How Safe Is Your Mindset From Limiting Beliefs?

How limiting beliefs are created?

In my previous article I've explained that limiting beliefs are the false beliefs that will limit your action which will prevent you to be successful.

They will lead you to an incorrect conclusion about the particular topic.

They are not only never help you to achieve your goals but also be your burdens.

Therefore, you must remove the wrong beliefs that are blocking your journey to success.

If you want to be successful in important life areas - relationships, business, wealth, productivity and the list goes on, you have to install correct beliefs in your mind instead of the limiting ones.

Don't settle for it, don't rather staying in your comfort zone than taking efforts to change your life

The difference between the successful and unsuccessful people is their beliefs. Mindset is the foundation which decided how far you can go in your life.

Do you want to go further and be more successful in your life?

Your decision.

The formation of limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are not born beliefs.

They're formed through your life experiences and how you execute the info that you obtain from your life.

If you execute in the wrong way or misunderstanding, then wrong beliefs eventually will form.

Let's go through below about the factors how limiting beliefs formed so you will know how to avoid them.

5 factors that create limiting beliefs

Past experience

Past experience will form false beliefs and you may never realize it.

Let's say you were living in a warm and sweet family when you're still a kid, you felt harmonious and fulfilled about your family.

You enjoyed staying at home with your family members.

But one day, your father and mother decided to divorce. Your dream family become broken and you feel disappointed to your father and mother.

Now you are an adult, what happened in your childhood can affect your current decision. Let's say currently you have a girlfriend, you love her very much, but you're not willing to marry her.

You just feel something's wrong with the idea to marry her.

That's how your past experience affects your belief system — you have limiting belief about a married couple will eventually divorce.

So you afraid and abandon the idea about marrying her. This belief is even more affirm if lots of people around you divorced too. 

Other's view

Other's view influences your beliefs easily if you're not sure about yourself.

For example, there's an opportunity to let you start a business from scratch. However, you're not confident with yourself, then other's view will influence your decisions.

They'll tell you that it's impossible for you to build a successful business, and they will tell you why and how by showing other's failure examples to you.

You may give up that nice and scarce opportunity because you believe that you can't do it.

Most people don't know about you, don't listen to their rejection. See also: Rejection doesn't make sense

No one sincerely wish you to be successful and you're the only one who can make it.

You have to be confident in yourself. You have to have a good mindset so you are courageous to chase your dream and keep persistent no matter how much efforts you need to put in.

If you don't set and adjust your beliefs, then others will set them for you, the limiting ones.

Lack of information 

When you lack information/knowledge about what you're concerning, chances are you may set limiting beliefs for it.

This is because if you don't fully understand about what you're concerning, then there are some gaps of the information that you needed. 

But you miss the pieces, so chances are you assuming your idea as the missing pieces to fill in the gaps of knowledge.

However, your idea is not necessarily the correct and suitable idea, so what you believe can be false.

Repetition of statements

A false statement can be perceived as true statement if you repeatedly talk about it to your brain.

Our brain receives the command and will internalize it if the command is repeated to a certain level. See also the subconscious mind.

Sometimes the statement is told by somebody or yourself. For example, you believe that you're an attractive guy, and in fact you are.

But people around you are jealous to you, they try to spread the news about someone you liked say at your back that you're so disgusting and ugly. 

Of course logically you won't believe it initially. But if there are more and more people come and tell you that person you liked say behind you, your confident will start to collapse.

You may start to believe what they said, you believe who you liked doesn't like you and even feel you're ugly and disgusting.

You will keep asking yourself - AM I REALLY UGLY?

Your brain will receive the command and make you believe that - YES, YOU ARE.

So you lost your self-confidence and false to believe that you're unattractive.

Repetition of statements will internalize the statements into your brain. Therefore, repetition of a negative statement will set the limiting beliefs for you.

Protect ego

Sometimes, you actively created the limiting beliefs for yourself and you never realize it.

How could this happen?

It's because you created them to protect your ego.

For instance, you build your online business but unfortunately it's failed. And you don't want to feel hurt so you say this to yourself - " I'm just unlucky."

Such statement can protect your ego and raise your self-worth. However, this is only a cheating to yourself.

If you keep cheating to yourself with such statement:

"I have bad luck"
"That's not my responsibility."
"I can't do it is because I don't have time."
"Failure is due to economic crisis, not my fault."

The more you said these to yourself, the more possibly limiting beliefs you'll create for yourself.

Negative words will turn into negative beliefs. Don't be a person like this, you should take fully responsibility to handle the problems rather than whine over your problems.

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Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.


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