6 Steps to Design Your Ideal Day and No More Messy Life

Is your everyday an ideal day?
Do you feel your life is a mess?
Are you wasting your precious time?
Do you want to organize your life so you can perform better?

Many people don't satisfied with their life. One of the biggest problems is they think their life is totally a mess, because they feel their life is out of their control. They don't know where is their life heading to, so they feel paralyzed with their life, they have no idea what to do or not motivated to do what they suppose to do.

Therefore, their everyday for them is a bad day. Have you ever had the feeling every your day is a bad day? Do you wish to organize your life so you feel a sense of contentment daily?

This "life is a mess" feeling can be eliminated with starting to take control your life. But how? Many people's "life is a mess" feeling is caused by lacking control of their life, to turn over the table, you have to take the control back.

In the following are action steps to turn around your life, act now to take control your life.

6 simple steps to design your ideal day

#1 Do you have goals?

Firstly, what are your goals? Do you have important goals in your life that can be defined as definite major purpose? Without goals, you're like a boat traveling on the ocean without a compass. You'll be getting nowhere, and just flowing with the ocean waves.

If you're lucky, you'll reach to an island, but you don't know that will be an island with people or uninhabited island. If you're unlucky, you'll be traveling on the ocean until you die with lacking of water or food. 

Goals can be your motivation to chase your dream. With clear goals, you'll know what you're going to do to get closer to your desired lifestyle. Therefore, if you want to turn around your life and eliminate the "life is a mess" feeling, set your goals is the first thing to do.

Ask yourself what do you want with your life after 5 years later? What do you want to achieve so you'll feel fulfilled and happy? What is your life purpose? See: how to discover your mission in life

After knowing what and why you want, you want to make sure your goals were set with specific, realistic, measurable, attainable and time-bound. See also: 8 goal setting guidelines. Furthermore, you should also make sure your goal setting doesn't have big mistake or else you'll be painful for it in the future. See: 12 common goal setting mistakes.

#2 Do you know how to manage your time?

Time management is essential if you don't want your life likes a mess. Do you know how to manage your time? Do you procrastinate your works until last minute? Procrastination is one of the biggest time management issues, normally it's regarding to your psychological issues. You cannot neglect this if you want your "ideal day". See: why you procrastinate your work

You may waste your entire day if you're sucks at managing your time. There're several factors that makes you to waste your time, your inner being is one of the popular factors. By taking note of your moods and thoughts, you can avoid to waste your time. See why you waste your time. You will also need to avoid the 4 time management mistakes, if you ignore these mistakes, you know what will be happened.

After knowing why you procrastinate and waste your time, you should start to learn some useful tips of time management. See: 7 time management tips that boost your productivity

#3 How is your to-do list? 

Since you have set your goals, then you want to simplify and break them down to be doable or actionable. You want to create your daily to-do list, so you can design your "ideal day".

First of all, you want to break the goals down into chunks – yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals. You set your yearly goals first, then based on your yearly goals you set your monthly goals, and then based your monthly goals you set your weekly goals, and then daily goals. See: how to make your goals actionable and achievable

So now you have your daily goals, create your daily to-do list to accomplish them. Don't set too many tasks, it's ideal of 3-5 tasks for one whole day.

#4 What are the highest value actions you can take during the day?

Now, look at your list. You have a list of tasks that you want to finish in a day. So what are the highest value actions you can take during the day? You have to figure out and decide what actions that give you the highest leverage. According to 80/20 rule, there're 20% of work will leverage the 80% of the result. 

Therefore, although many people have set their goals, they have a list of things to do everyday, but they don't make any better result because they spend their time on low value activities. For instance, if you want to build online business, product and marketing are the most important things in the business, you want to spend your time on product creation and marketing. 

By contrary, if you spend much of your time to read emails and write comments, then you'll have low efficiency. They're great actions, but not the highest value actions. They represent the 80% of work but produce 20% result.

#5 Arrange your daily works priority

Therefore, you have to arrange your daily works on the list with their priorities so you'll do the highest leverage activities. Basically, you can categorize your activities into four types according to their importance and urgency - distractions, interruptions, important goals, and critical activities. See: how to finish tasks with less stress

Not important and not urgent activities are merely distractions, not important and urgent activities are interruptions, both types of activities you have to avoid. They're not productive, if you spend all your time on these, you'll have a mess and bad day. 

Important and not urgent actives are important goals, and important and urgent activities are critical activities. Important goals are your highest leverage activities, you should spend much of your time on this category. Critical activities are the important goals you delayed so they become urgent, don't wait to do things until last minute. Don't forget the time management mentioned above.

#6 Try to create a natural flow of your activities

Now come to the last step to design your "ideal day". What would your "ideal day" look like? From the beginning to now, you already have a list of things for you to do. Besides that, you want to take out a paper to list down the elements that will bring you the most joy, grow you the most from inside out, and bring you the most fulfillment. For instance, talk to inspiring people, watch inspiring movies, work out, etc.

After that, you want to integrate these elements into your schedule. Fit them all together with your activities into groups, one after another. Then create a natural flow of all the activities. Basically all these activities can categorize into three types, they're physical, emotional, and intellectual. Make all the categories flow one after another - intellectual during morning, emotional during afternoon, and physical during night. It's not fixed, you can design your "ideal day" with different sequences of activities.

If your "ideal day" is not "ideal", it's okay. You need some times to fit all things together and make it works. You can tweak and tune your "ideal day" whenever you want. Regularly redesigning your "ideal day" so you can improve better. Remember, don't be too hard on yourself, perfection is not the point.

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