Life Experiences Are The Foundation of Every Success

Life experiences are your best asset in your entire life.

Originally this article was going to write about how creepy a website looked before it became a successful business, so you know it is a process to become successful.

However, I changed the thought. Because there is already many people write about this. You can also go to Wayback Machine to see how a website looks like in the past times.

Instead of writing how a website grew, I decided to write about life experiences. Not my experiences, but yours.

Your experiences in life are the foundation of every success in your life.

Why life experiences are worth to discuss here?

Because there are too many people are embracing instant gratification. There are few people are willing to give efforts because for them this doesn't make sense.

They want to avoid sacrifices, want instant success, and are not patient, such kind of attitude would make them forget about the foundation of success.

Even though I've spent years on learning skills, I still feel like a beginner every day.

This is a feel that every successful person would feel every now and then. Even though they are an expert on something, they won't stop experiencing more things in life just like a beginner.

Let me tell you why life experiences are the foundation of success

So how success path looks like?

Many people who are passionate about an idea never make it a business that can work because they are not sure about it.

Is it a good idea? Is it possible to be done?

They are desperate to know if they are going after the right idea so they won't make mistakes and lose eventually.

So, who knows? Maybe the idea works, maybe not. Would you let the uncertainties prevent you to live a dream life?

We never know the answer, but that is the interests of a hero's journey. The first thing to getting success is to step out your first step of the journey. In other words, go and test out the idea.

If the idea works, you might be on something big. Even if it fails, you can learn from the mistakes. Then go and test other ideas again.

If you like most people, let their dreams remain as dreams, you dreams will never come true. You don't experiment something in life means you don't have more experiences in life. Your life is meaningless, out of passion and boring.

What I would suggest to you is living your passion. Choose something that's most exciting right now and do something about it, see where it leads and what can you experiment more. 

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Every startup would face a phase that is "trough of sorrow", the emotional ride of the entrepreneurial journey, this is where most people give up because they think they should face the reality and not to dream anymore.

You shouldn't give up instead you should do more experimenting and pivoting until the thing starts working.

Here's a success story of 2KnowMyself which fit perfectly with the startup curve, the founder M.Farouk Radwan faced rejections and criticisms for two years before the website makes any penny. After he managed to become a millionaire by earning from the website, the people who rejected his idea change their attitude completely. Hadn't him keep experimenting to monetize the website he would live a completely different lifestyle now.

So did he know how to monetize from the website? No, he did not.

He kept learning how to get more traffic to the website and he kept trying several ways to earn money online.

Did he wait for right mood or right moment? No, he knew it would need some times but he never wait it happens itself.

So start experimenting. Even if you don't know what to do, just follow your passion and start now. The life experiences will connect down the road. The longer you wait, the longer you put off a chance to clarify your direction.

Get the life experiences you need to be successful by experimenting your life

Even though you already know life experiences are the foundation of success, I felt it is my responsible to give you more information to kick-start your journey.

You want to start with something small

Many people start their project with a big vision which inevitably meet a longer phase of "trough of sorrow" and give up eventually. By starting small and gradually increase the scale will give you more confidence in your project and you have less stress progress.

You have to think about the sustainability

Are you able to do it daily? For an example, if you have a website are you able to update the website every now and then? If you can't sustain what you do, the failure is around the corner. Make sure you are doing something you can keep doing until you master it and it becomes a second-nature for you.

Doing the impossible is possible.

Remember, doing the impossible is possible. Like the success story of 2knowmyself, M.Farouk did not think becoming a millionaire by creating a self-help website is possible, but now he did it. Because he kept learning, connecting and building which are the elements of creating an environment that the dots in life are more likely to connect together.

You have to embrace failures

At the "trough of sorrow" phase, failures are something usual. You want to embrace it. If there is no failure, you would have little chances to learn something new. Learn the mistakes from the failures and experiment new approaches until the project starts working.

Some people would put you down

Some people would put you down. They can be your parents, friends, spouse, and anybody else. 

This is because most people don't feel comfortable when they stay in their comfort zone but seeing you are doing something differently. They lack the courage to live dangerously

At this point, their criticisms, rejections, and opinions are mostly nonsense because they simply reject for the sake of rejection but not giving any valuable advice for you. You should simply ignore people's opinion who are not better than you because their rejections just don't make sense.

It's a game of surviving

Simply put, it's a game about who can stand until last. It is all about going through the failures while learning from your mistakes until you build something that works.

Life experiences come from testing. Keep experimenting means keep gaining life experiences. If you find something doesn't work, then stop trying and try the next thing. That's how the light bulb is invented.

So what are you testing?

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