Never Give Up On Living Your Dream Life! 

Are your living your dream life?

Everyone has his or her dream.

Everyone has something that he or she wishes to achieve no matter how much efforts need to give.

You are no exception. If you still don't have such kind of dream, it's just the matter of time. You'll go through some point of your life and discover your dream.

In fact, you always have dream. Lets recall your mind. You must have imagined if you become someone you admired. A singer? A pilot? A businessman?

We all always have such dream, but we just don't step out the first step to try and check our ability and suitability.

Therefore, many people forget about the dream they ever have and then tell themselves: face the reality.

The reality is, you drop off your dream and willing to live a mediocre life.

I don't know what's your dream.

I don't know how hard you have ever tried to realize your dream. 

But I know, the people who have dream will live the most out of life.

You know that, to realize your life, it's possible. And you know too, it's hard, it' not easy, it's painful.

But it's more painful if you abandon your life and choose to live a life that lower than your standard.

If you want to be a hero, you'll meet many obstacles, hurdles, barriers, tests, hard times, even death. You'll meet many disappointments along the hero's journey.

But don't blame anyone, don't blame the circumstances, don't blame yourself. They are just the ingredients to cook you a life that every people desire.

And of course, don't give up on your dream!

Once you give up on a dream, you decide to give up on your soul, give up on the reason why you're exist in this world. You must have some mission, some greatness that needs to bring to this world.

Believe in yourself, you are the one. You are the one brings nice things to this world. You are the one that worth people to respect you.

Many people are willing to be mediocre people, live a mediocre life, follow the social programmed life path - get a certificate, get a job, earn money, marry, work until retire. You can live a life more live to that.

I know, the feeling of fears and doubts really hard to conquer. The feeling of fear of failure, fear of success, are always holding you back to move forward. But to achieve something extraordinary, you have to be a risk takers. Most of the time, you need to tell yourself, just do it! Don't be a loser.

Many people will put you down, many people will tell you you can't do it. But so what? Do they really understand you? They know exactly what your dream is? They went through your path? They did right when facing same circumstances? Most of the time, they don't really know what's gonna happen. And situation will be different as the times go by. See also: why rejections don't make sense?

Be a risk takers. Do something different. Don't listen to what others said. They are not you. Very less people will put themselves in your shoes and think of you, they speak from their own shoes. It doesn't make sense to listen to them, instead listen to yourself.

Find your value. Once you know what you want to achieve, you become unstoppable. It's like a calling, a calling you can't neglect, you know you have to do it, otherwise you'll be guilty and regret for your entire life.

Don't stop to invest in yourself, don't stop to absorb knowledge. Life is too short, it's not worth to waste your time.

Don't fall to play the victim role. Many people don't chase for their dream because they think they are victim. 

"I don't have time.","I don't have money.", "I'm stupid!" blah blah blah. 

I don't know are you self talking in your mind about suck kind of negative words. But, look, it's your responsible to change your life.

If you are not living a life that you're satisfied, it's your responsible. It's your matter. Don't be a victim, say to yourself " I'm going to make it!"

Design your life. A life without designing will be forever go with the flow, and never achieve to its highest form.

When you know you're doing something different, you'll separate yourself from your peers. You'll separate yourself from the people who don't think like you. You know it doesn't a matter if you are with them, because your dream is the biggest thing in your life anyway.

You want to challenge more, you want to achieve more. So, step out your comfort zone, step out your first step. Don't let other people steal your dream.

Below is a video which is very motivational. When I see this video, I feel aspired and remind me my dream. I feel recharged and get motivated to go forward.

If you feel stuck right now, you feel you're not making progress, you feel you want to give up. Please don't! 

Your dream is not far away from you if you take persistent steps to go further and further. Persistent is the key!

See the video and get recharged. Don't give up on your dream, no matter how hard it is. Be remarkable!

Living Your Dream Life!

After watching the video, if you still feeling want to give up on your dream, then ask yourself these 10 questions before you do so. These questions are from TinyBuddha.

1. Why did you want to pursue this goal to begin with—and has anything changed?

2. Have you been operating with too much information?

3. Did you set a smart goal?

4. What’s the worst that will happen if you keep going and don’t reach your goal?

5. Are you afraid of succeeding?

6. Are you acting on impulse or emotion instead of thinking things through?

7. Would you enjoy giving a loved one the honest explanation for why you gave up?

8. Would your life be better if you gave up on this goal?

9. How much have you already put in?

10. What would you tell someone else if they were in your shoes?

Don't give up on living your dream life! It's more painful!

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