Interacting With Women: 5 Ways to Improve Your Interaction With Women

Can't think straight when interacting with women?
Don't know how to react when interacting with them?
Have no idea what to do to keep your interaction with women smoothly?

All these problems are common problems for men who are not familiar to approach women. Many men don't have a picture of how to approach women so they feel helpless when they notice they're not good at interacting with women.

But this is not necessarily. It's really not that hard to interact with them. Most of the problems come from your inner world. You don't have a solid inner game, so you don't feel comfortable when approaching women.

Your unstable inner status will make you feel anxious around women. If you have a solid inner game, you'll be confident to face them, your confidence won't be shaken, you know how to react in order to strengthen the bond with women.

This is a very long topic to discuss about, I'm not able to cover every inner game problem in this article since the purpose of this article is about the ways to improve the interaction with women. Basically, there're 2 simple mindsets you have to nail in your head. 

First of all, when you feel uncomfortable while interacting with women, think that you have options in choosing a spouse. This mindset is really important, most men feel not confident is because they treat the particular woman as "the one". That's why they're so afraid to make mistakes in a relationship.

In fact, it is true that you have options, you don't necessarily have to choose only this particular woman, even though you have already decided she's "the one". If you don't be able to feel confident around her, you'll eventually end up the relationship, or it's not the best relationship that you deserve to get.

Besides having the mindset of have options, another mindset you must nail in your head is you don't act desperate when interacting with her. Many men make this mistake especially those so called nice guys. If you're being nice to women, stop being a nice guy. If you act desperate, needy, and clingy, it's a no brainer that women will leave you away.

Now let's get into the 5 ways to improve your interaction with women immediately.

Interacting with women easier

Don’t get upset if she’s upset

Pay highly attention to this, don't get upset if she's upset. Many men make this mistake unconsciously because lack of the basic knowledge about women's instinct and how the attraction works. Women are always indecisive, they don't actually know what they really want, they're emotional, act more emotional than logical. 

They can get upset for trivial things, and recover very quickly. Therefore, if you get upset when she's upset. You'll give her an impression that you're not grounded, you're not in control of yourself and easily get influenced by others. 

In other words, you're not "men" enough. Women like men who're "men", don't be a wuss. 

Remember, don't be a therapist when she's upset, just leave her alone or let her female friends accompany her. You don't want to take risk to lose your attraction.

Let her get it off her chest

Women like to complain something which is worrying her. That's normal for women, because they act emotionally but not logically. They need to confess or criticize about things that they aren't satisfied. And they feel content by do so. You should let her get it off her chest.

In addition, women like to talk a lot of nonsense. They like to keep talking, chit-chatting with friends for hours without feeling tired. Bonding is one of their instincts (mentioned in my free book), they would like to know more about other people and exchange information with others to know more the things around them, even though those things are not beneficial to them.

But men should not be talkative like women. Otherwise, you feminize yourself because it's not what a real men should do. 

Allow for feminine subtlety. Expect it

One of the biggest mistakes that men make is they secretly hope women think more like men. They angry at women if women are not decisive, emotional and others, they wonder why women can't be more stable. Women's emotion is like playing roller coaster, always up and down.

Like mentioned earlier, you don't get upset if she's upset. That's her feminine traits, you want to allow for feminine subtlety and expect for it. Remember, you should not follow her emotion in anyway, just keep cold with it, and leave yourself away. Back when she's happy, so she'll associated the happy moment with you instead of the sad moment.

Learn how to talk with your body.

In fact, women don't actually listen to what you said. They tend to forget the actual content in the conversation with you, but they remember clearly the feeling during the conversation. 

This is not only women, we human tend to forget most of the content in a conversation. I bet you don't remember three days before what your parents have told you.

We just remember the feeling during that interaction. You can remember the feeling of a gathering at the last time, it was so happy, but you forgotten what was said on that day. 

So, the language is not as important as you think. The feeling and impression you give are more important than what you say. Learn body language to talk with your body, by merely body language, you can reveal to her that you're confident and masculine in order to increase your attractiveness.

Spend money on your skills

This one I can't take away from the list. This is something most men try to avoid because involve money. However, you should spend money on your skills because once you learn the skills, you can earn back the money with the skills you just have learned. You'll earn back more money than you've invested on yourself.

When you've improved yourself, your attractiveness will be increased too, in order that more women will be attracted to you. You don't and should not chase women, inversely, you improve yourself and hence your attractiveness is improve so women chase you. 

I know this is very counter intuitive. The more skills you master, the more confident you are. The more confident you're, the more attractive you're. The more attractive you're, the more successful with women you are. Therefore, don't be stingy if needed spend money on your skills.

Interacting with women is not something that's very hard. You would need to know more about women's instincts and the nature of attraction 

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