Hero's Journey

This video is about the hero's journey made by TED based on the famous mythology book " The Hero with a Thousand Faces" by Mythologist Joseph Campbell. 

Everybody wants to be successful. Everybody wants to be a hero. But how? There are many people give up at the midway of going after their dreams due to the fears and doubts that are inevitable.

If you know the "Hero's Framework / Formula of Hero", then you'll know which stage you are current at and never feel confused because you know what you're going to do.

Basically, the hero's journey can be divided into 12 stages:

The hero's journey

#1 Status Quo

At this stage, you are in the ordinary world, where you are still in the comfort zone. You don't really know what do you want in your life yet - what do you want, who do you want to be, where do you want to go, etc.

#2 Call to Adventure

You will meet an event, an accident, or a person that ignites the fire inside of you. You'll listen to the calling that comes from your heart - the Call to adventure, and start to pursue the things that you eagerly want.

#3 Assistance

There's something or someone will appear in your life to help you to get on the right track. Maybe it's some advises from friends, or great minds, who is normally older and wiser.

#4 Departure

You face the situation that you have to make decision to leave your ordinary world (comfort zone) and get into the special world that you never seen and meet before. You start your adventurous journey. 

#5 Trials

That are many obstacles along your journey, you have to overcome them.

#6 Approach

At this stage, you'll meet the biggest obstacle ever in your journey.

#7 Crisis

The crisis moment. This is the darkest phase in your journey. If you overcome it, the remain journey will be easier and lighter. But if you fail to deal with it, you may fail or even dead - physically and spiritually.

#8 Treasure 

At this stage, you succeed to achieve your goals, and your dreams. After the long fight in the special world, you get lucrative return; it may be your love, money, or new abilities.

#9 Result

At this stage you get the result from what you did. It could be your enemies give up to you, it could be your limiting beliefs are eliminated - you name it. However, you may also get bad result.

#10 Return 

After exploring the special world, you back to your ordinary world.

#11 New Life

The adventurous journey change your life. Your life becomes more quality, more satisfied, happier and content. A totally new life to you.

#12 Resolution

Every problem in your life is being solved, such as the curiousness about yourself - Who am I? Why I'm here? Where I'm going?

After you go through all these stages, you'll back to the first stage - status quo, but in a totally new upgraded level. Nothing is quite the same once you are a hero.

As you can see, the hero's journey is a cycle. No matter where you're at, you can start it over again. In a bigger scope, there's no failure in life, that's merely a result. And you can start your journey whenever you want. The Hero's Journey has no ending point.

Don't be afraid. Step out of your comfort zone and face your pain. Go beyond your comfort zone and you'll find your treasure out there.


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