How to Achieve Your Goals | A Simple Strategy

How to achieve your goals?

A frequently asked question.

Most people fail their goals. It's because most people practice a vicious routine which lead them to failure eventually.

The routine looks like this:

People set their goals and take action going after them. But instead of taking action daily they take action occasionally. The action is becoming less and less gradually and completely zero action in the end. After that, they give excuses to why they stop chasing their goals.

That's how most people fail their goals. 

Their goals will always only be their dreams.

So they tell themselves face the reality. Dreams are dreams.

Why can't most people constantly go after their goals? 

That can be many factors. Like don't know how to set goals, how to make goal actionable, how to manage their time, or don't know what suppose to do.

Beliefs system

However, the root problem can be their beliefs system.

Every individual has different beliefs system around particular areas.

People's beliefs formed through their past experience especially through their childhood.

The beliefs are ingrained in their mind along with their growth path. 

Human's brain is clever. But it's also stupid.

It automatically filters out the evidence that against with their beliefs.

Therefore, people may stick to certain bad behaviors and decisions due to the limiting beliefs that they have. 

Beliefs can generally divide into two categories which are empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs.

Empowering beliefs will help you across the barriers that preventing you to be successful, whereas limiting beliefs will hold you back to be successful. See also: Is your mind safe from limiting beliefs? 

Therefore, if you have limiting beliefs around the area that you want to succeed, you'll never achieve it.

For examples, you can't be rich if you have limiting beliefs about money. You can't set successful goals if you have limiting beliefs about goal setting. You can't be successful with women if you have limiting beliefs about love.

It's all about the proper mindset that you have to acquire in the areas you want to succeed.

Mindset is a set of beliefs around the particular area.

The biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people is their beliefs.

Successful people have a correct mindset in managing and controlling their life.

In contrast, unsuccessful people have a wrong mindset. That's why they always fail their goals unconsciously.

Success is a matter of number of tries

Therefore, if you want to succeed in certain areas, the first thing you want to do is changing your mindset.

You have to find out the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving what you want. 

Once you find out the limiting beliefs that you have, you have to find out why you have these limiting beliefs.

This is not easy to do so since your limiting beliefs usually adopted from your childhood, they're hard-wired in your brain.

Therefore, you need to make a deep self-talk with yourself.

Ask yourself why you got these false beliefs?
What do you feel with these limiting beliefs?

You have to scrape the deep layers of your inner heart, understand that these limiting beliefs are useless for you.

Then you have to acknowledge and accept you have limiting beliefs no matter what beliefs they are. 

You can't improve your beliefs system if you don't accept your limiting beliefs.

After that, find out what empowering beliefs that are contrary to your limiting beliefs. Substitute them with these empowering beliefs.

Remember, if you have a correct mindset, you'll be successful naturally.

The way to achieve your goals is eliminating your false beliefs and creating empowering beliefs to replace it.

Once you acquired unshakable empowering beliefs you'll get motivation.

You will be motivated to go after your dreams, goals, and missions.

Therefore, if your goals are aligning with your empowering beliefs, you become unstoppable to reach your goals.

However, your must have ups and downs in your life.

Even if you have a proper mindset, sometimes you still lack motivation to do the work due to some reasons.

And that's normal.

Just consciously aware about it and don't procrastinate what you should do.

You must be aware the psychological factors that are holding you back to take action.

Most people don't understand why they are not making progress. They simply overgeneralize the reasons like they're not good at time management, or they don't have will power.

Sometimes, you need a break in the progress.

You feel overwhelmed due to your daily massive work, psychological problems or other factors.

It's like a computer system multitasking and working too long time. Finally, the system is down and even needed a reboot.

When this happened you have to rewind your head to "zero state". Travelling is one of the ways to do it. See also: How to empty your mind

You should also keep yourself motivated.

This can be done by various methods.

For example, you can listen to some inspiring music, watch some inspiring movies, read some inspiring quotes and read celebrities success stories.

Once you are motivated just keep striving and moving forward.

Don't think that you want to wait for the right mood to work, that'll result in procrastination.

Persistence is the key

Therefore, once you replace the limiting beliefs with the empowering beliefs around the area that you want to succeed in, you'll be successful in that area naturally.

Your perspective will change.

Everything that is seemingly a roadblock in your life will become a challenge to you.

You'll perceive them as the stepping-stone for you to succeed instead of the barriers.

No matter what kind of challenges you'll face, you'll never give up easily.

