How To Create Lasting Attraction In Women

Are you struggling from keeping your woman interested in you?
Are you feeling she's leaving you?
Is she trying to refuse your dates, shorter texts, and indifferent attitude?

If you're struggling with these problems, then you have problems in creating lasting attraction in women.

At the initial phase of a relationship is the drug addiction phase. You're falling in love with her deeply. In your mind she's everywhere. She seems like an angel that sent by the God into your life to brighten up your life.

She's so different with other women. She gives you the feelings that others can't give you, and you secretly know that she's "the one". You feel you're so lucky that you can get her into your life, you can't imagine that if one day she's leaving you.

However, the good feelings normally fade out along with the time passing by. You can feel that she's less interested in you like before, she doesn't reply your message immediately, she doesn't care of you so much like before, you feel you're not that important to her anymore.

Since you realize this fact, you started feel sorrow in your heart. You don't understand what have you done wrong, you suspect if she has another man outside, you suspect if she losses attraction in you.

You may even argue with her due to her indifferent attitude towards you. You think that a pair of couple should be always caring with each other, at least shouldn't neglect one another. 

She doesn't care about what you said, she told you you're thinking too much or she agreed with you that the saturation of attraction is becoming less. No matter what answer she gives, you know it is not what you want. You feel weird and trying to find ways to fix the relationship.

All these are typical scenes that will be faced by many couples in their loving relationships, and there will be only two types of ending. One is you breakup, or you survive.

What happened in your loving relationship?

You know it's something wrong, but you don't know the specific things. You argue with her, or even fight, you feel very bad.

I feel sorry to tell you this but there's no formula that one fits for all. Your problem is unique in your situation. However, there're still have some clues to help you to overcome this difficult situation. 

First of all, the most popular mistake that causing you loss attraction with her is you are not 'Man' enough. I've mentioned in several articles and my free ebook that women like men who are "Men".

Being a man is crucial for you to be successful with women. That's the first level attraction called sexual attraction, if you're not masculine in her eyes, she won't be attracted to you in anyway, no matter how much money you have, how smart you are, how famous you're, you name it.

If in the initial phase which is drug addiction phase that just mentioned you have been treated her too nicely, then you could kill your attraction in her. Stop being a nice guy, being nice to her just doesn't work.

You'll become predictable, non-mysterious, needy and clingy to her if you being overly nice to her. And this makes you so feminine, because you're not acting like a man. 

Perhaps she doesn't feel any wrong in the beginning even if you treated her overly nice, that's because when you're falling in love with someone deeply, it's hard for you to spot him/her shortcomings. She doesn't spot that your action are feminizing your impression, but in the long run she'll discover that someday.

When she feels something wrong about the feeling for you, she hesitated, she doesn't sure why is this, so she holds back herself in the relationship. That's why you feel she's losing interested in you, that's why she doesn't reply your message immediately, that's why she's being indifferent to you.

Therefore, stop being nice to her, instead be more romantic to her. Being romantic and being nice to her is different, it's entirely new topic, I'll elaborate it in the coming articles.

2 things you must know if you want to creat lasting attraction

The key here you can take is reminding yourself that you have to always be a man. Many men are being overly nice to their women and when they get dumped by their women, they become even more needy, clingy and feminine. 

Men should be the leader in a loving relationship, but these nice guys act in opposite way. They're likely to fall into the victimhood, play victim role that women are weird animal, blame her or themselves, their family and friends. And even say sorry or beg her to come back their side. See also: You've got to stop whining and start being an attractive man

All of these are just making the situation even worse. Supposed that you're the dominant one in the relationship, but by making these mistakes you exchange the roles with your girlfriend. You become submissive and she becomes dominant.

And this reversal of roles utterly kills all attraction!

The second thing is that you and her have problems in communication and interaction. You and her have different views of things, have different opinions and different thoughts. However, this is very normal, you and her are two individual after all.

If this is the case then you need to learn how to interact with her, know who you are, what you want, what can and can't control, and how to fight in a way that both of you win. In short, you need to understand and master your personal boundaries.

If you don't know and neglect how the personal boundary works, you'll never know how to make win/win situation in any relationship. This is critical to any interaction and communication with others.

Final words

Just to summarize, the key to  lasting attraction is you don't want to be a nice guy but a bad guy. Being nice to her doesn't work, instead you should be romantic to her. Make sure you're always being a man, which means that you're masculine and display your men's instincts well. 

Don't play victim role in anyway. You're a man, not a woman. Be masculine, not feminine. Learn how to work with her personal boundaries, so you will be safe from making win/lose decision and lead the relationship to death. And you'll know what role to play in a loving relationship by understanding the personal boundaries and nature of love.

Well, you don't have to force your girlfriend to go into any role, the only thing you have to do is to maintain your masculinity and be a mature man, then she'll automatically be in the role of submissive follower and keep attracted to you.

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