How to Make Women Want You: 4 Ways

How to make women want you?

If I tell you there're ways can make women want you, do you want to learn them?

No, it's not about how handsome you are. And it's neither your wealth nor self confidence.

Of course, these things do help you to make women want you. And you already know about these.

Therefore, in fact you already know what to do to make women attracted to you. 

For instance, if your appearance is not attractive, you can improve it by shaving your beard, whitening your teeth, wearing suitable cloths, having a fashion haircut, blah blah blah. It's nothing hard to improve your appearance.

If you think it's money issue, you can improve your wealth by investing, making money online, building passive income streams, building a website, blah blah blah. There's always something for you to work on.

You probably already know that, self confidence is a trait that women naturally attracted to. In my previous article I explained self confidence is merely a set of beliefs around a particular area. When you know you are in control, you radiate self confidence naturally. 

Therefore, if you know you can deal with women, you won't act like insecure, needy and clingy. So you behave confidently. And women perceived a confident man is powerful and has resources, hence women are attracted to men with high confidence and self esteem. 

Women's mind is wired biologically in this way. They can't control it. That's why attraction is not a choice. See also: how to use self confidence to attract women

But in this article I want to talk something else.

And this is how you can easily and quickly make women want you.

Make women want you: leverage the instincts

This article is regarding copying behaviors when females choose their spouse. Copying behaviors is a biology concept about females would see what their peers are looking for a partner and they will copy that behavior. Therefore, they will choose the same partner or similar type of partner.

I have explained this in my free ebook Relationships Made Simple. In other words, if you are wanted by other women, chances are your desired woman will be interested in you. 

Women don't actually know what they want. They are indecisive. They are so unsure about their own opinion. Therefore, they tend to see how other women see you to confirm her own opinion.

Therefore, if you can show her you are wanted by other women, aha, you are in business.

But you don't have to fake it. It's ideal if there's really someone attracted to you. Everyone has someone who liked him or her. You say there's no women liked you, chances are, the one you liked don't like you; and you don't like the one who liked you.

If you don't always be nice to women and behave like a wuss, it's not surprise that there's one or two girls secretly liked you. Just you don't realize it.

Anyhow, here is introduced you some ways to leverage this biology concept so you can make women want you. Note: it's not manipulating her mind. You can only play your part. You never have right to control and manipulate her mind. See also: attract women with personal boundaries

How to make women want you: 4 ways

Flirt with them

Bad guys are attractive in women's eyes. This is because they seem they have options when it comes to women. Other women will think there must be something for a bad guy so there are so many women liked him. Hence, women are interested in him.

When women are interested in you, you can turn interests into attraction. 

So, how do you do this?

Flirting. Get every chance to flirt and tease with the women around you - your coursemates, colleagues, female friends and so on. It's not that hard, you can flirt when you are talking and interacting with them. You should flirt with them even if they are not your type.

There's no pressure at this. Because they are not the particular woman who makes you nervous and drives you crazy. You feel comfortable around them. So, treat them as women, not your other male friends. 

Flirt with them, when they liked to be around you, you will be seemed as you are wanted by them, so your attractiveness is skyrocketed.

Take pictures with them

When you get the chance to take pictures with them, take it. Post it on your social profile. No matter who they are, friends, co-workers, ex girlfriends, or your cousins, post the pictures as long as they are hot.

When a woman sees these pictures, she will assume you are so attractive to these women in picture. She will feel if she doesn't get your attention, you'll run off with other girls.

Be unavailable

Nice guys finish last. Why? Because they are overly available. Nice guys don't understand what means by "Absent makes the heart grows fonder.". Nice guys want to be around her all the time so she won't lose interests and falls for another guy.

As mentioned before, needy and clingy do not work. And they will make you backfire, undoubtedly. 

Don't always be available. You want to make time alone (step #4 of how to live your best life) to do your own things. A quality man must has life purpose, he must has goals, he must has dreams. A great man should be busying to chase his dream life, never give up on living his dream life.

When you turn a woman down to hang out together, don't give a reason. So that intrigues her interests in you, and she will think you are busying with other women. 

Just reply her something like " Monday's not good", "Friday works better."," How about next week?"

This is much more effective than buying her drinks, presents, flowers and be her driver. Don't always be available. 

Be cocky and funny

This point is similar to the first one, flirt with women around you. But how to flirt with them?

You want to flirt in cocky and funny way. A confident man is attractive, but when he is over confident (aka cocky), it's annoying to people. 

However, when cocky mixes with humor, it creates chemistry within a woman's mind. Because these two traits are complete opposite. A man who is cocky must be serious, but how comes he is so funny? This builds "butterflies" in women. See also: how to use humor to attract women

Do you need to always come up with high standard jokes? No. When a woman is attracted to you, she will help you to seduce her. She will be secretly directing you to get her. Because woman wants you to take action. 

You have to get the signals she sends to you. And then you want to keep escalating your conversation to next level. It's sexy for her.

In other words, your job is very simple, intensify the relationship and not mess it up. This will make women want you.


Lets’s summarize these four ways of how to make women want you.

  • Flirt with them
  • Take pictures with them
  • Be unavailable
  • Be cocky and funny

Make it happen!

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