3 Things You Have to Know If You Want to Guarantee Your Success

Do you know how to guarantee your success?
Do you know how far distance is between you and your success?
Are you feeling there're pieces are missing to be successful?

Nobody wants to be a loser. In our life, competition exists at everywhere. In school, we have to compete with our peers to score a higher grade in examination. We also have to compete with peers to get our spouse's attention. In workplace, we need to compete with other companies, compete with colleagues to get promotion opportunity.

The examples can be go on, there're endless competition around us. Generally, one's achievement is considered use to measure one's success. 

If you're a successful person, you'll not only be seen as authority, but also have more influence, powerful, resourceful, high status, self confidence and attractive. That's why many people are chasing for success and wishing to be famous.

Many people would like to know is there any system or steps let them to follow that will guarantee their success. So now there're many resources such as books, seminars, tapes and courses offer in the marketplace that claim they'll guarantee you to be successful.

The secret to be successful

In fact, the secret to be successful isn't something mysterious. I could tell you that, in fact, there's no secret to help you to be successful. To be successful is easier than you think, but due to many people don't do research or not willing to give efforts, being successful become something that's hard to achieve.

The routine to be successful always include these several steps. Firstly, know what you want and why you have to achieve it. Then later, set you goals so you know what to do to achieve your goals. Make sure you set your goals without making goal setting mistakes

After setting your goals, you want to manage your time and deal with procrastination. Time is the most precious asset in your life, if you want to be successful, you must not wasting your time on unproductive stuffs, instead you want to laser focus on your goals

Do your task on daily basis. This will build the momentum and make it as your habit, so you don't need to use willpower to keep yourself discipline. 

Doing your task on daily basis will achieve your weekly goals, monthly goals, and then yearly goals eventually. Make commitment to yourself, always step out of your comfort zone, always visualize your final outcome, dream big, do more, talk less.

These are the briefly steps that you can implement to achieve your dream. There's no thing that seems stranger to you, every step you may ever heard or read from somewhere. If you do your best to implement these steps, chances are your success is waiting for you.

However, although we know the routine to be successful, but there're many factors that are not in our controlling such as environment, luck and timing. What we can do is do our best in every step and keep tracking our progress.

In the following, there're 3 things that most people forget or neglect which will guarantee your success.

3 things that guarantee your success

Change your belief system

Many people don't realize that one of the biggest reasons that holding them back to be successful is they have broken belief system. Are your belief system holding you to be successful?

Belief system works on subconscious level, this belief system stores your past experience, knowledge, and other trivial things to form your beliefs on something. 

For instance, you believe you can make money online because you once seen other people doing it, or you ever make money online yourself, or one of the famous online money makers is your friend, all these will create your belief that make money online works. This belief is good for you because you'll give best efforts once you decide to start your online business.

If you don't believe make money online is possible, how could you build a successful online business?

If you don't think make money online is possible, chances are you have limiting beliefs about online business. Many people don't realize this problem because this works on subconscious level. They just don't feel make money online appeal to them and rather to choose offline business.

To fix this problem you would need to know how limiting beliefs formed, so you'll know how to replace your limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs. 

One of the tactics to fix your belief system is to know the full and big picture around the thing that you want to succeed before work to achieve it. Like the example above, you need to understand the big picture of online business. How a successful online business works? Like what being said, knowledge is power.

'Giving' rather than 'getting'

This one is also one of the biggest reasons why people keep chasing 'success' but they never achieve it. Most people focus on how to get the things they want but neglect how they can contribute benefits to people, to society and to the world.

The real way to get something from others is create value for others. By giving to others, others will give you more than you give. Because you've created value to them, thus you'll become helpful, trustable, and valuable to them.

However, you should treat ‘GIVE’ pathway as a way to create success rather than what to go to ‘GET’. When you're giving to others, giving as much as you could. You want to give massive value to others, this will guarantee your success especially in a business.

Love what you do 

Many people chase for success but majority of them chase for material things, which are at outside such as fancy car, big house, branded clothes, fame, social status, etc. But they neglect their inner world, those things that located inside their heart.

Why you want to be successful? Why you decide to start this business? What is motivating you? What is inspiring you? What makes you happy in your business? 

What you're doing should be generated a great deal of inner happiness. You should never neglect your inner world. If you don't feel what you're doing resonate you, chances are what you're doing is never make you happier in your life. 

Don't pay focus on the outer world, instead focus on your inner world. If you love what you do, wealthy is a byproduct that comes naturally. (Of course you have to do well.) 

Alright, just to summarize. In fact, being successful isn't something that hard to achieve. You figure out what you want to do and why you want to do, then set goals and do your best to achieve it. Maybe you approach with the wrong way and that leads you to fail eventually. However, don't consider it as a failure, instead you consider it as a lesson. And you challenge it again with better approach. 

If you count in these 3 approaches in your business will definitely guarantee your success.

  • Change your belief system
  • 'Giving' rather than 'getting'
  • Love what you do

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