How to Build Self-Confidence That Last Long

The wrong way to build self-confidence

Are you wondering how to build self-confidence but fail every time?
Do you always feel low self-confidence in your life?
Do you think self-confidence is important to you?

There're many people who struggle with low self-confidence when dealing problems.

Self-confidence is one of the most precious assets in your life.

No even one successful person achieved great achievement without self-confidence.

If you don't have solid self-confidence, then you cannot do many things in your life.

For instance, let's suppose you want to be successful with women, your self-confidence will be the fundamental inner game.

If you always feel inferior to your woman, or you're always afraid to make her unhappy, chances are, you'll get dumped by your woman eventually.

How could a man succeed with women if he doesn't feel he is worth to be with women?

Women find a man attractive if he's very confident in himself. In contrast, timid and inferior man is unattractive to women. See also: The kind of self-confidence that attracts women

Now let's say you want to do online business, so you start planning and pondering. But you don't have the confident that you can build a successful business, therefore, chances are you built an unsuccessful business eventually. 

I know business failure can contribute to many reasons, however, successful people will 'fix' all the mistakes and keep trying until they achieve the goals. They're confident that they must be able to build a successful business, so they'll never give up easily. See also: how to achieve your goals

Many people have the consciousness that they have to do something to increase their self-confidence because they're suffering from the confidence issues.

But the result is not desirable after they take some steps.

Do you have the same kind of problem?

Do you keep trying to build your solid self-confidence but you're still not confident at all?

This is because you're building your self-confidence in the totally wrong way. Keep doing the wrong way to build your self-confidence undoubtedly you'll fail eventually and end with nowhere. 

In the following are the wrong ways that most people do in dealing with their self-confidence.

Get to know and avoid them in your building self-confidence process so you'll not build your castle on sand. 

How to build self-confidence correctly

Try to alter your thoughts but not your beliefs

The main problem that most people don't be able to gain and build their solid self-confidence is because they don't bother their beliefs but merely their thoughts.

Many people even the self-confidence experts teaching others to build self-confidence by changing their thoughts. However, this is not going to work effectively. 

Changing people's thoughts don't help in building their self-confidence because self-confidence problem is a set of limiting beliefs problems.

Focusing on changing thoughts will only give you temporary effects but not long lasting changing.

For instance, many experts tell you that you want to be confident and think positively. Don't think about negativity, you want to focus on the good things instead of the bad things.

You follow what the experts said, and you feel a bit released and confident. However, that'll not last long. After several days later you will back to the initial low confident state.

Why is this happen? Why can't you keep feeling confident like you feel extremely confident on the first day?

The advice such as "positive thinking" and "be confident" don't have the power to give you permanent effects because they're focusing on your thoughts but not your beliefs.

Where your thoughts come from? They're from your beliefs. 

If you have limiting beliefs that holding you back to be self-confident, you'll never succeed to be confident by changing your own thoughts.

It feels like bouncing a ball on the wall, no matter how hard you throw the ball on the wall, it must bounce back eventually. The more power you throw the ball, the more vigorous it bounces back.

When comes to self-confidence the more you focus on changing your thoughts the more less-worthy feeling will arise after your thoughts loss the effect.

In addition, many people feel inferiority because they're not famous, rich, handsome and other external value perceived by people. However, this is not true.

It's impossible for you to build self-confidence through good appearance, fame, wealth, popularity and number of friends you have. Your confidence problem comes from your inner world, your beliefs, but not from the external signals such as how people perceive you.

Most people who lack self-confidence feel inferior or less self-worth than other people. These are limiting beliefs issues, stop confusing yourself that self-confidence can build from external signals and changing your thoughts. You want to focus on your beliefs.

The correct way to build self confidence

So, what's the correct way to build your self-confidence?

As mentioned many times before, self-confidence is a set of limiting beliefs problems.

These beliefs were formed as a result of your past experience. For instance, you don't have confidence to approach the women that you want because you have ever failed with women in your past.

In your past experience, there are women told you she dislikes you because you're not handsome. Therefore, you have a belief that you don't have a good appearance.

You believe that you're not handsome and even believe that you're very ugly. You perceive wrongly your self-image because your past failure experience with women.

Therefore, your self-confidence problem is a result of your past experience. To overcome this problem, you would need to create some new experience to overwrite your past experience.

In other words, to build the solid self-confidence you need to replace your limiting beliefs (created by past experience) with empowering beliefs (new experience).

Self confidence is divided into areas

At last, you want to know the fact that self-confidence is divided into areas.

For example, if you're very confident in your business doesn't mean that you're very confident with women. These are different topics and you have the different experience in these areas.

For instance, you're a very successful businessman, so you're very confident in your business skills because you've pretty much good experience in this realm.

But you can feel inferior or less worthy when facing women because you've some bad experience in this realm. Therefore, self-confidence is not fungible. You can't build confidence to be successful with women by building confidence in other aspects.

Build the skills that needed will build the confidence you need. The more life skills you master, the more confident you are. 

Final words

Therefore, when you're building your self-confidence, you must focus on your limiting beliefs that related to the aspects that you want to be confident with.

Define all your limiting beliefs accurately, you may have more than one limiting belief in the related aspects. Then replace these limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs by creating new positive experience.

Don't mistakenly focus on altering your thoughts instead of your limiting beliefs. Otherwise, you'll fail to be confident eventually.

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