How to Interact With Women Smoothly

Have you ever struggled to interact with women?
Have you ever wondered how to keep interaction going?

Some people find that interacting with women is a tough thing ever in their life. 

They wonder what is attractive to women, what types of men women will be attracted to and what are the correct ways to interact with women. 

Lots of men struggle with these problems. In fact, these problems are not that serious. It's easy to get on the right track by understanding the correct mindset that required in attracting and interacting with women.

How women's mind works?

Many people don't understand how women's mind works. That's one of the critical problems that most men have, they treat women like the way how they treat their peers. This is totally wrong.

Men's and women's mind has coded in different way. Women don't think like men, who are more tend to think logically. 

This is because men's role in ancient tribe is to hunt for food, protect tribe from being attacked by other tribes, lead the tribe, etc. Therefore, men like to interact with their peers directly to give clear message, they're not good at catching subtle message.

But women's role in tribe is different. Women are caregivers, they tend elder people and children in tribe and they always exchange information with their peers to know more about the circumstances in the tribe. This is how they protect themselves in ancient tribe. 

Therefore, women are great at communicating with subtle message. They're able to observe and comprehend things that men most likely will ignore about. Today this skill is what we so called sixth sense.

Secretly hope women think more like men

Unlike men, women communicate more emotional than logical. Their emotion is like roller coaster, always up and down, they're capricious. That's how their mind biologically wired up. 

But many men secretly hope women think more like men, they try to convince women with logic explanation, they take women's emotion issues lightly, they don't know why women always change their thoughts. 

These are the problems why most men don't be able to interact with women smoothly. In my free ebook I've explained how women's and men's mind works. See also 3 principles to attracting women

5 surefire ways to interact with women smoothly

There are 5 surefire ways help you to improve your interaction with women, read on.

Don't frequently talk about yourself 

When having a conversation with women, don't keep talking about yourself. This is really a common mistake that most men make. 

You can tell her something about yourself, maybe your ambition, maybe your family or maybe or career, but don't only talk about yourself. And also don't only talk about her. You want to have a great conversation with her but not having an interview with her. 

If you keep talking about yourself, you will destroy your mysterious. Even if she asks you, don't tell everything, left some gaps let her to guess them. (See also: why being mysterious works to attract women)

A good conversation is involving the both side of people, it should be a dialog, but not a monolog. Some men keep talking about himself because he wants to demonstrate high value to impress women, this is another common mistake that men make with women. see also: one critical mistake that men make with women

Trigger her emotion when she’s with you

When she's with you, you want to trigger her emotion. This is really not that hard. First of all, you want to behave like bad guys ( see how to be a bad guy) and to avoid behave like a nice guy. 

Nice guys always get perception by women as a wussy. Because nice guys most likely will buy women presents, drinks, dinners, flowers, compliment her, and be her driver. see: why being nice to women doesn't work.

Besides being as a bad guy, you want to present your sense of humor to her. Making women laugh definitely will trigger their emotion. (see: how humor attracts women

Don't be afraid to be yourself, don't be afraid of screwing up the dating, if you more focus on the negative thing, you'll more likely to make it happen. Just enjoy the moment when you're with her, laugh more, and touch more. Period.

Treat her like a lady 

As mentioned earlier, men secretly hope women think like men, so they treat women exactly the same how they treat their peers. But this is not attractive to women. 

Woman wants to feel like a lady when she's with you. She likes that feeling very much. Therefore, you want to be masculine so she'll feel herself feminine.

You want to be a gentleman, and be a mature man. Be a leader, lead her in your dating and conversation. Be more decisive because women are indecisive. Be smart, be assertive. When you're being a "man", she automatically feels herself like a lady. Women are attracted to men who are "men".

Know that looks are less matter than you think

Many men have self image problem because they think looks are really matter to be successful with women. But this is not completely true. In fact, looks do matter, but less matter than you think. Surely it's important at attracting women, but it's not as important as personalities in the long run.

After several times of interaction with a particular woman, your nice looks gradually lost its effect to attracting women. She's not attracted to your sexual appearance as strong as before. 

Of course it's an advantage if you have a nice looks. But that doesn't effect your chances to succeed with women if you have a bad looks. Just by avoiding being a nice guy will definitely give you an unfair advantage to those guys who have nice looks but being nice to women.

Talk about stuff that’s interesting to women

This one is similar to the first one, don't keep talking about yourself, because it's not interesting to women, unless they ask you because they are interested in you. Every woman is different, stuff that's interesting to this woman doesn't mean also interesting to that woman.

Therefore, you should do some homework before you try to approach a particular woman. This is easily to be done if you two have some mutual friends, try to get some clue about her from your friends. 

Or you can access to her Facebook profile to see what she has been liked or shared on her profile, this gives you some ideas what she might be interested in. (Thanks to modern technologies today). 

If you really put into efforts, you should have a bunch of interesting topics to talk about. But if you really don't have any idea what's interesting to her after doing some research, then focus on these topic that commonly women like: foods, travels, anecdotes, new technologies (iPhone and iPad), childhoods and dreams.

If you want to improve your dating and relationships, then you must commit to change yourself. You want to improve yourself constantly, and set some serious goals in your life. 

A man who is in control is fascinating to women, women are irresistibly attracted to this kind of men because attraction is not something logical, it's an instinct. Women can't control and convince themselves not to be attracted to you if you're attractive to them. Period.

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