How to Live Your Best Life and Be Extraordinary

  • Are you struggling to live your best life?
  • Are you frustrating to be extraordinary?
  • Are you wanting to change and get your desired life?

People always want to get more in their life. They have all sort of small and big dreams. And they always daydream about their desired life.

They would think, if my life is like this or that, how good would it be.

Some people get the motivation to carry out their dreams. But some people would be daydreaming, and that's it.

They are always not satisfied with their current life. They always feel suffered. Life for them is like a rat race, it's never be able to get out of it. Therefore, they rather play victim role and remain struggling and frustrating than take action to change their life.

For them, the pain to change is more than the pain to bear the status quo. If you ever think like this, then you better stop thinking about it. Chances are, you have limiting beliefs around success.

If you don't stand and face the problem, you'll be paralyzed and live a life that you dislike forever. You will allow yourself to live in your comfort zone, and never get out to have an adventurous life.

You'll have sweat palms and knots in your stomach when sleeping at midnight, wake up because of fears and doubts. But you don't actually know why, because it's your limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind holding you back from achieving success.

It's very undeserving to live a life that you dislike forever. Many people in this situation would think: someday things will change. So when that day comes, you'll not suffer and struggle anymore. Everything will be fine. And you deeply know it, it's just words to cheat yourself so you feel a bit relieve from your stress.

In fact, many people daydream is because they don't know where to start to change their life. They don't have direction. They need help. If there's a guide to guide their life, they will go for it until they reach success.

They just need a push.

Everyone can live their best life if they know what to do in their status quo, to bring them to next level. If you have a step-by-step guide, you know you can live your best life and be extraordinary. You deserve it.

Below are simple step-by-step to live your best life and be extraordinary. Don't give up on living your dream life.

Step-by-step to live your best life 

#1 Commit to be an expert

First of all, you should have goal that you most wanted to live by. You should understand yourself, and set goals that align with your life purpose and passion. If you don't have goals yet, learn how to set goals, and avoid goal setting mistakes.

Then, you want to commit to yourself that you want to be an expert in your goal.

For instance, if your goal is to be a dancer, and this is your passion that you want to live by, then commit to yourself you want to be a world-class dancer.

You can't live your best life and be extraordinary if you just want to be an amateur dancer. Don't think that you don't have talent, or it's impossible for you. It's your passion, you will be enjoy even if training is very hard.

Don't be seduced by hypnosis of genius. Genius is made up of persistent practice. Period.

#2 Respect your time

You want to respect your time if you want to live your best life and be extraordinary. It's very easy to waste your time and procrastinate the tasks you should do.

Where you spend your time on, where you'll get the result. Therefore, don't waste your precious time. There are too many things to do everyday, if you procrastinate your tasks today, tomorrow you'll have new things to do, when they all accumulated at the end of the day, you'll be overwhelmed and burnout.

You want to leverage your time. Learn some time management tips, and don't make common time management mistakes. Sometimes, it's your psychological factors to make you procrastinate your work. Learn how to breakdown your goal to yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goal. Then prioritize your daily task so you'll know what's the important thing to do so you don't waste your time on unproductive stuffs.

# 3 Write down goals

I can't stress how important is this more. Your goals should be written down instead of stored in your mind. I know you have good memory, I know your dreams are always with you. But writing itself has benefits and it will increase your chances to succeed.

When you write down your goals by your hand, you will affirm to yourself you have to make them work through not only your mind, but also sight and touch senses. Through writing you can also sort out your unorganized thoughts and reconstruct them to be clearer thoughts. So you'll be more understand yourself and life.

Ashley Feinstein has stressed out the importance of writing down your goal at Forbes. There was a study conducted found that: The 3% who had written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97% of the class combined!

Therefore, it's very potent to write down your goals if you are serious to live your best life and get what you want.

#4 Make time to be alone

Don't always try to hang out with your friends for no reasons. I know your social life is very important. And I don't mean that you want to isolate yourself from social events or whatsoever. However, you really don't have to please everyone in your life.

It's very important to make time to be alone. When you are alone, you have time to organize your thoughts and reflect your life. It's very important to talk to yourself and make sure you're on the track.

Furthermore, when you make time to be alone, you can focus on doing your best work. You won't get distracted by friends or meaningless gatherings.

You should also know what, sometimes, people around you may not helping you to achieve your goals, but they put you down. And their rejections, opinions, judgements are not making sense at all. ( see also: why rejections don't make sense).

Celestine chua said in her article that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, including yourself”. So, don't try to please every people. Take time to be alone and only social with people who deserve. Only that you can live your best life.

# 5 Make your work be daily routine

You want to modify your tasks to achieve your goal to be your daily routine. And this is truly important. This is how you can be persistent in your passion and get success.

When you make your work be daily routine. You'll execute your work automatically without your willpower needed. Because when you execute the work everyday, it will become your habit eventually.

Therefore, no matter what happened to you, it's the same like brushing your teeth, you will just go out there and doing your work. Before you get that habit internalize in your mind and behavior, the only thing you need to care is, don't break the chain!

When you developed your best daily routine, you live your best life.

# 6 Go to the edges

You want to go to your edges if you want to live your best life and be extraordinary.  In other words, you want to always breakthrough your comfort zone.

You want to be willing to experience the hard times and pain. It's similar to workout and build six packs. It's not easy. You need to diet and workout everyday. You have to limit yourself not to eat too much and your muscles get sore after workout.

But you can't stop whenever you feel tired, sore and pain. If you don't keep working out, you can't get the six packs you desired. You want to go to your limit and test it out. Staying in comfort zone never get you to where you want to go.  Instead, go beyond and expand your comfort zone.

# 7 Leave the herd

When you are pursuing your goals, you find you are leaving the herd, then it's a good sign. Chances are, you are on the right track.

95% of people don't pursue their goals, so if you find that you are not joining them - meaningless gatherings, clubbing, etc. But busying with building your dreams. Congrats to you, success is waiting for you.

Sometimes, to live your best life leaving the herd is essential. When people around you are pessimist, they don't give support to your dreams and ask you to face the reality. They will make you limiting beliefs and feel low confidence and self worth to chase your dream. Don't be influenced by them!

Just leave the herd. Go out to the world and be yourself. Keep going and moving towards your dream. You'll live the best life and be extraordinary.

In my free ebook success made certain I explained your thoughts are your world. So you have to get your mindset right. Otherwise, any steps, strategies, tactics for you are useless.

If you are pursuing your goals, keep going. But if you haven't started yet, start it today! Follow these simple steps you'll be successful, undoubtedly.

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