Top 3 Mistakes That Blow Your Chances to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Want to get your ex girlfriend back?

You feel desperate because you have just break up with your ex. You feel very depressed because you can't get over her and you hope she will back to your arms. Your brain is malfunction because it's nothing else inside except your ex.

You have just convinced yourself you should forget about her and move on with your life, but you simply can't do it. You can't control yourself, instead your emotions control you. 

It's obvious that you are still loving her, it's obvious that you would feel regret if you just put it aside and do nothing with your ex until she has moved on with other guys. 

The haunted feelings not just bother you in aspect of love, but also your other life areas such as your career, life, friendship and family, and daily activities. 

You can't stand anymore when every midnight you wake up with a knot in your stomach, when every night you cannot sleep because of insomnia, you decided that you want to get your ex girlfriend back.

Therefore, you started do researches online to find techniques and strategies to help you win her back. However, no matter how great is the strategy and technique you found, it's going to fail if you make these 3 common mistakes that men always make.

It's very undeserving if you fail to get your ex girlfriend back simply because you don't know you're making these mistakes. These mistakes are not easily to spot by yourself because when you eagerly want to get your ex back, your mind cannot think logically instead of emotionally.

And chances are your mind has been programmed do not perceive these mistakes as mistakes. Because your peers are making these mistakes too, since many people are doing the same thing, you subconsciously think it's the right way. Many people fail due to these mistakes but your mind just perceive it's because getting ex back is very difficult.

Yes, it can be difficult, but it's even harder if you're making these mistakes. Simply by avoiding these mistakes you can increase your success rate at least to 50%. Don't take risks in getting your ex back, the risk of failure of losing someone that you love very much isn't affordable, otherwise you'd be regret.

So, what are these 3 common mistakes which blow your chances of getting your ex back?

3 common mistakes to get your ex girlfriend back

You think she's the one during breakup 

There's no wrong if you think she's the one. When we are really into someone, thinking she's the one is really normal. However, when you and her are just broke up and you plan to get your ex back, thinking she's the one will put you at dangerous position. 

Many men will feel desperate for breakup because they can't afford losing her in their life. But when you have such thoughts you must watch your behaviors. 

There's one simple psychology fact involved in this situation - we normally crave for something that we can't easily get. If you think she's the one, chances are, you will always try to contact her after the breakup.

You are implying to her that you're always available when she wants you. Therefore, you get dumped. When you're implying you're always available, you give all your power to her. You'll become very predictable, when there's no mysterious in you, your attractiveness decrease sharply.

Furthermore, you will act like you're insecure, needy, and clingy. All these traits are attraction murderer. Act more in these ways if you want to break up with your girlfriend.

So, don't think she's the one. Instead think of this way - you are a quality man, many girls love you, so you have options when comes to women. When you know you have options, you'll have low neediness and less desperate for breakup. See also: the kind self confidence that attracts women

In my free ebook I have mentioned women have great sixth sense due to their bonding instinct, when you behave in you-have-options way, she'll catch the message you send to her - you want her, but you don't need her. 

She'll realize that it's possible you'll be gone because you don't need her, you have other options, so she'll be attracted to you again. Like just mentioned, we like things that are not easy to get. 

Women want a challenge in loving relationship, if you treat her as the one, you're not a challenge to her. She'll lost attraction in you very quickly and herself doesn't even know why. Be a challenge to her, shift your mindset from "the one" to "you have options". 

Remaining friends with your ex

The second mistake that most men make to ruin their chances in getting their ex back is their attitude they want to befriend with them.

The problem of this mistake is about your attitude, when your attitude is you want to keep remaining friends with your ex, you're sending her message that you're perfectly acceptable to the breakup. No, you're not hoping to be her friend, you want to be her lover, you want do things that beyond friendship with her.

So what you should do is you don't claim to her that you want to be her friend. You don't need to say anything about the relationship. It's not necessary. And don't be too close to her, instead you want to be a bit cool, just a bit. If you act in the way that you're completely cool to her, she will think there's no turning point for the relationship anymore and give up entirely.

You can hang out with her and a group of friends. And since that you don't say anything about the relationship, she'll assume you want to be friend, but you are a bit cool to her. Sometimes you are cool, sometimes you're close, she will be thinking what do you really mean. When she starts to think about you, chances are she will be attracted to you again since there's attraction established before.

Trying to win her back by manipulation

This mistake is a huge one. Many guys are trying to get their ex back by manipulation such as tricks, ploys, etc etc. They search online to find the tricks they can apply to get their ex back. If you're one of them, stop this immediately.

What you want is you get her back and never lose her again. When you get her back by playing tricks, chances are she'll lose attraction in you again very soon because the root problem caused the relationship comes to an end doesn't eliminate. 

Even the relationship does not end, you and her won't get a healthy relationship. In my free ebook Attract Women With Personal Boundaries I said there's no one can try to control others in anyway because it's not in your personal boundaries. When you attempt to control the uncontrollable, you'll be suffering.

Some people use manipulation to get their ex back can be worked because afterwards they both grow from it. However, more than half of them just get the second fail.

Final words

I've personally experienced the breakup issue and stop making these mistakes bring me nice result. If you're making these mistakes, stop them immediately; if you're not making these mistakes, avoid them forever. 

You won't get your ex girlfriend back by simply avoiding these mistakes, there's a lot more to do, but it's guarantee that you won't succeed if you make these mistakes. So, don't take risks to try these mistakes, you'll pay the price.  

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