Heart Touching Video: The World Needs Compassion

This heart touching video moved me when I saw it shared by my friends on Facebook.

Initially, I thought this video was something like Just For Laughs.

However, when I played the video, the content was not like what I thought about.

In the video, a male actor acted as a homeless guy, and another female actor who acted as a nice lady who brought the homeless guy to a restaurant and gave him 20$ to buy food.

However, once the lady left the restaurant, the bartender took away his money.

There were hidden cameras set up at the restaurant to shoot the reaction of customer who didn't know anything that all these were setting up.

I don't want to be a scene spoiler here, but this really is a heart touching video.

My eyes were sweating after watching this video.

I hope all people are kind, loving, caring and helping each other in this world.

Click the play Button and watch the video, the world needs compassion.

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