Improve These 10 Aspects You Can Be Absolutely Irresistible to Women

In my previous article 10 fundamentals for success with women I mentioned one of it is you have to strive to be the best person you can be.

However, there are just too many things to learn in our life. How could you know which thing to learn and improve can help you become absolutely irresistible to women?

In other words, what aspects you can improve to trigger the attraction in women? I have summed up there are 10 aspects. If you are being good in these 10 aspects, you can become absolutely irresistible to women.

How to become absolutely irresistible to women: Improve these 10 aspects


Men determine a women's attractiveness by her looks. That's how our mind is wired, because our mind is hard wired to find a woman who has good genes and looks healthy to give birth. That's why men always look for beautiful women, we are not dirty minded because our mind is biologically wired to be like that.

Many men assume that women also determine a man's attractiveness by his looks. And this is true, looks do matter! Even though looks is only one of the determining factors women feel attraction for you. It's more complicated for women to feel attraction in a man. 

We human always judge a book by its cover, that's nature. Therefore, if you want to maximize your chance to succeed with women then never neglect your looks. There are few basic things you can do to improve your looks - get in shape by workout everyday, get a good haircut, keep good hygiene and dress stylishly.  


Women are hard wired to find a man who is "Man", and athleticism implies he's a man. That's why the basketball team in college attracts lots of female audience when competition. Being good in sports makes you become attractive in women's eyes. You don't have to be a Olympic pro player, but being better than your peers give you more advantage in attracting women over them.

That's why being in good shape is very important. It's not only to obtain a good looks, but to imply her you are reliable, you can protect her, you have capability to help her, you are responsible to yourself, etc. 

Choose a sport that you are interested in, preferably a sport that people have heard of, then practice to be good in that sport. Go gym to workout, or workout at your home, get fitness. A muscular man is undoubtedly more attractive than skinny and fatty man. 


Personality is very important in being attractive to women. A woman who just knows you will be attracted to you if you have good looks and athleticism, this is sexual attraction. But after that, women will seek a sense of comfort/connection from you, so you both will be friend, this is emotional attraction. See how to attract a woman

If you are sexy (sexual attraction), and have attractive personality (emotional attraction) then the bond will go beyond friendship - she views you as a potential partner. See Attraction vs love

There are many personality traits are attractive to women. A post in AskMen listed the top 10 traits women look for in a man. Of course, the list can be go on. Here are the top 10 traits attractive women look for in a man.

Intelligence - A smart guy who knows everything is attractive to women. But you have to show your intelligence in a humble & interesting way.

Challenge - Attractive women are always being pursued by men and most of them fawn over women. But in fact, women secretly want a challenge. Therefore, you want to be a challenge to her, behave like a bad guy instead of a nice guy.

Attentiveness - Women want to know you are thinking about them. Be attentive to the things around her, notice the details, such as hairstyle, clothes, and more. Women are very attracted to men who notice the details.

Generosity - A man who is care about the welfare of others is attractive to women. Do some activities that help people and invite her to join you.

Sexual mastery - This one is obvious, women love sex just like men. Improve this area with reading books, watch videos and so on.

Romance - This one is obvious too. Don't mix up the nice guys behavior with romantic behavior, they are different. Romance is doing things or saying things that connect women emotionally such as poetic comments, interesting stories, fascinating history, and emotional interpretation.

Dominance - I mentioned in my free book dominance is one of the men's instincts and women are attracted to this trait. A man who know what he wants and goes after it is attractive to all people.

Class - You want to show her you have class. For examples, you understand fashion, you know some musical instrument, you know table manners, you know classic music, you know painting. You get the picture.

Humor - A man with a sense of humor is very attractive to women. It triggers sexual and emotional attraction in women instantly. See also: how to use humor to attract women

Fun - Women like guys who are fun and do adventurous, unusual, even dangerous things. These are what typical bad guys will do. They are unpredictable, they give surprise, they can't be understood. And women like to challenge such guys to get validation.

Financial Situation

Financial situation for sure is one of the aspects of life that all people no matter men or women have to take care. Women want to feel secure and safety, this is women's nature. Some men blame women that they only love money but not love the men, chances are this is because women don't feel sexual attraction for these men afterwards due to some kill-attraction behavior.

It's not because women don't love the man, but because he makes himself unattractive. So, does money make you more attractive? The answer definitely is yes. See: does money attract women 

A stable financial situation makes women feel secure, that's why a resourceful man is attractive to women. So how you can improve your financial situation?

In my opinion, there are 5 things you should do:

  • Spend less than you earn
  • Live frugal
  • Earn more
  • Manage money
  • Set your destiny

After all, you want to spend a reasonable amount of it on stuff that makes you look wealthy. Some people argue that if a woman is attracted to you because you look wealthy, then she doesn't truly love you. Bullshit. People judge book by its cover, and human too. No sexual attraction then love won't exist. See attraction vs love

Status (or perceived status)

Status is one of the most powerful attraction triggers. High status men surely are more attractive than low status men. If you are the leader among your buddies, your status is higher than them. If you go to a party and all people at the party know you and happy when you come, you have high status. If people like to befriend with you, and they respect you, you have high status. If you are a boss, your have high status compare to your employees.

