7 Limiting Beliefs About Love In Men

  • Do you have limiting beliefs about love?
  • Are you still struggling in your loving relationships?
  • Are you feeling frustrated because you aren't able to get a woman to want you?
  • Do your love always end up endlessly like a vicious cycle?

Many guys meet obstacles in their loving relationships. They want to find a woman and establish a long-term relationship with her, but they just don't know why they can't do it. Do you have problem of getting a girlfriend?

There are many factors that may caused you not getting a girlfriend. Maybe you're not good in communication, maybe you don't have a job, maybe there's no female in your working environment and the list goes on. 

However, the main problem can be your inner game. Because solid inner game is the fundamental for you to attract women, meet women, approach women, date women and establish a long-term relationship with them. If you don't handle your inner game well, chances are you'll be forever alone.

Maybe what I said is too serious, but am sure you can't have a most satisfied loving relationship if you have poor inner game. Your outer game is carried out based on your inner game. In other words, your thoughts are your world. If you don't have a good mindset, or said you have limiting beliefs about love, then you'll never be successful with women.

Are you keeping receive just-be-friend card from women? You seem not attractive in women's eyes? Feeling struggled and frustrated for her? Then you have to check out is it your beliefs system about love and women is wrong. Follows are the 7 limiting beliefs about love in men that you may have in your mindset, read them.

7 limiting beliefs about love in men

#1 Women are prizes that you have to pursue

Are you chasing women? Do you know that, many guys have this wrong mindset that men should chase after a woman to get her. In fact, this is totally wrong. 

When a woman decided to be with you is not because you chase after her. Women don't decide to choose a man simply because the guy is chasing her very hard or sweetly. Women are emotional animal, they think and act emotionally, this is their instinct. 

Therefore, when a women is decided to be with you, it's because her feeling for you is triggered. She's already into you, she is attracted to you, her mind drives her to choose you as her boyfriend. Therefore, you should not chase after a woman, instead, you should attract her. You attract women in order let them to choose you naturally, so she'll think it's her decision to choose you as her spouse.

If you think women are prizes that you have to pursue, chances are women feel pressure when interacting with you. And they don't feel attraction for you, because you may act needy and clingy. These are wussy behaviors, definitely help you to turn women off. Women are never and ever attracted to wussy.

#2 Have to “be nice” to women

Nowadays men are programmed to "be nice" to women. Men should behave like gentleman and never show rude side to women. That's what most of the men have been taught from our parents, TV program, and society. If you don't "be nice" to women, then you're considered a jerk or asshole. (See also: why being nice to her doesn't work)

So, new generation of men have been nurtured to "be nice" to women. There's a popular dilemma, if you like a woman, then you have to do nice things for her. Such as buying her gifts, flowers, drinks and dinner, so you think women will feel happy for these and fall in love with you. This is really dreaming. As mentioned above, women don't think logically but emotionally. She won't fall in love with you simply because you buy things for her.

Instead, she may feel you're a guy who is manipulated because it's so obvious for her to catch your real attempt behind the scenes. Women have great sixth sense due to their instincts. They can catch subtle message of words and behaviors easily.

#3 Women want a “nice guy”

This one is the further explanation of the point above. People, media, and society around us programmed men to believe that women want a "nice guy". So many men behave like a "nice guy" due to this false belief, they just don't have a picture why women are always attracted to bad guys and send them a just-be-friend card.

Therefore, they think into wrong direction believe that women don't be attracted to them is because they're not being nice enough. Totally attraction killer. Women's mind is hard wired to attracted to bad guys because they have the personality traits that attract women. That's why nice guys always finish last. Stop being a nice guy.

#4 Watch your manners and never truly speak your mind

When facing women, most men are likely to behave carefully. They watch their manners carefully and never truly speak their mind. Women can sense this easily. You have to be yourself truthfully when facing women, they'll know you're being yourself or pretending to be someone.

Once women figure out you're trying to pretend to be others, you give her a weird feeling. They wonder why you don't be honest, so they won't be honest to you too. One of the articles at Dr.NerdLove mentioned that “Nice Guy” is a liar from start to finish, it’s fundamentally dishonest.

If you behave truthfully, say out the opinion without caring others' judgement and do things without seeking others' approval, in other words, you are very confident in yourself, then she'll be attracted to you in gut level. See also the kind of self confidence that attracts women

#5 Women are attracted to money and looks

Do women really attracted to money and looks? In my free ebook Relationships Made Simple I explained that, according to evolutionary biology, women do really attracted to money and looks. However, these things are merely a fast indicator for women to find a man who can provide a sense of safety and security for them.

If you have alpha male characteristics - decisive, confidence, assertive, courage, positive, ambitious, the list goes on and always grow yourself, women will also be attracted to you in the long run. But what if you don't have alpha male characteristics, only have money and looks? Women will dump you eventually, because women like men who are "men".

Women don't like immature guys, who are indecisive, follower, approval seeker, and with other negative personality traits. A man who is in control, knows what he wants and what he doesn't want is attractive in women's eyes.

#6 Society’s reality is your reality

In fact, most of the guys don't have courage to be themselves truly. They follow the path that taken by others, they do what others are doing, but never think of what they really want to do. What is your passion in life? What is your life purpose? Your goals? Your dreams? 

If you don't do things that you really like to do, then you must be not satisfied with your life. You don't feel happy and content in your life, so you won't have high self esteem, you won't let women feel you're a passionate guy. Passionate guys are attractive to women, they like a sun that shines throughout their and others life. We like to get closer with people who have high self esteem, this is basic emotional attraction.

Therefore, stop thinking society's reality is your reality. You want to design your life and pursuit your desired lifestyle. Don't go to university simply because your peers going too, you must be sure why you want to study in university. What do you really want in your life 5 years later? - in important life areas like relationships and finance. You must be clear about the answer if you seriously want to be a successful person.

Don't be a follower, you're your leader in your life. See the video :The road not taken

#7 Can't say and listen to "No"  

This problem is personal boundary problem. Many guys can't listen to women's "No" to them, if women refuse them, for example, invitation for a movie, they may feel suffering for this, because the thing is going out of expectation. They refuse to accept the fact women don't want to go out with them. They're vulnerable, they feel lonely, they act emotionally. 

There's another situation, they can't say "No" to women. If women ask them to buy things for them, they won't and feel very hard to refuse women's asking. However, eventually they only realize that women aren't attracted to them, women just treated them as their ATM machine. Surely you don't want to be an ATM machine. You must learn how to read women's behavior, are them attracted to you or only making you fun. 

The ability to listen and say "no" is not only important to deal with loving relationships, but also other life areas too. You have to master your personal boundaries. Download my free ebook at here: attract women with personal boundaries

Above are the 7 limiting beliefs about love in men that holding you back to be successful with women. Now take your time to ask yourself whether you have any limiting beliefs around women or not, then you want to eliminate them and replace with empowering beliefs. Once you handle your inner game well, your outer game will improve naturally. 

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