How To Get Results Consistently (Getting Results Like Machine)

Consistently get results are what most people desired. 

No matter it's grades, muscles, finance and you name it, we all like getting results. 

But getting results is not something that happens overnight and naturally.

You are feeling fed up because you don't see any improvement after giving in efforts for a short period of times.

No results = depressed.

That's what I always used to feel about.

I just felt depressed for getting zero results and lacked the motivation to keep doing what I should do.

Until I realized this, the single action that makes me getting results. 

You just need to carry out this action and you will make progress to your project. The more you do it, the more results you'll get.

The single action that guarantees you to get results consistently

This is not a big secret.

And it might be a normal answer to you.

But this is what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

This action is: SHOW UP.

Like what I just said, this is not a secret at all, just a very basic thing, but it guarantees help you get results.

In fact, I have repeated this concept in my previous articles many times.

In do what you love,  I mentioned you want to constantly expand your comfort zone.

In doing work you love, I mentioned all you need is to start doing.

In living your passion, I mentioned that you want to protect your environment. Go to the gym if you want results, attend the class if you want better grades, read the book if you want the knowledge. 

And many, many other articles.

They all are telling you the same thing: SHOW UP TO YOUR WORK.

I used to be struggling with my long list of daily tasks, I tended to procrastinate them because I think they are too many and hard to do.

Then I thought myself: "Why should I do all these?"

I recalled how important were those tasks to me. So I committed to myself, don't think too much, just show up and do the work.

I consistently got results by just deciding to show up to the tasks.

Mental state is the foundation

So you want to know who you are and what matters to you, then you can show up in a way embodies to your project.

The BIG WHY is the foundation of everything that's matter to you.

You want to know who you want to be.

And be careful of limiting beliefs that are holding you back to get results that you always deserve to get.

Your mindset is your world. What you think is what you get. 

That's why understand why you want to do and protect your mindset from limiting beliefs are the foundation.

To get results consistently, develop a mindset that just show up to the work you need to do. 

If you can't show up then find ways to show up instead of finding excuses for being too busy.

You can learn some time management tips and task management system to avoid finding no time for action.

Luck is created unexpectedly

Luck happens when preparations meet opportunities.

By merely showing up will help to settle your preparations and opportunities.

For example, when you show up to your project, you will more likely to work, you will practice your skills and build things. When you show up at a conference, you will meet new people, you will introduce yourself to other people and let people know your capabilities. 

If your project, skill, or product is getting interests by a famous person who just met at the conference and want to collaborate with you, that might be your new chapter of life.

Who knows?

By showing up you will create dots in life, we don't know how our dots in life will connect together, but it eventually will happen.

That's luck. If you create good dots (preparations and opportunities) you will have good luck. If you create bad dots (no action, no goal, blah) you will have bad luck.

Show up is a good dot. Show up more to create more dots. You will be luckier than most people.

Say "NO" to things and people that don't align with your needs and wants

Don't get me wrong. By showing up more, I don't mean you show up for everything.

We all have only 24 hours a day. You simply can't show up for everything.

As mentioned, you want to protect your environment.

You want to say "NO" to things and people that don't fit your BIG WHY.

They don't deserve to have your time. Be brave to say "NO" to them.

You say "Yes" to things and people that align with your BIG WHY.

When you do so, people notice. Your values will be known.

Then luck happens, doors start to open. You have more choices than ever.

What if you show up for 100 days

Consistently show up = Consistently get results.

By improving a little bit daily, you will improve greatly in the future.

You may not feel the power of "show up" yet.

Recently, 100 days challenge videos are going viral. 

Let's watch these 100 days video and feel the power of showing up for 100 days.

Don't feel motivated yet?

Get motivated

Before doing work, I like to carry out a routine in order to laser-focus when working.

One of the actions of the routine is watching motivational videos. 

Before get used to the concept of "show up", you might need to get motivated very time when you decide to show up.

These motivational videos are so powerful. I feel charged every time I watch them.

Make it happen

This is the last thing I would say to you, make it happen.

What actions can you take right now?

What work and people can you show up immediately?

What are you going to do after reading this article?

What goals are you giving up?

What dreams you already forgot?

To your success.

About the author


Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.



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