What I want to say is, the vibe you give to people is your status. The vibe that represents high status is the vibe that shows you are a high value person. This is why celebrities are high status people, they have value. To improve your status you should create value to people, increase constantly your value to be used.


Power is similar to status, but they are different. Power is actually what I mean in my free book one of the men's instinct which is dominance. When you make the decision, you have the power. 

Many nice guys lost their attraction because they give their power to women. They do whatever women told them to do, they compromise important thing even their own identity for the sake of making her happy. They become more submissive and women become more dominant. Women want a challenge from men, if she owns your power already, why she has to work hard to attract you, hence the attraction is gone.

You want to be a leader in dating and relationships. You decide where to go, what to eat, and what to do. You must be dominant. You don't apologize if you are not wrong. You have to be bold and determine. What you can do is learn how to be a leader and increase your knowledge such as know where has nice restaurant, good dating venue, special event and more.


What is your style? What kind of style of person you want to be? To know this you must have good understanding of yourself. For example, you want to make people feel you are a positive person, then you wear shirt which is bright color such as red or blue, you speak positively, you avoid negative thoughts, and stay bold when facing difficulties.

It's all about personal branding. Likes attract likes, if your style is being a positive person, you'll attract a positive girl. If your style is being a humor person, then you'll attract a girl who has a sense of humor. If you are masculine, you'll attract girls who are feminine. This is why understanding yourself is very important at the first place. For instance, you make wrong style such as being an emo boy, you'll attract an emo girl, you may dislike this kind of girl and breakup eventually.

Express yourself honestly through outward appearance, words and behaviors. You want to be yourself, and find someone you like and likes you too.


This one is rampant everywhere on being successful with women. Women want a confident guy, a man who is 'Man', so women know he can be trusted and relied on. 

A confident guy is masculine, he trusts in his abilities, he trusts he can make good decision even if he knows he might be wrong.

A confident guy is grounded, he won't be needy around women, he won't easily be jealous when his girl is interacting with other guys. 

If you are not confident to yourself, chances are you will act like a wuss, and women will run away. Some guys are very confident in themselves, but when it comes to dating and relationships, they feel unconfident around women. Chances are, these guys have limiting beliefs about love. 

You want to avoid displaying low confidence to women. Don't escape from the decision you have to make, you have to man up, and don't verbalize anything resembling low confidence to women. See also: how to use self confidence to attract women


What is your life purpose? One of the reasons our society is feminized within recent decades is because young men don't know what they want in their life. They are programmed by the education in school, media and society to be submissive. There's no guide to teach them how to search what they want in their life, there's no guide to teach them how to set a goal, they can't define what is life purpose.

Without life purpose means the life is without backbone. There's no passion in life, there's no enthusiasm, the life is soulless. The school, media and society do not teach you that you want to FIND OUT WHAT YOU WANT, but tell you WHAT YOU SHOULD WANT. They teach you should study hard in college, enter a good company, work hard to get promotion opportunity, get married, work even harder, retired, and wait to die.

When you don't have life purpose, you live your life day by day without doing any thing means to you. And one day, you meet her, oh, she is so beautiful, "She must be my girlfriend!". So your life now is different, someone important is appear, you put into many efforts to get her as your girlfriend. Chances are, you act needy and clingy, and at last you are in her friend zone.

This is because when you don't have life purpose, you make women be your purpose. You chase her everyday, call her several times a day, be nice to her, buy her flowers, gifts, and so on. These are unattractive to women. You should ingrain a mindset that, it's you WANT women, but you don't NEED women. A man who doesn't need women is the one who can get women, simple as this.

So what to do? It's needless for me to tell you this: find out what you want in your life and go fucking get it. A great woman who is attracted to you will be delighted to join your journey.


If you want to be successful with women, then you want to turn yourself to be a social person. In previous article the fundamentals for success with women I said you can't use logic to attract women, things don't work that way. There's no one-fits-for-all skill to get women into you. If there's a skill you want me to recommend you to learn, then that would be social skills.

I can't stress enough social skills are very important in your life not only for women, but also for family, friends, colleges, business and more. Many guys who fail with women are also not being good in their social lives. They don't have true friends, they are unattractive in their social circle. If you aren't able to attract people to be your friends (even turn them off), how could you attract women to be your girlfriend?

Social skills have many types. You should at least master the basic skills. In my opinion there are 4 basic social skills you must master: 

Humor - Make women laugh, teasing and flirting, in a way that demonstrate to her that you are superior to her and don't necessarily need her

The art of storytelling - Learn how to tell story, draw listeners in, use metaphor to tell story, connect to her emotion

Leadership - You want to be in control, self-contained, you don't need validation from others, you lead people because you know what you want, women will feel you are a challenge and mysterious because she can't understand you

Listen - Listening is a skill. Listen to her problem, understand her emotional needs and respond relatively. After listening to her problem, take a pause and delay the answer


Now you already know the top 10 aspects to improve to become absolutely irresistible to women. They do work, and will work for you. You are armed with everything to know to attract women. Remember, attraction has to come first. Never stop to increase your attractiveness and lapse on it when you are in a relationship.

Commit to yourself that you eagerly want to work towards being fucking awesome, and be a great man that women will be naturally, irresistibly drawn to you.

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