12 Goal Setting Mistakes That Are Holding You Back To Be Successful

Are you making these 12 common goal setting mistakes?

Why do you fail even if you set your goals carefully?

Do you think that goal setting is useless because you still fail eventually?

Did you ever think that why you always fail your goals in the end?

If you always fail your goals then chances are you are making some of these mistakes.

You want to avoid them so your goal is on the right track.

12 biggest common goal setting mistakes

1. Set too many goals

When you're setting your goals, you may find out that you have many things that you want to accomplish.

Therefore, you may set several goals at once.

However, your resources are limited such as your time and energy.

If you set too many goals and you can't finish them as you have expected you'll feel discourage and even give up midway.

It's better for you to follow the "quality, not quantity" rule and don't set more than three goals at once.

Simplify these goals into the smaller tasks so you can execute them on the daily basis.

2. Vague personal goals

Are your goals too vague?
Do you know the purpose why you want to achieve your goals?
What'll happen if you fail your goals?

If you don't know why you want to achieve your goals, then your goals might only be your dreams because you don't have a great reason for you to fight for them.

A clear goal will motivate you to start working.

No matter how many barriers are blocking you, you'll try your best to overcome them and take steps to achieve what you want.

Therefore, you must know what your goals mean to you, otherwise you'll lost motivation and give up easily.

3. Don't write them down

The way to remember your goals and implement them is write down your goals.

Writing down your goals can help you to sort out and organize the ideas in your head clearly.

Take out your notebook and write down what do you want, how you gonna achieve them and what do you need.

If you never write down your goals, then write them now.

Remember, a clear goal can ensure your success.

If you don't write out your goal, your thoughts remain disorganize so you have no idea what's the step-by-step process.

Do yourself a favor, spend a little time to write your goals down.

This small step saves your time and money.

4. Can't see your goals

If you don't have a strong desire to achieve your goals, you can forget them.

Even if you write your goals down, you still forget them after a while.

Therefore, I suggest you make yourself a vision board.

Visualize your goals on a board allows you to see them every day. The vision board will help to remind you your goals and motivate you to carry out your plan.

By seeing the board repetitively you will internalize your goals in your brain.

You can also set the goals as the background of your phone and computer.

For instance, a picture of cars or a picture of a house, so you are motivated to do the work whenever you see your phone or computer.

5. Not constantly review your goals

This one is one of the most common mistakes that people make - never constantly review their goals.

Why you need to review your goals?

Many people feel their goals are too far for them after they started to work a while.

In fact, they have done and achieved a lot. Their goals are becoming closer and closer to them.

However, they think they're not making progress because they don't review their progress.

Review your goals not only know your progress but also allow you to amend your goals according to the status quo.

Don't hesitate to amend your goals if it's needed.

6. Only you know your goals 

Did you tell your goals to others?

Or you keep your goals to yourself?

Actually, you have to tell your goals to somebody else because you need some pressure to break your comfort zone.

I'm not asking you to tell everyone, instead you should tell to a few people who you think will support you.

If you want to maintain your good and excellent impression to them, you'll work hard until you make your dreams come true.

7. No people support

Your goals will become hard to achieve if there're no people support you.

For instance, if you want to keep fit and lose weight, you need to control your eating habits.

But your family members didn't give you full support instead they cook fast food for you every day. Surely your lose weight goal will become hard to achieve and slow progress.

However, you must be aware that if people don't support and reject you might because they don't know much about you. And you must not put any weight on their opinions.

When all people in the world don't believe in you, you have to believe in yourself. See also why rejection makes no sense

8. Set unrealistic goals

When you're setting goals, you're encouraged to free your mind and unleash the imagination.

To set worthy and exciting goals, you have to dream big, as big as you can.

However, dream big doesn't mean to set unrealistic goals such as earn millions dollars overnight.

You need to spend a long time and do a lot of work if you want to earn million dollars and this definitely never happen overnight.

Unrealistic goals will only discourage you when you find out they're not achievable.

If you've set unrealistic goals, you have to learn goal setting.

9. Not appreciating failure

What behind the scenes of success are numerous times of failure.

Most people see people's achievement but never think about the efforts they put into. 

You must meet many failures in the hero's journey

Many lessons you can learn from the failures and these failures shape your personalities.

Therefore, failure is not a bad thing. It is the mother of success.

Don't make this mistake like most people make which is giving up too early because success is a matter of number of tries.

10. Underestimate the completion time

This is another common mistake that most people make.

They underestimate the time they needed to accomplish their goals.

For example, if a project needed 6 years at least to complete but he underestimates and wrongly believes he can complete it within 3 years will feel discourage after 3 years is reached. He will feel his dream is not attainable and decide to drop it.

Therefore, making the correct estimation of how much time you need is very important in setting your goals.

Set extra time for your project will release some of your stress and make sure your time span is flexible so you can amend your tasks without feeling pressures.

11. Set "other people's goals"

Your goals should be what you really want to do. They are the desires that come from your heart. You know you'll do your best because you want to achieve them.

If they are not your desires, but other people's desires, you'll never feel fulfilled and happy even if you accomplished them.

You will feel bored, annoyed and stressed if your goals are set by other people.

For examples, let's say the reason a person wants to be a doctor is because his parents wish him to be. The reason another person takes psychology course in the university is because his teacher thinks he's talented in that and he should go for it.  

All of these are other people's goals.

The first person being a doctor is the parents' goal but not him.

The second person studying psychology is his teacher's goal but not him.

Your goals must be your own.

If your goals are not your own you won't be motivated to chase after them.

If you don't know what are your desires you need to be assertive and find your mission in life.

Never and ever set your goals for other people.

12. Set "negative" goals

Don't set negative goals instead set the positive ones.

What are the negative goals?

Negative goals are the goals that focus on what you don't want.

For instance, if you set a goal that "I want to get out from debt." which you're focusing on your debt.

Therefore, your negative emotion like stress and worry will associate with your goal and thus you're hard to focus on them. 

Instead, you should set a goal like this "I want to be rich."

Your mood will focus on "be rich" so your goal will less influence by the fact of being in debt and your goal becomes more achievable.

Remember reframe your negative goals so they sound positive.

Are you making these mistakes in goal setting?

Any other mistakes you made that make you fail?

Share your ideas at the comment section below.

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