and believe the situation will change very soon. 

You must turn the long distance relationship into a local relationship at the end.

Otherwise, this relationship will create its own expired date.

Over to you

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