How to Be a Bad Guy That Your Woman Will Love Without Being a Jerk

Did you ever think of how to be a bad guy? Feeling fed up of being a nice guy?

Many people don't understand the attraction psychology, they think attraction in a loving relationship can't be created and expected. Therefore, they have no idea what to do when they have feelings for a woman.

If you don't have the idea about the attraction, when you approach women you probably will copy the action that taught by your mother - being polite, gentlemen, humble, and nice.

In addition, perhaps all of your ideas come from the love drama. In fact, they are toxic for your loving relationship, these resources are teaching you to be nice to women.

I have explained being nice to women doesn't work. Most results being nice to women is getting dumped by women. Nice guys may let women think they're nice, but they can't trigger the attraction.

"You're nice, but I'm not suitable for you"
"You're nice, but I don't have feeling for you."
"You're nice, you can get someone better than me." 

Familiar with these scripts? Nice guys always end up their relationship with these scenes. I've been experienced the feelings being a nice guy, I tell you, the feelings Sucks.

Women's mind is biologically hard-wired to be attracted to bad guys instead of nice guys. Bad guys have personality traits that completely contrary to the personality traits of nice guys. See also: Why women love bad guys.

Many nice guys think that they don't want to be a bad guy. They claim that bad guys are a jerk, cheat women and don't respect women. So they don't ever try to understand why this happened and just wait for 'the one' come up someday.

However, the one will not come if you're not able to attract her. Or you'll end up with nice guy's sad ending.

They seemingly understand why bad guys can attract women, but they don't have the full picture, and they don't want to to be a jerk.

If you're a nice guy and hope to be successful with women, then you want to change yourself to be a 'bad guy'. (In case you don't know are you a nice guy, you should know if you ever have women said similar scripts above to you.)

Being a bad guy isn't necessarily being a jerk. You can be a bad guy without encroach your own personality. Below are some bad guys' personality traits, if you can take at least one thing or two from here, your attraction is skyrocketed.

How to be a bad guy

Be cocky and funny

Being funny is one of the ways to attract women. Women prefer funny guys because these guys know how to make women happy. However, if you don't be funny in the correct ways, you'll seem like an idiot and clown. See also: how to use humor to attract women

Bad guys think they're superior and powerful so their attitude is seemingly cocky. If you are merely cocky women will hate you, and if you are merely funny women don't feel attraction for you.

However, if you are cocky and funny, your attraction will become irresistible. The mixture of cocky and funny create chemistry in women's mind, try to be cocky and funny.

Break the rules

Nice guys like to do things follow the rules, they don't like adventure because they have been taught to play safe. In contrast, bad guys do things never follow the rules, instead they follow their heart. If they want to do something, they'll just do it, even though they know some risks are involved in it.

They like adventure and they're the risk taker, follow rules will only limit their actions. According to research, breaking rules will make you seem powerful.

Play safe game is nice because you must also need to consider the consequences if you take risky actions. But remember, always be willing to break the rules if it's necessary.

Dare to tell dirty jokes

Don't be timid to tell dirty jokes in front of the women you like. In fact, dirty jokes are one of the funniest elements in the world. And this will unconsciously trigger the women's mind to think about sex.

In fact, women like sex too, but they aren't like guys want to have sex with many women instead they only want to have sex with the guys they like.

Dirty jokes can make you become funny and masculine if you know how to express it. See how to use humor to attract women

Be confident

This is the most important part, if you don't handle your inner game well, you'll mess up everything. You must be confident when you're approaching women, don't be shy and afraid.

Think you're just talking to one of your friends when you're approaching women, that's not a big deal. Don't worry about what you say, after the conversation she'll forget 70% content of the conversation.

She'll only remember the impression you give to her. Therefore, if you act like timid and afraid, she'll remember you're a nice guy or lack of self-confidence.

Self-confidence problem is a set of limiting beliefs problems. If you want to boost your self-confidence, then you have to conquer your beliefs. See: The kind of self-confidence that attracts women

Be assertive

Bad guys are always assertive, they know what they like, what they want, and they'll take action. They take control of their life instead of letting their life controls them.

In contrast, nice guys always follow the rules, follow what others said and did. They're less likely to listen to their own heart and follow what their heart telling them.

Therefore, bad guys seem like alpha males, but nice guys seem like beta males. Attractive women don't feel attraction for beta male.

Assertive not only will help you in the realm of dating and relationship, but also influence all parts of your life. Without knowing yourself, you are not able to be assertive. See how to be an assertive person that gets the most out of life.

Be a leader

Women want a man who's 'Man'. A real man must be masculine because women want to feel herself more feminine. This is how women's mind works, their mind is wired relatively to be attracted to dominant men.

If the man is not dominant, women who suppose be submissive will become more dominant, and the man will become more submissive.

This kind of relationship must end eventually because women want to feel feminine when she's with her man. If you're not dominant but submissive, your women will not feel you are attractive.

Therefore, you have to become her leader. Don't ask her what to eat or where to go, instead you decide yourself and lead her through. This is men's responsible. To be a leader, you want to to be decisive and assertive.

Put zero weight on other's opinions

Bad guys are confident in themselves, they do things congruent with their heart and put zero weight on other's opinions. A confident man is attractive. If you've solid self-confidence, then you can attract women naturally. 

Nice guys being nice to women is because they are lacking self-confidence. They don't think women should like them, and they don't think they can attract women by simply being themselves.

Therefore, they will do nice things for women such as buy her flowers, presents, drinks and be her driver to attract her. All these are boring and predictable.

Remember, women like confident men. You want to be confident and don't care too much about what others said because most people who critic, judge and reject you don't know much about you. See: why rejection doesn't make sense

These are the ways how to be a bad guy without being a jerk. Share your thoughts below.

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