If you figure out you are doing the wrong way, you will find another way until it works instead of blaming yourself or others.

You believe that every problem you face has a reason and a purpose, you'll learn from your mistakes and failures.

Persistence is the key to success.

Don't give up midway, keep trying and trying until you succeeded.

At last, here provides you a guide how to pursue your goals. 

How to achieve your goals

1. How to set your goals

The first step to pursuing your goals is knowing what your goals are.

To know the answer, you want to design your life.

If you don't design the life you genuinely wanted, you won't be fulfilled and content even if you achieve your goals.

You want to discover what's your mission in life and set goals to achieve them.

Setting goals is simply about knowing what you're going to do in the long-term, medium-term, and short-term.

Make sure your goals meet most of the goal setting guidelines and you don't make common goal setting mistakes.

So you'll have solid goals.

Then the rest of it is taking action until you achieve them.

If you don't take action then your goals will only be your other abandoned projects.

So how to take action?

2. Figure out your limiting beliefs 

After setting your goals, you want to check if you beliefs system has any limiting belief or not.

If you always say "I want to do XX, but I XX" and "I can't do XX because XX" chances are you have false beliefs.

The word "but" implies that you have a thought that's against with your goals. 

Ask yourself "How can I fix this "but" problem?" Most of the time, you'll figure out there are many solutions available.

And you have to examine the word "because" is it a valid reason? Is it reasonable and rational?

Reasons like "because I don't like" or "because I'm not good" obviously don't make sense.They are excuses, bullshit. 

These reasons can be your limiting beliefs.

 Check how your limiting beliefs formed will help you to eliminate them, and after that you have to examine are them really eliminated. So you won't bang your head against the wall.

3. Make actionable goals

You want to break down and simplify your goals to yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

If you don't do so, chances are you'll feel overwhelmed with what you should do every day.

You'll not do things on the daily basis, so you will delay your deadline and even give up midway if you perceived they are unattainable.

In other words, you have to make your goals actionable.

Many people set their goals but never make progress due to don't have an execution plan.

What is the first step?
What to do daily?

That's why some guys claim that setting goals is useless, simply because they don't know how to take action and commit to it every day. See how to make your goals actionable.

4. Time management

Time management doesn't mean managing your time.

Because time flows without ours controlling. We can't control the flow of time.

You can't manage your time although that's how we called it – time management.

In fact, it's about managing yourself. You want to control yourself to best use your time. 

Procrastination is one of the popular ways how people waste their time.

It's very relevant with your psychological matters. Many people have psychological problems that cause them wasting their time unconsciously.

Although they swear they will stick to their schedule, they will follow their plan, but they still quit due to the psychological issues like laziness and depression. See why you procrastinate? and why you're wasting your time?

Once you figure out your inner problem you must take action to solve it. 

Manage yourself = manage your time.

Stop depressing then only can motivate yourself to work. 

When you are mentally stable only the time management tactics can work.

Use some time management tips and avoid the common time management mistakes. See also: The best time management system

 5. Don't care for others criticism

Now you already know what to do: Set your goals, eliminate wrong beliefs, simplify your tasks, and manage your time.

However, it's not the end.

When you are doing something great chances are there are haters around you. And they will criticize you.

They criticize you is because of jealousy. They are losers and don't want others become better than them.

Haters will see you walk on water and say it's because you can't swim.

For instance, you want to build an online business. You started a website and update it daily. But your friends and your parents told you to give it up. Because they don't believe you can make money from Internet, it's better to study or work for others.

They're the people very close to you. However, they don't support what you do. 

If you don't have a solid winning mindset you will be influenced by them.

You must have thick skin when people critic, judge and reject you.

Because most people don't really understand you and what you're doing.

They are not you. You are the decider, your future is holding in your hand, not theirs.

If you believe you're right, then just ignore what they said to you. See also: 6 ways how people wrongly judge you. 

Final words

When you pursue your goals on the daily basis, you'll gain momentum..

Pursuing goals will become a habit to you.

You'll start to feel confident about your life.

You'll also notice that your performance becomes better and better. This also gives more confidence to you.

You will never need to depend on willpower to execute your plan anymore. You are living in it. It becomes your second nature.

Keep persistence and your momentum will increase.

Your life will improve like snowballing.

Success is just around the corner. Be patient and harvest your result.

Remember, success is a number of tries, keep trying until you get success.

Persistence is the key.

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